Councillors present: G Jeanes, P Knowles, M Loten, P Moore, N Park, J Wright (Chairman) and A Gould who arrived late.

G Cawood, County Councillor, was also present.

[AG arrived during the following item]

JW welcomed Helen Ash and Shirley Dennett from Somerset Rural Youth Service. They reported to the meeting on the youth meetings that had been held in the village following a request made at the APM in May. Twelve sessions had taken place at the Rec Field attended by an average of 10 young people per session. Activities undertaken included rounders, cricket, golf and football and a BBQ. Discussions with the participants on a whole group or individual basis had been wide ranging and included health matters, family/personal problems, drugs, how the village can help young people and the basketball area. The feedback from the young people was that they did not want an organized youth club preferring unstructured sessions, wanted a place to ‘hang out’ and would like occasional organized trips/activities.

Discussion took place with Councillors and it was agreed that if more sessions could be arranged the PC would be willing to make a grant towards this facility. John Stowe, the local organizer, will be asked how much it would cost to run the project for the next few months. ML suggested that the Rec Field clubhouse might be a good venue for meetings in the winter. This would only be possible if the bar was isolated.

It was agreed to use the Parish Magazine to ask if any young person would like to act as a liaison between SRYP and the young of the village. CLERK

Helen and Shirley were thanked for attending the meeting and the PC will wait to hear from J Stowe. CLERK

G Cawood arrived.

The MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING were accepted as a true record and signed. MATTERS ARISING

CHURCHYARD/CEMETERY – a letter had been received from D Hooper of Mendip concerning matters discussed at the last meeting. It appeared from the letter that the actual saving on the council tax for each band D property when each closed churchyard was only going to be about £2. It was pointed out that no survey needed to be done of the yew trees as this had been completed last year. JW suggested that the PC authorize himself, ML and GJ to carry on the discussions with Mendip – all agreed to this. PM queried the implications for insurance of the fact that only the maintenance was handed to the Parish Council not the freehold of the closed churchyard. It was agreed that a list of points would be made to discuss with DH and a meeting would be arranged. JW/ML/GJ

REC FIELD – post and nets expected 8/08/01.

ROADS & FOOTPATHS – 2 kissing gates had been delivered. Finger post at LJH had been painted, one at Knapp Hill missed again. CLERK

Conservatory at Thornhills granted.


A cheque for £240 with the designation Burial Grant had been received from Mendip and paid into the Cemetery a/c. £300 had already been received earlier which it was assumed was a grant towards the maintenance of the churchyard which the PC undertake on behalf of the DC.

Acceptance of the August financial statement was proposed by NP, seconded by PK all agreed and it was duly signed.

From the last meeting – the Cemetery Clerks hourly rate from 1 April 2001 will be £7.016 – SCP 17. A letter will be sent to inform her of the increase. RFO/CLERK

KISSING GATE INSTALLATION – each gate has 4 posts to be set in concrete. GJ had an estimate from Phillip Gould to install one gate would be £240 to do the 2 gates would be £360. The gate at Sparks Farm Field required quite a lot of work at the sides to make the area comply with health and safety standards. GJ and PG had agreed that sliding rails needed to be put on either side of the kissing gate and posts and rails would need to be purchased to do this. JW proposed asking P Gould to put in both gates at a cost of £360 + the extra rails/posts needed. NP seconded and all agreed. GJ/CLERK

It was agreed to transfer £1000 from the Investment a/c when the books come back from the auditor and the forms were signed. RFO/CLERK


Mowing for 29 June and 13 July for £68.75. ML proposed payment, NP seconded, all agreed and cheque 20 was made out and signed. CLERK


ML reported that a letter had been sent to the Vicar which he had passed on to her about a grave that had had curbstones and gravel put on them. When she had looked she found 2 graves had been treated in this way. ML had spoken to the person who looked after the graves explaining that what had been done was against the churchyard regulations and she had agreed to remove the stones and turf over the area. The person had expressed concern about people walking over the grave area and a discussion took place as to how this could be stopped and how the burial area could be designated. It was suggested that David Jarvis might be asked to maintain some of the graves on behalf of people who did not live in the village. ML will talk to the Archdeacon about flush edging stones with turf inside. She was thanked for the sensitive way she had dealt with the matter.


The Clerk had spoken to WS Atkins about the clearing out of the gully in Pitten Street by someone studying the watercourse. Large stones had been removed and the waste piled up on the verge. Atkins did not know of the work and the local contact had informed Frank Lake at head office. GC said she would talk to someone at Mendip about this matter.

The path from the school to Barns Close had been cleared – thanks will be conveyed and a request for the path at Sparks Farm to be done will be made. CLERK

PLANNING – no response to the complaint about the wall at the Pastures.

REC FIELD – JW reported that the Minutes suggested an approach to the PC for a grant for either seats of a disco set up to hire out, he drew attention to grants available from other concerns.

The Clerk reported that she had spoken to J Robson about houses with gates onto the car park and been told that the houses’ deeds stated that they had no right of access to this area. NP reported that he had been told that the planted hedge had been removed by the residents to allow access and he offered to get legal advice about this as we do not want a situation such as that at the Frome showground developing. NP


Revised Mineral Deposit Plan – most of PC’s comments which pertained to afteruse have not been dealt with and a letter will be written to say PC not satisfied.

GJ asked when the Halecombe Liaison Group was to meet again as it had been approximately 1 year since the last meeting. As our County Councillor G Cawood will be the chairman of the meeting and she agreed to approach Halecombe to arrange a date.


A £5,000 grant had been received from the Lottery to go towards a new roof.

The Charity Commission were querying the rent charged for the part of the hall used by the Post Office, despite the fact that the Hall were happy with the amount, saying it was not a commercial rent and concern was felt that if the rent went up it would make the PO uneconomic.


MENDIP COMMUNITY TRANSPORT grant request – next meeting.

Circulated – Marking the millennium in Somerset from the Community Council; Minutes of EMRTF 19 June; Golden Jubilee 2002 letter; Mendip Bulletin; July Local council review and Clerks and Councils direct; WI newsletter – info about Countryside Agency funds.











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