Councillors present: A Gould; G Jeanes; P Knowles; M Loten; P Moore & J Wright, Chairman.

Apologies were accepted from N Park.

Cllr G Cawood sent her apologies.


HALECOMBE QUARRY – GC told JW that Mendip were objecting to the plan on the grounds that the increase in output was unnecessary and that it may signal to other quarry companies that locally/nationally imposed limits to the amount of rock extracted no longer apply.

YOUTH MATTERS – no news on grants. CLERK/JW

CHURCHYARD - meeting with Mendip not yet taken place. GJ/ML/JW

ROADS & FOOTPATHS – Kissing Gates had been received favourably by walkers. JW asked if the gates should have a spring on them to stop animals from accidentally going through. It was agreed that the total number of gates needed to make some of the more popular footpaths walkable by all ages would be assessed and the PC would try and get a grant towards their cost. GJ/CLERK

PLANNING – Wall at the Pastures. JW had received a letter from G Jeffs of Mendip to say that the Council did not plan to pursue the matter of the wall material as "The lack of clarity on the file in relation to the sample panels could result in a legitimate claim of maladministration on behalf of the developer" [Quote from letter dated 24/09/01 Ref: GJ/RJB/PL.7] JW had prepared a reply and believed that the PC ought to pursue the matter with the Local Council Ombudsman he asked councillors if they agreed to pursue the matter as far as we were able. A vote was taken and all Councillors agreed to take the matter to the Ombudsman. JW/CLERK

FINANCE – JW reported that internal audits had been discussed at the SALC meeting and the subject of reciprocity with other councils was mentioned. It was agreed to wait for advice from SALC on this matter.


27 PARK HAYES – no objection, no comments. CLERK

Permission has been given for the extension at Pitten House.


October Financial Report – Cemetery Account Balance brought forward should read £1103.68p. This was corrected and the report was accepted and signed.

Letter from WRVS acknowledging grant received.


REQUEST FOR NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH SIGN – J Wolstenholme has requested £30.55 ( £26 + VAT £4.55) to buy a replacement sign for the School end of the village. JW proposed the payment, PK seconded, all agreed. Cheque 350 made out and signed. Mrs W will be asked to get an invoice for the sign. CLERK

GRANT REQUEST FROM MID-SOMERSET CAB – this is the Bureau who provides the mobile that visits villages. PM proposed a grant of £50, AG seconded, all agreed. Cheque 351 made out and signed. CLERK

BILL FOR INSTALLATION OF KISSING GATES – due to extra work needed the final bill was for £407. GJ proposed payment, PK seconded and all agreed. Cheque 352 made out and signed. CLERK

CLERK’S SALARY – a claim for Salary for July to September was made for £310.99

Backdated increase from April to June 2001 £10.69

TOTAL £321.68

ML propose payment, PM seconded, all agreed. Cheque 353 made out and signed.


MOWING BILL for 24 Aug and 7 Sept of £68.75p. ML proposed payment, PM seconded, all agreed. Cheque 22 made out and signed. CLERK


It was reported that a fence had been put round the slocker on Pitten Street.

JW reported that Somerset County Council was taking back control of road maintenance from WS Atkins. The Clerk had contacted the County Council’s Highways Department and been told that she still had to report highway matters to the same people.


Information from Somerset County Council that John Wainwright & Co Ltd of Moons Hill Quarry, Stoke St Michael were appealing against the planning decision.

HALL REPORT no report but PM said that work on the roof will go ahead but while it was being done the place would need to be closed – this would affect the Post Office. ML asked if anyone knew when the shed for which the PC had given a grant was to be put up as the PC had not had a planning application, the Clerk reported that she had been told that Mendip planning department had told Sue Vaughan that they did not need planning permission for the shed.


A seat had been purchased. Still no movement on the car park.


SALC – JW reported that at the meeting he attended they were told there were moves afoot to remove the Minor Local Authority school governor and replace them with a general public one. PCs ought to have a Code of Conduct to be specified, adapted and signed by each Councillor.

Internal Audit still under discussion, as were participation allowances for councillors.

He added info about the Golden Jubilee Summer Party on 3/06/02 to the circulation pack.

PM informed Councillors that the millennium seat was to be put on the corner of the Bell Inn car park on land donated by Andy and Liz Jackson. They will pay the legal fees to convey the site to the PC and Ken Walton will install the seat and make good the hole in the pavement.


Circulated – Community Council info: Good for Wood Directory: Road Safety in Somerset: Volunteer Matters: Police Authority News: Local Council Review: Foot & Mouth Information.

JW had received a letter from Keith Cockroft concerning an accident outside Townsend Cottage on 30 September involving a car and a milk tanker. Fortunately no one was seriously hurt but the car was a write off.

The PC has repeatedly asked SCC for warning signs at this point. SLOW signs had been painted on the road but they were not repainted when other road signs were. It was agreed to pass the letter on the SCC Highways with a strong recommendation that something be done. CLERK

DATES OF NEXT MEETINGS - 6 November 2001

4 December 2001

8 January 2002








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