Councillors present: A Gould, G Jeanes, P Knowles, M Loten and J Wright (Chairman).

Apologies were accepted from N Park and P Moore who was attending a School Governors meeting.

The MINUTES of the LAST MEETING were accepted as a true record and signed.

MATTERS ARISING– Youth grants no information. CLERK

CHURCHYARD – meeting on 6/11/01 at 7pm in the Council Chamber at Mendip about Burial Grants and the Special Expenses Rate.

ROADS & FOOTPATHS – it was suggested that the kissing gate have a strong spring put on so that it will close automatically. GJ/CLERK

WS Atkins say signs on road at Townsend will be repainted after the accident there and other measures will be looked at to slow down the traffic.

PLANNING – JW had written to the Ombudsman to see if the PC can make a complaint to him and the Clerk had contacted the Government Office for the South West to get information on how a PC can complain about a District Council decision. JW/CLERK

FINANCE – the Cheque for the Neighbourhood Watch sign had been returned after problems with its supply by Frome Signs. The Cheque has been cancelled. A sign found in a hedge by the Parish Wardens, minus its fixing bands, has been given to J Wolstenholm who is arranging for it to be put up at the Sawmills.

Thanks from CAB for grant received.

Fidelity grant increased to £5000 at no extra premium for this year.

HALL – will be closed for roofing work probably in the new year but dates not yet decided.


PRECEPT – has to be in by 31/01/02. It will be finalized in January. ML/JW/CLERK

The Financial Statement was accepted as a true record and signed.

Bank Statement, sheet 74, was checked and signed by the Chairman.

CEMETERY ACCOUNT – Mowing bill for 21/09/01 and 5/10/01 for £68.75. ML proposed payment, GJ seconded, all agreed. Cheque 23 made out to D Jarvis, and signed.

Spoil Heap Removal – the Clerk explained that she had asked for an estimate but D Jarvis had gone ahead and removed the heap before she could clear it with the PC. ML said that it’s removal meant that she could ask R Dunn to return and finish the shed and proposed payment of £22, GJ seconded, all agreed. Cheque 24 made out and signed. ML


Pamphlet from SCC "The New Roads & Street Works Act 1991" circulated.

WS Atkins open day at Taunton on 31/10 and 1/11.

Work to be done – edge of road at Knap Hill Farm, Top of Doors Hill (layby), Sparks Field pavement needs clearing, gravel near bridge at Great House Farm needs clearing up. CLERK

ML reported that the pavement outside the school will be cleared during half term week.

GJ said that the hedge opposite Great House Farm will be trimmed soon.


LANTERN COTTAGE – listed building consent for rooms in the roof. No objections.

LEIGH HOUSE – listed building consent retrospectively. No objections. CLERK

Letter from Mendip about a review of Enforcement of Planning Control at Mendip. Reply will be sent citing cases in the village when materials were changed etc. CLERK


JW attended a meeting of the Mendip Quarries Advisory Group as the SALC rep. And he reported to the PC that they are discussing using the money from the aggregate levy to reduce demand for primary aggregates: promote environmentally friendly transport; reduce the effects of local aggregate extraction. He was concerned because they were discussing using public money to subsidize cleaning up lorries, this, he felt, ought to be paid for by the quarries or the lorry owners not the general public.

A "How am I driving" scheme is being run.

Liaison meeting date will be set in the next 2 weeks.

COOKS WOOD QUARRY – meeting on 24/10/01 at Mendip at 6.30pm about a proposal for a scuba and climbing centre. A Herbert will send a report on the meeting.

(PM arrived during this item)

HALL REPORT - AGM at 8pm in the Hall on 6/11/01.

PM reported that NP had told him that a commercial rent for the PO in the Hall was still under discussion.



Unable to get sponsorship for all the cars needed for the scheme but our wardens had been offered a Smart car in yellow and black free. Police radios still not in place so they are trying different mobiles to see which one will give them the best coverage. They are liaising well with the young people and getting a lot of input from villagers in all the parishes they cover. Holcombe PC would prefer more police on the beat. They are not spending equal times in the villages as the size, and the level of disturbance dictates their whereabouts.


CIRCULATED - Consumer Advisory Service offering information sessions: SCC Equal Opportunities info: Hall AGM: Rec Field Minutes: Local Environment Agency Plan. Audit Local Council Review Sept 01 and Your Somerset (copy to each Councillor).


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