Councillors present: Chairman J Wright, A Gould, G Jeanes, P Knowles, M Loten and P Moore.


The Minutes of the 8 January 2002 were corrected to read as follows

CEMETERY – "ML said that the quinquennial report had just been completed and it had never contained information as to the state of the memorials and has limited information about the perimeter walls."

ROADS & FOOTPATHS – "none to humans"

The Minutes were accepted as a true record and signed.


No response from WS Atkins re Towns End. CLERK

The Parish Wardens arrived.

It was suggested by Councillors that the wardens needed to make their presence in Leigh more widely known.

At the request of the PC they had talked to the owner of the car that parks on the pavement near the church asking the owner not to obstruct the pavement. They were told that the vehicle had a damaged gearbox and could not be moved – it appears to have been repaired since their visit. PC Smith has been consulted about this matter, the law allows for action if an‘obstruction’ is caused. The Clerk reported a complaint that Friday and Saturday night pub users were parking partly on the pavement. It was agreed that the Wardens would ask PC Smith to deal with the parking of cars on the pavement throughout the village.

CEMETERY – JW had met D Hooper, D Bowsley and Mendip’s solicitor in the churchyard. The solicitor was looking at the District Council’s legal obligations for capital expenditure before/if the closed churchyard is handed back to the PC. ML asked if, as the PC were paying for mowing the area, this would be taken into account when the Special Parish Rate was decided, the answer was not known.


Wardens want Parishes and the police to suggest special projects for them to get involved in. They had made contact with the Meals on Wheels coordinator and have been invited to talk to the WI in Leigh, it was suggested that they contact the Evergreens. PK

PK reported that between 3 and 22 December the wardens visited Leigh 10 times. It was agreed that the Wardens needed to show they were giving value to the village and alter the perception that they were making no difference to ‘crime’ in the village, they ought to get involved in self-publicity.

The Wardens were thanked for attending the meeting and left.


The February Financial Statement was accepted as a true record and signed.

ML pointed out that a £500 grant for the Hall was in the process of being transferred from the Investment a/c and would be available for presentation on 15/02/02.

GRANT REQUEST FROM THE AIR AMBULANCE – it was agreed that as the PC had exceeded the precepted amount for grants this year that no grant could be made.

HALL RENT – for the Parish Meeting of £6. ML proposed payment, PK seconded, all agreed. Cheque 357 on current a/c made out and signed. ML

WEB SITE – no bill had been presented yet but Dave and Tom Turner had said they would come to the meeting. Discussion took place as to whether the site gave value for money as it was very out of date and would it be better to link in with the local government site, as there was no link from Mendip’s or Somerset’s web page.

The Clerk said that it had been agreed with Somerset Computing that the overpayment, of £27.67 + £4.84VAT, made by the PC when they were accidentally charged twice for photocopying would be refunded by either deducting it from the rental of the website if it was renewed or by supplying stationary to the PC.

ML reported that the Cheque for £100 made out to the Parish Magazine on 6 March 2001 had been found and would be presented by J Evans – if their were problems with the date she would return it to the PC to alter.

CODE OF CONDUCT – the clerk reported that PC’s had been advised not to proceed with this matter until training had taken place. Mendip is offering training on 27 Feb at 4.30 and 6 March at 5pm at the Council offices, as many Councillors as possible were urged to attend a training session.

Dave and Tom Turner arrived and the Web Site was discussed. Their proposal was to host the site and charge the PC ½ the rental asked by Magic Moments, that is £42.50 a year. Discussion took place as to how much villagers used the site, whether they wanted it and whether they were getting value for money. Even if it was up to date if the community did not use it was it worthwhile? DT said that it was of use to prospective residents and was a good way of disseminating information throughout the village. ML proposed that the site be continued for another year, PM seconded and all agreed. A bill will be presented with the photocopying overpayment deducted.

The address for getting information about organizations and events in the village included on the site is tom@somcom.co.uk PK will deal with information about Neighbourhood Watch and the Church. The Clerk will write to other organizations reminding them of the facility. PK/CLERK


GJ reported that the repeater 30 mph signs in Chantry were as a result of an agreement made when the Bulls Green Link was built.

PM reported that the hole on the pavement near the pub will be filled in by Ken Walton when the seat is installed.


The Shielings and Lantern Cottage – permissions granted.

JW reported that he was in correspondence with the Local Gov Ombudsman about their refusal to allow him to object to the wall at Townsend Farm on the grounds that the value of his property was not being affected. Copies of the correspondence is going to be given to the MP for his advice/help. CLERK

REC FIELD – January 16 Minutes circulated.

HALL REPORT – hall work completed and it was open again.

MEETINGS ATTENDED – PM reported that he had attended a School Governors Training Course and had been part of a group that had completed an Asset Management Plan for the School.

JW reported that at the Parish Meeting in January a committee had been formed to progress the Jubilee Celebrations.


CIRCULATED: from SCC – Social Service information and Travellers/Gipsy Policy;

Appeal by Moons Hill Quarry.

from MDC – Vital Village offer to talk to PCs;

Public Cleansing Best Value Review;

Reasons for refusal of planning at The Cottage.

from Avon & Somerset Police – new Sector Inspector is Paul Cox.

Somerset Hedge Competition.

Rec Field Minutes for January.

SALC responses to Planning Green Paper & Quality PCs paper.


2 APRIL at 7.30 in the School.












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