Michelle Taylor signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office and was welcomed as a new Councillor.

Councillors present:  A Gould; M Loten; P Moore; M Taylor and J Wright, Chairman.

Apologies were accepted from G Jeanes and P Knowles.


John Hitchings – Parish Warden – being present  was invited to address the meeting.  Apologies had been sent by the new warden, Mark Jones.  JH explained that Speed Watch was up and running in some of the villages and would like to operate in Leigh from a site that had been identified.  It was agreed that speeding in the village was a problem and that information collected from speed checks may be useful to press for an extension of the 30mph limit.  It was noted that government policy was to make the area outside schools subject to a 20mph limit but Leigh School had not yet been so designated.  Speed checks will be done in the village. JH was thanked for attending the meeting.                                                                                                        CLERK


MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING were accepted as a true record and signed.

MATTERS ARISING – FINANCE – transfer due on 5 November.

ROADS & FOOTPATHS  - Cllr Cawood had communicated with WS Atkins on behalf of the PC about work promised a year ago at Townsend – some of which had finally been done.  Other work promised will be chased up.                             CLERK

QUARRY – Caroline Warburton, SCC Minerals, had sent information about the revocation of mineral extraction permission on Barn Close – it has not yet been signed by Hanson.  The matter will be pursued.                                                           CLERK

HALL –AGM on Monday 4 November.



It was agreed to get forms for MT to become a signatory on the PC accounts.

SALC - consultation on new audit given to RFO to complete.

JW was given statements – Cemetery a/c sheet 19 and Current a/c sheet 79 to check and sign.

ML gave Councillors information about the 2002/03 National Salary Award for Clerks  received from SALC.  The award is in 3 parts – Part 1 effective from 1/04/02 to 30/09/02, Part 2 effective from 1/10/02 to 31/03/03, and Part 3 is effective from 1/04/03.  The PC Clerk is on SCP21, the top rate, and is paid for 3 hours a week at the rate of £7.974 per hour.  The suggested rates would increase under Part 1 to £8.212 per hour, under Part 2 to £8.293 per hour and under Part 3 to £8.583 per hour.  The Cemetery Clerk, who claims her salary annually the last claim being on 5/03/02, is currently on SCP17 and is paid at the hourly rate of £7.016 per hour.  If, as has been customary her Scale Point rises each year she would be on SCP 18 and the suggested salary increase is – Part 1 £7.372 per hour, Part 2 £7.440 per hour and Part 3 to be introduced on 1/04/03 when her Scale Point would be increased to 19 - £7.989 per hour.

CLERK’S SALARY – PM proposed increasing her salary in line with the new guidelines and delegating the RFO to work out the amount, AG seconded, all agreed..

CEMETERY CLERK’S SALARY – PM proposed an increase to spine point 18 from 1/04/02, AG seconded and all agreed. PM proposed following the guidelines and delegating the RFO to work out the amount, AG seconded and all agreed.  Pay increases for both Clerks will be as from April 2002.


The FINANCIAL REPORT was accepted and signed by JW and ML.

CURRENT ACCOUNT - MID SOMERSET CAB GRANT REQUEST – JW proposed a grant of £50, ML seconded, all agreed.  Cheque 373 made out & signed.

GRANT REQUEST towards cost of PARISH WARDENS by MDC – when £200 payment made last year a letter was written stating that the matter would have to be debated each year by the PC.  JW proposed that Leigh stay in the Warden scheme, AG seconded and a vote took place – 4 for and 1 abstention.  Leigh will stay in the scheme.  JW proposed granting £200 towards the scheme, PM seconded and all agreed.  Cheque 374 made out and signed. It was agreed to find out what months the grant is for.                                                                                                         CLERK

All cheques will be sent after 5 November when the bank transfer is completed.


PRINTER – the Clerk had taken the PC printer to be mended and been told it would cost more to fix than to purchase a new one.  She felt that what was needed was a printer with a copying facility and had priced them at £150-£200.  JW proposed budgeting up to £200 for a replacement printer, ML seconded and all agreed.  PM will send information to the Clerk on printers.  ML was thanked for the loan of a printer for use in the short term.

AUDITOR’S GIFT – it was agreed to enquire into a gift voucher from a local model shop.  JW proposed £25, PM seconded and all agreed.  ML will progress this matter and claim the money spent on expenses.



MT said she had been offered the land earmarked for ‘development’ on a year’s licence by SCC.  The Clerk had contacted SALC and been told on the information supplied to P Lacey by her that, although the licence holder would need to declare her interest if the licence was taken out it was not necessarily a ‘prejudicial’ interest and therefore she could still take part in discussions on the subject if the PC agreed.

The housing needs survey form left by J Layzell will be circulated and he will be invited to attend the January meeting to discuss questions for inclusion in any survey.  Councillors agreed that a bank of low cost, shared ownership homes would be advantageous to the continued future development of the village.                    CLERK



Ebenezer Chapel granted on condition that extension never occupied as a separate dwelling.

The Cottage – permission granted for extension at appeal.

A large garage is being built at 5 Bellfield without permission.                        CLERK



A complaint from Coleford PC about FR8/9 will be passed to GJ.                   CLERK

Notification of proposed closure of the bridge near the King’s Head, Coleford in January 2003 for up to 6 weeks has been received.

Repairs to the road near Yew Tree Cottage and Pitten Street needed.              CLERK



MOONS HILL QUARRY – notification of screen bank planning application sent to occupier of the Post House.  Agreed no action needed.

HALECOMBE QUARRY – notification of granting of application to develop land without compliance with condition 1 of permission 101393/012 dated 27 Sept 2000 received.

MENDIP QUARRIES ADVISORY GROUP – JW attended. Suggested mineral extraction rate from Somerset lowered from 15,000,000 tonne to 10.3 million tonne a year but producers negotiating to raise this.  QUARRY SUSTAINABILITY FUND formed by levy of £1.60 per tonne of stone quarried will raise about £58.6 million within the next 2 years. After the setting up of a structure to administer the moneya small amount will be available to Somerset parishes as grants, J Phillips had been to a meeting on how to apply to the fund and his report will be circulated.



JW had been approached by JRobson about the ash tree near the pedestrian gate.  MDC had inspected the tree which they felt needed substantial work but said they would not fund it as it was on private land.  JW had passed on this information to JR.

It was agreed to leave the money donated for a bench in the Rec Field a/c.



AGM on Monday 4 November.


JUBILEE COMMITTEE  a final report will be requested.                            CLERK



PM - School Governors Meeting - reported that a new teacher had been appointed to start in January.



CIRCULATED – Avon & Somerset Police Authority need for an independent member; Learning in Somerset meeting; SALC papers for 19 Nov; Mendip Monitoring Officer info; Rural Housing Survey Form; Aggregate Levy Sustainability Fund info; PA for Moons Hill Quarry; South West Regional Assembly Rural Economy questionnaire; Youth and Mendip Villages seminar report; The Cottage appeal decision.



5 December 2002 in the School

9 January 2003 in the School.