Councillors present:    G Casey, G Jeanes, P Moore, J Wright, M Taylor and

N Park – Chairman.


The MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING were accepted as a true record and signed.



Broad band.  A report was given to the Parish Council by David Pattison  who had attended the meeting at Coleford British Legion on Broadband.

Website – see correspondence.



RFO position will now be combined with that of Parish Clerk. JW proposed, PM seconded, all agreed.

Statement was prepared by the RFO, acceptance proposed by GJ, seconded by PM, all agreed.

Current a/c

A transfer of £500 from the Investment account to the current account was agreed and the warrant signed.                                                                                       CLERK

Payment of £473.12  to J Longley for final salary and expenses as Parish Clerk.  Payment proposed by NP and seconded by GJ, all agreed.  Cheque 393 made out and signed.

Payment of £25 to John Wright for unsolicited gift to internal auditor proposed by NP, seconded by JW.  Cheque 394 made out and signed.                                  CLERK

Cemetery a/c

Mowing bill for cuts on 08/08 and 22/08 totalling ££81.24. Payment proposed by JW, seconded by GJ. Cheque made out and signed.                                           CLERK



Works appear to have been carried out on Holly Bush Lane close to LBH but were felt to be unsatisfactory.

Information had been received that work in Stocks Lane should start in September-delay was due to waiting time for a licence to work around the badger set.

Pavements between Barn Close Quarry and the village and around Sparks Farm had been cleared and were looking good.

It was agreed to review past correspondence re. the state of the roads at the next meeting.                                                                                                    CLERK

No progress to report so far on the kissing gates.



GJ as neighbour declared an interest and took no part in the meeting.

Badminton House – applications to erect a conservatory at the rear.  No objections and no comments.

GJ returned to the meeting.

LJH – application to erect an extension to existing workshop.  No objections and no comments.



Lease – this to be investigated.                                                                       JW

Letter received from Rec Field committee requesting financial support for the running costs of the Rec Field partly due to increased insurance costs and fees charged.  A report on this matter to be discussed at next meeting.                              GC

Frome Town Council to be contacted re. funding of parks in Frome.  CLERK



Date of next quarry liaison meeting to be requested.                                       CLERK


HALL REPORT- none available.


MEETINGS – nothing to report



CIRCULATED –note re. meeting of Standards Committee 25 September 2003, Letter and survey re. Speed management policy review from MDC, Information from The Local Channel re. free Website, Mendip Rural Youthshow letter, letter from MDC re. community recycling, letter from Sutcliffe Play who replace BJ Leisure, note from SALC re. next meeting, notice of Annual meeting of Parish Councils and Somerset CC., Publication of modification to the Minerals Plan, request from school for grant, Rec Field management committee minutes, letter of thanks from internal auditor for gift of vouchers, letter from PCC re. the churchyard.


GRATEFUL THANKS were expressed to Jackie Longley for her years of  excellent service as Parish Clerk and flowers were presented to her by the Chairman.


DATE OF NEXT MEETING – 20 October 2003 at 7.30pm in the Hall.  Future meetings will be held on the 3rd Monday of each month.