Councillors present:   G Casey, P Moore, J Wright, M Taylor and

N Park – Chairman.

Apologies:                  G Jeanes



The MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING were amended in the paragraph under Finance and accepted with the amendment and signed.



Website: The Chairman will register on “The Local Channel” website on behalf of the Parish Council.                                                                   ACTION - CHAIRMAN

Roads and footpaths – some roads have been patched but not to a satisfactory standard.

Recreation field   - dealt with later in meeting



Financial reports for October and November were prepared by the RFO, accepted and signed.

Current a/c

Payment of £18 to Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall for rent for October and November proposed by PM, seconded by GC, all agreed.  Cheque 397 made out and signed.

Payment of £300 to Leigh on Mendip Recreation Field Management Committee.  Payment proposed PM, seconded by NP, all agreed.  Cheque 398 made out and signed.

Cemetery a/c

No bills.

Notification of payments from Cemetery clerk:

£165 received for erection of memorial stone.

£225 due to be received for burial 17 November.



Council were reminded of the need to use the £312 remaining in the budget by the end of the financial year.  GJ to ask Tony Gould re. progress with the kissing gates.

                                                                                                            ACTION GJ

Councillors were asked to email Parish Clerk with comments re. footpaths and roads so that letter could be drafted to Highways dept. at Somerset County Council with a copy to go to WS Atkins.                                                                    ACTION

                                                ALL COUNCILLORS, CHAIRMAN AND CLERK.





Sugar Bush Cottage –application to erect a conservatory and extension to ground floor and conversion of garage to living space.  No objections but comments written to Planning department re. concerns about school being overlooked.  It was requested that the Planning dept. should make a site visit.

Manor Farm -  application to convert existing outbuildings to holiday cottage.  No objections and no comments.



Report received from GC.  The form of lease proposed by the Recreation Field Management Committee was not felt to be completely appropriate therefore it was decided to seek alternative proposals from this committee.  The Councillors expressed their support for the Recreation Field Management Committee and their wish for them to continue managing the recreation field.  It was decided to seek further advice to bring back to the next meeting.             ACTION -  MT and CHAIRMAN

The insurance premium for the Rec. Field was discussed.  An immediate grant of £300 was proposed by PM and seconded by NP with a further review proposed when a breakdown of the insurance costs was available to the Parish Council.



Next meeting of  Halecombe Liaison Committee on 19 November at 7.00pm.  Possible attendance by PM and JW.


HALL REPORT- none available.


MEETINGS – nothing to report




Mendip District Council Draft notice re. Enforcemnet Policy and Procedure.

Request from Air Ambulance for donation.

Notice re. meeting of Shepton Mallet/ Wells Area Board of MDC.

Publicity re. The Engine Room.

Notice re. meeting of the Standards Committee.

Notice re. Voluntary Sector Conference and Election of Voluntary Rep. To Mendip Strategic Partnership on 12 Dec.

Request for donation from Victim Support

Minutes of SALC and notice re. meeting on 1 Dec.

Letter from Somerset CC re. free fire checks in the county.

Somerset cc Local Transport Plan.

MDC letter re. precept.

Letter and information from Leigh on Mendip Recreation Field Committee.


DATE OF NEXT MEETING –Thursday 8 January 2004 in the Hall.  Future meetings will be held on the 3rd Monday of each month including this January 19 2004.