Councillors present:    Gerald Jeanes – Chairman, John Wright, Chris Cudmore, S Anderson.

Apologies:                  P Moore, Geoff Casey, Neville Park


The MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING were accepted and signed.


MATTERS ARISING: - Damage to footbridge on footpath near Whitehole Farm – inspected by SA who reported significant vandalism.  Clerk requested to report this to Sheila Petherbridge of MDC.                                         ACTION - CLERK


AFFORDABLE HOUSING – nothing to report.



This was duly carried out resulting in the following:-

Steve Anderson – Rec. Field

Chris Cudmore – SALC

John Wright – Quarry matters

Geoff Casey – Footpaths

Gerald Jeanes - Hall



Leigh on Mendip First School – application for demolition of existing Elliott building and replacement by a new Elliott building.  There was an observation by parishioner Paul Turner who wanted clarification that the ground to be covered by the new building was to be shown as per plans and not that outlined by red line. No objections by the Parish Council.  Clerk asked to write to SCC saying no objection and stating parishioner’s comment.                                  ACTION – CLERK

Grove Shute Farm, Tadhill  – application for conversion of barns to dwelling.  No objection however the Council commented that there should be compliance with the village design statement and that the conversion should constitute only one dwelling.



The Chairman had contacted Alan Starling, Manager at Halecombe Quarry following rumours that the quarry was closing.  A meeting is to be held re. the future of the quarry on September 23.  Alan Starling will contact the Chairman after this meeting with an update for the next meeting of the Parish Council.


FINANCE – report for September accepted and signed with amendments.   Acceptance proposed by JW and seconded by CC.




Current a/c

Payment of hall rent proposed by CC and seconded by JW.  Ch. no.408 to Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall for £11.25 written and signed.  Payment of  grants to Relate, Mendip Community Transport and Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance proposed by GJ and seconded by JW.  Ch. nos. 409, 410, 411 for £25 were written and signed. 

Cemetery a/c

Payment of mowing bill for July was proposed by CC and seconded by JW.  Ch. no 47 to D Jarvis for £87.50 was written and signed.


ROADS AND FOOTPATHS – see matters arising.

1. Kissing gates – the last installation of these items cost £407.  GJ has received a price of £100 per gate from Les Gallop but there may be an additional charge for any necessary removal of hedges to allow for installation of the gates.

2. Discussion took place about the amount of nettles and brambles around gates and stiles on footpaths in the parish.  The clerk was asked to contact Brian Loten for a quote for clearing these.                ACTION – CLERK

3. Future consideration of the stile across stream between land owned by John Davis, Tadhill Farm and Malcolm Young of Fern Cottage was requested as it is difficult to use.  Inspection of this to take place.

4. Roadsigns at the junction of Marsh Lane, Ham hill and Whitehole Hill and the crossroads by Hooly Bush Cottage need repair.


REC FIELD REPORT – circulated with correspondence.



Parish Wardens – Peter Knowles reported that the function of parish wardens no longer existed.  There are now two police community support officers covering the same area as that covered by the parish wardens with the exception of Stoke St. Michael, Ashwick and Stoneaston that now come under Shepton Mallet.  There has been a suggestion from the police that PCSOs should be reduced to 1 for our area.  The Parish Council were against this .  JW proposed that any grant should be retained by the Parish Council until a clear written statement clarifying the future service provision has been obtained.  This was seconded by SA.

Cemetery subcommittee – following a meeting of this group GJ wrote to MDC re. their plans for work on the cemetery as mentioned in the survey carried out in 2002 and any future maintenance.


CORRESPONDENCE – the following were circulated to Parish Councillors:-

Parish Clerk – letter of resignation

MDC – letter re. Buildings at risk survey.

MDC – letter re. balancing housing markets strategy day

SCC – information re. Taxilink

Mendip Bridleways and Byways Ass. – letter re. rights of way improvement plan.

SCC    - letter re. above.

MDC – letter re. Shepton and Wells Area Board.

SCC – letter re. the development of passenger transport strategy for Somerset.

MDC – re. street cleaning contract.

David Heath – publicity

Relate – publicity

Office of the Deputy Prime Minister  - consultation document re. code of sconduct for local gov. employees + review of  restrictions of political activities of the same.


DATE OF NEXT MEETING –Monday 18 October 2004 at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall.  Future meetings to be held on the third Monday of each month.