Councillors present:    Gerald Jeanes – Chairman, John Wright, Chris Cudmore, S Anderson, Geoff Casey, Gloria Cawood.

Apologies:                  P Moore, Neville Park


The MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING were accepted and signed.


MATTERS ARISING: planning matters – permission now granted for new Elliott building at school and amended plan for agricultural workers dwelling at Tadhill Farm.


AFFORDABLE HOUSING – Cllr Cawood reported that discussions were taking place between Knightstone Housing Group and SCC re. the price of the land for the proposed development.  SCC also have a small parcel of land for future sale at the Grove Shute Farm site under reserved matters.



Application by Mr and Mrs Taylor for conversion of barn to family annex.  CC declared an interest and took no part in the Parish Council’s recommendation for this item.  Members of the general public attending the meeting were given the opportunity to air their views on the application. The Parish Council objected to this application because it felt that the increase in the size of the property would be likely to generate an increase in the use of vehicles, both now or in the future, at a point where access is dangerous.

Application by Mr F Patch for erection of replacement porch for Grove Shute Farm, Tadhill. No objection.



 A proposal was made by GJ that JW and SA form a subcommittee to discuss possible plans for acquisition of land at Sparks Farm and to develop consultation with the village.

Latest news re. Halecombe Quarry – It has now agreed to take aggregate for crushing from Foster Yeomans.  The present owners are still legally in charge of the quarry and will need  to quarry a certain amount in order to keep within the limits demanded to keep the quarry open.m  More news is expected after the next quarry liaison meeting.  It is thought that 19 jobs will go.


FINANCE – report for October deferred to next meeting..


Current a/c

Payment of hall rent proposed by CC and seconded by SA.  Ch. no.409 to Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall for £9.00 written and signed. 




Progess with the kissing gates has not yet been possible.

Concern was expressed about the state  of the edge of the road and loss of reflective signs on road between Leigh and Lower Vobster before Green Shutters where the edge of Barns Close Quarry comes dangerously close to the road.  Discussion also took place about poor drainage of surface water on the road at the entrance to Barns Close Quarry.



SA withdrew from the meeting at 9.05pm whilst this item was discussed and returned after this item at 9.15pm.  2 people had expressed an interest in the vacancy.  Date for interviews – 25 October at Sawmill Cottage, interview panel to be arranged between JW, GC, CC, GJ.


REC FIELD REPORT – The chairman and secretary of this committee have expressed a wish to resign after the next AGM.

Rec. field report was circulated with the correspondence.


CORRESPONDENCE – the following were circulated to Parish Councillors:-

MDC – consultation document re. licensing policy.

Somerset Governor Services – re. reappointment of    LEA rep. Governor.

Somerset Connections  - Public Transport Map.

SCC/CAMRA – notification of Sunday and Public Holiday bus services.

DEFRA – consultation doc. re. Clean Neighbourhoods.

MDC – Parishes Information Bulletin,

letter re. meeting of  the Standards Committee,

Guide to Scheme of Delegation for Planning Applications,

Guide to Planning for City, Town and Parish Councils.

SALC – Training Details and info. re. Somerset Rural Youth Project.

HAP – press release re. future meetings

Wicksted Leisure – Info re. effect of recent legislation on provision of outdoor play provision under Disability Discrimination laws.

Mendip NHS primary Care Trust – re. Somerset Medical out of hours service.

SLCC  - publicity re. funding and managing of community projects.

SCC – info. re. the adopted version of Somerset Minerals Local Plan.

Avon and Somerset Police – newsletter.


DATE OF NEXT MEETING –Monday 15 November 2004 at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall.  Future meetings to be held on the third Monday of each month.