Councillors present:    Gerald Jeanes – Chairman, John Wright, Chris Cudmore,  Geoff Casey.

Apologies:                  P Moore, Neville Park, S Anderson, Gloria Cawood


The MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING were accepted and signed.



Roads and footpaths – work in Pitten Street has now been carried out. Contractors have been present in Soho Lane.

Finance – the request for funding from the WI for a grant towards the cost of running Monday coffee mornings was accepted by Councillor Gloria Cawood who has made the WI a grant from funds at her disposal.



Fern Cottage, Leigh Street – application by Mr M Young for demolition of existing stables and erection of summer house and gym in rear garden.  There were no objections but the following comments were made:- The height of the new building should be no more than the present stables, the rear of the new building should be finished to the same standard and of the same quality as the rest of the proposed building, the use of the gym and summer house should be for personal use only and no commercial use should be permitted, proper provision should be made for drainage.

Holly Bush Cottage – a further application by Mr and Mrs J Philips for permission to lift the restriction on the occupation of the barn by a family member and for it to become a separate dwelling (previous application for this was refused).  New councillors were reminded that the original planning permission for development of the barn was granted on condition that it was not for occupation by other than family members because Holly Bush Cottage is situated outside the village development envelope.  There were no objections but the following comments were made:- there should be proper legal transfer of access, parking rights and use of septic tanks.

Whitehole Farm – application by Mr and Mrs Patch for development of further barns for holiday/educational use.  There were no objections but a query about the septic tank provision.


Concern was expressed by a member of the public about recent reports of travellers purchasing land for the illegal development of sites when there are a number of absentee landlords who own land around the village.  The Parish Council was asked what contingency plans it had to prevent illegal development of such plans occurring and the suggestion was put forward by a member of the public that the Parish Council should consider engaging with present landowners about their intended future use of land around the village.  JW suggested drawing up a map plotting owners of land around the village.  The Parish Council were reminded that local authorities have a duty to provide legal sites for travellers.



A report on the Quarry Liaison meeting was circulated with the correspondence.  19 employees at Halecombe quarry have been made redundant partly due to difficulties with the quality of the stone now available at the quarry.  17 of these employees have found other employment.  Tarmac Southern are now owned by Anglo American.  Sufficient quarrying of stone to keep the quarry open will take place along with coating of stone and certificates of lawfulness for these activities are awaited.  Whilst Halecombe quarry continues to be a working quarry  there is no official requirement re. the safety and maintenance of footpaths around the quarry however once it is officially closed there is a ten year maintenance requirement.

Aggregates levy fund – it was reported by JW that most of this goes to English Nature, English Heritage and the Countryside Commission who now admit that the money is now spent nationwide instead of just for quarrying counties as was originally envisaged.  There is just £250,000 available for good causes.

Reports had been received that motorbikes had returned to Barns Close quarry at weekends.  It was suggested that the police should be notified of this.



Current a/c

Payment of hall rent proposed by JW and seconded by GC.  Ch. no.413 to Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall for £9.00 written and signed. 

Cemetery a/c

Payment to D.Jarvis for cutting of grass on 2 & 16 of July was proposed by JW and seconded by GC.  Ch. no. 48 for £87.50 was written and signed.  Payment to D. Jarvis for cutting of grass on 27 August, 10 &25 of September, 8 & 22 of October, 5 November was proposed by JW and seconded by GC.  Ch. no. 49 for £262.50 was written and signed.

Proposal of acceptance of a quotation for £80 from B Loten of £80 to clear around all stiles in the parish  was made by GJ and seconded by GC.



The survey on street cleaning has been completed and will now be sent to MDC.  Bellfield was left out of the recent village streetcleaning.  Next street cleaning to be undertaken on 21 Feb 2005.  Residents are reminded to move cars to facilitate this.

Knaphill – recently a car got stuck on the left hand side of the road going up the hill. Resurfacing an ddrainage of this area needs attention to prevent further incidents as the road surface is being continually worn away by storm water.

Footpaths – springs are required on the kissing gates.  MDC to be contacted re. this.



Jo Anderson will take over from 1 December.


Gerald Jeanes informed the Parish Council that he wished to resign.

The vice chairman John Wright will fulfil this role until a replacement is found.




DATE OF NEXT MEETING –Monday 20 December 2004 at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall.  Future meetings to be held on the third Monday of each month.