HELD ON MONDAY 17th JANUARY 2005 at 7.30pm




Councillors present.  Acting Chairman John Wright, Chris Cudmore, Steve Anderson, Ty Schlechter, Graham Harris.

Clerk - Jo Anderson

Apologies:   Paul Moore,            Geoff Casey. 


MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING of 20th December 2004, were read, amended to include the co-option of Ty Schlechter, accepted and signed.


RESIGNATION    A letter of resignation had been received from Neville Park and accepted.


CO-OPTION     The Chairman welcomed Graham Harris to the Parish Council and his acceptance of office was signed.


Cllr. Gloria Cawood (MDC and SCC) joined the meeting, was welcomed by the Acting Chairman and introduced to the new Councillors.


PCSO’s     Paul Emery was welcomed to the meeting and introduced to the Councillors.  Paul advised the Council as to the current situation regarding crime in the Leigh on Mendip area which was very low.  In the near future Paul intends to regenerate the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in the area.  He also informed the Council that a meeting of the Steering Group would be held on Wednesday 19th January 2005.  SA will be attending the meeting with Steering Group Member, Peter Knowles.                                              ACTION SA


SA proposed that the PCSO’s contact number be printed in the Parish Magazine and on the web site.  CC seconded and all agreed. 

Paul Emery PCSO, 07810 791305        e-mail    paul.emery@ avonandsomerset.police.uk                                          ACTION CC



Keith Cockroft is currently carrying out an internal audit on the accounts for the year

2003-04, and advised the Parish Council as to its current situation.  He anticipates that it will be ready for the external auditors in a very short while.


Financial statement – The statement for January 2005 was approved subject to balances being confirmed and the finalisation of the previous years’ report. 


Current a/c

Payment of Hall rent for December proposed by JW and seconded by TS.  Ch No 414 to Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall for £9 written and signed.

Payment for materials in repair of PC Notice Board, JW proposed, seconded by CC, all agreed.  Ch no 415 for £11.35 to S Anderson, written and signed.

Ch No 403, dated 10th May 2004 made payable to SLCC had not been presented and an enquiry of the payee revealed it had not been received and membership has now lapsed.  Information on payment for rejoining will be sent to the Clerk.  The cheque is now out of date for presentation.  


Precept – Following discussion it was proposed by SA that the Precept for 2005/2006 be set at £3,400.  This was seconded by JW and all agreed.

CC requested that a forecast be prepared for 2005/06.  JW agreed to do this.     ACTION JW


Signatories – Signatory forms were handed to TS, GH for the current account, and to JW, SA, CC, TS, GH, and GC for completion for the Cemetery Account.  These to be returned after verification to the Clerk.  It was agreed that all accounts require three signatories, one of whom to be the Chairman of the meeting.                                                    ACTION CLERK


Investment account – this has been sent to National Savings for updating of interest and change of signatories.


Cemetery – The tender for grass cutting has been advertised in the Parish Magazine.

A discussion took place concerning the cost and responsibility for the maintenance of closed churchyards.   Cllr Cawood reported that this matter was still under consultation by MDC.


Funding for village projects – Cllr Cawood informed the meeting of a Rural Workshop and Gig which is being held on the 19th February, details of which will be forwarded to the Council in the near future.  This appeared in the December 2004 Parish Magazine.


A general discussion followed regarding funding available for community projects, especially for the young and retired members of the village.  It was agreed to seek suggestions for projects from parishioners via the web and notice boards.          ACTION CC


PLANNING – the application relating to Crossways has been refused by MDC. 

Fern Cottage – application approved, subject to conditions.

Halecombe Quarry – retrospective planning approved.

6 The Old Sawmills – application approved with conditions.


AFFORDABLE HOUSING – There were no new developments to report.  CC requested that we form a contact with Knightstone Housing for updating purposes.  JW agreed to contact them.                                                                                                         ACTION JW


ROADS AND FOOTPATHS  - Kissing Gates - Three were available for erection.  It was proposed by CC, and seconded by SA that these be sited at Pitten Street, entrance to Barns Close Quarry, and opposite Stocks Lane, subject to endorsement by GC. Mr Durbidge to be informed .                                                                                                                        ACTION GC


REC FIELD REPORT – SA reported that the water heater has now failed and there are no showers.  Subsequently the rates for the hire of the facilities are now reduced.  Burns Night takes place on the 22nd January 2005.


QUARRY MATTERS – JW reported that Mr Massey had carried out a certain amount of levelling at Barns Close Quarry as per the original intimation.  Cllr Cawood stated that activities at the quarry were being monitored by SCC.


HALL REPORT – It was agreed that TS take over as the PC Representative for the Memorial Hall Committee


CORRESPONDENCE – the following were circulated to Parish Councillors:-


Following a communication from a parishioner, CC agreed to oversee the notification of street cleaning on 21st February 2005.


Mendip Strategic Partnership – 30th November 2004, Minutes of Meeting.

MDC Parishes Information Bulletin (Roaming Parish Forums)

Office of the Deputy P.M.  Planning Guidance.

Mendip Newsletter


DATE OF NEXT MEETING –Monday 21st February 2005, 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall