HELD ON MONDAY 21 FEBRUARY 2005 at 7.30pm



Councillors present.  Acting Chairman John Wright, Chris Cudmore, Steve Anderson, Geoff Casey, Ty Schlechter, Graham Harris.

Apologies:   Paul Moore        

Parish Clerk.  Jo Anderson    


The MINUTES OF THE MEETINGS of   17th and 26th January 2005 were accepted and signed.  There were no matters arising.



Steve Anderson proposed and Chris Cudmore seconded the election of John Wright as Chairman.  All agreed.  The appropriate form was signed.


Steve Anderson further proposed that Chris Cudmore be elected as Vice Chairman, which was seconded by Geoff Casey.  All agreed.




This was circulated.  Ty Schlechter queried the death benefit included in the Contract of Employment for the Parish Clerk.   This will be checked before acceptance of the Contract of Employment and Job Description.                                                                           ACTION  JA

The Contract of Employment and Job Description for the Cemetery Clerk will also be checked.                                                                                                            ACTION JW



Annual Audit 2003/04                                 The Annual Return for the year ended 31st March 2004 was circulated to the Parish Councillors.  The figures were confirmed as being correct by the Internal Auditor and following discussion it was proposed by the Chairman and seconded by Steve Anderson that the relevant sections be signed and submitted to the External Auditor.  The relevant notices of inspection will be displayed.                                 ACTION JA


At this point Cllr Gloria Cawood joined the meeting.


PLANNING  Hollybush Cottage – Mr and Mrs W J Phillips had submitted an Appeal for removal of Condition 03 from consent 112038/002 and the Parish Council were invited to withdraw or modify earlier comments, but following discussion JW proposed, SA seconded no further comment.  This was agreed by all.


PCSO’S   Peter Knowles and the PCSO, Paul Emery attended the meeting. Peter Knowles, Chairman of the PCSO Steering Group addressed the Council concerning a meeting he had with Ch. Supt. A Marsh, Police Divisional Commander, East Somerset on the 16th February 2005.  Ch. Supt. Marsh had advised PK that Paul Emery will not have a partner in the foreseeable future, and we will only have one PCSO in this area.  Steps are being already taken to provide the PCSO with an off road motor cycle for his sole use in this area.  A debate ensued but no firm decision was made concerning the payment of the contribution towards the funding of the PCSO’s.


Paul Emery informed the Parish Council that the Community Contact Vehicle will be visiting the village on the 1st March 2005 between 9.00 and 10.00 a.m.  Details will be placed on the Notice Boards.


FINANCE  (Continued)

Financial statement – The February Statement was agreed as correct and the RFO advised the Parish Council that errors in the Statements during the past Financial Year had been corrected and a set of amended monthly statements had been prepared and following a proposal by JW, seconded by TS, it was agreed by all that they be signed as correct.

The bank account was also reconciled with the monthly statement and signed by JW.


The RFO had previously circulated a copy of the intended Cash Book to members of the Parish Council and other than to include a column for Capital Expenditure, it was agreed to accept this format.                                                                                                                                                    ACTION JA


Purchase of Filing Cabinet  - The RFO reported that the filing cabinet currently in use by the Clerk was in need of replacement.  Four quotations for a replacement had been obtained and it was proposed by JW and seconded by TS that the current cabinet be written off and a replacement obtained from Paperwork Plus at a cost of £89.95.  Cheque No. 00419 was duly signed.


SLCC – the Parish Clerk advised Councillors that membership had lapsed due to non-payment of subscription in 2004.  In order to rejoin a fee of £7.00 plus annual subscription of £64.00 was payable.  JW proposed, TS seconded and all agreed that the amount of £71 be forwarded to SLCC.  Cheque No. 00416 was issued.


Hall Rent – Invoice Nos 560 (17.01.05) and 563 (26.01.05) each for £9.00 relating to Parish Council Meetings were agreed and Cheque No 00417 for £18 was issued.


B Loten, Clearance of vegetation around stiles – it having been agreed on meeting of 15th November 2004 that a quotation of £80 from B Loten be accepted it was proposed by JW and seconded by TS that the work having been completed, Cheque no 00418 be issued.


Grant – Rec Field.  CC advised the Parish Council that having attended the AGM of the Rec Field Committee, in the absence of SA, the Rec Field Committee were seeking a grant from the Parish Council towards the cost of the insurance premium.  He advised the Council that the Cricket Club contributed 25%, and the Fete a sum of £50. 

GH advised the Parish Council that he had assisted the Rec Field Committee in an application for a grant towards replacement shower heater and disability access ramp

A discussion followed and GC pointed out that last year it was made known to the Rec Field Committee that the grant towards their insurance premium in 2003 was a ‘one off’ and the Parish Council would not contribute towards running costs.  A decision concerning a grant was deferred.



Cllr Cawood advised the meeting that concerns had been raised over the intended use of Barns Close and Cookswood Quarries by their current owner, Mr R Massey.  Following a meeting with Somerset CC and the Environment Agency, the submission of a planning application was awaited. 



Cllr Cawood informed the Council that she had been advised that no firm agreement had been made concerning purchase of land and was dependent on agreement by the Highways Authority as to whether a planning application would be likely to succeed on the west end of the proposed site.  She was dismayed at the lack of information given by Mendip DC, Somerset CC and Knightstone Housing regarding the matter.  SA proposed that a letter be sent to the relevant parties on behalf of the Parish Council, expressing our concerns over this lack of consultation.   All agreed                                                            ACTION JW & CC                                   

Cllr Cawood left the meeting.


FINANCE  (Continued)                                                                                                  

Web Site – The Council were informed by CC that registration costs were likely to be in the region of £6, and an invoice was awaited.


Investment Account Signatories – All Parish Councillors i.e., Mr J Wright, Chairman,                Mr C Cudmore, Vice Chairman, Mr S Anderson, Mr G Casey, Mr G Harris, Mrs T Schlechter, signed the NS & I Investment Account (No 138 405 806) change of signatories notification form.  This will be forwarded to NS & I together with the required certified extract of the minutes.


Financial Regulations.  In view of the change in personnel on the Parish Council during the last financial year, the proposed Financial Regulations were examined by the current Parish Council and were adopted.  JW proposed, TS seconded, all agreed.


Financial Risk Assessment – TS proposed that he went through this with the RFO.  JW seconded, all agreed.                                                                                       ACTION TS & JA


Register of Assets – SA proposed that he performed a physical check of assets, together with one other Parish Councillor.  GH volunteered.                                      ACTION SA & GH

TS suggested that instead of holding Property Deeds, these can be exchanged for a Land Certificate from the Land Registry.                                                                                                             ACTION JA


NALC Workshop, 30.03.05.  It was agreed that JW, CC and JA attend this workshop at Nunney.  Cheque No 00420 for £10.00 was written and signed.



B Loten –Invoice for pruning back and trimming hedge, agreed 20th December 2004, for £15.  Cheque No 050 written and signed.


Following information from B Loten, the Cemetery Clerk advised that a further pruning was necessary to tidy the hedge.  JW Proposed, SA seconded to a limit of £20 for further pruning.


Following requests for tenders for mowing/strimming of St Giles Churchyard and the adjoining Civil Cemetery, JW proposed and TS seconded that we accept the tender from D Jarvis for a total of £800.00. 


A discussion followed regarding disposal of the spoil which has been left in the churchyard.  This would appear to be sub-soil and flowers, wreaths, etc which have been discarded, but which should be disposed of in the bins provided.  A decision was left in abeyance while enquiries are made as to the best means of clearance.

Cemetery Clerk’s Salary – JW proposed, SA seconded that the invoice for employment from 1st March 2004 to 28th February 2005 be accepted.  This will be done as soon as a new cheque book is available on the return of Mary Mears.



An e-mail from Sheila Petherbridge, Footpaths Officer, MDC, was passed to GC, regarding items which had been addressed, arising from the Rights of Way Improvement Plan                                              

A copy of B Loten’s invoice was passed to GC showing the poor state of some of the stiles in the Parish. GC agreed to check these.  He also stated that the three new kissing gates were ready for installation, other locations for kissing gates would be identified, some of which could be used where stiles were beyond repair.                                                    ACTION GC



Tarmac Southern Ltd – MDC forwarded a Certificate of Lawful Use or Development, which supercedes all previous applications.

Whitehole FarmConversion of two outbuildings to holiday/education accommodation – granted subject to conditions.

Tadhill Farm – Application for Energy Crops Scheme (Miscanthus Giganteus).  No objections.



CC attended the AGM. In the absence of SA.  No comments other than those stated regarding a grant application.  GH stated that the Rec Field Committee were seeking the backing of the Parish Council as owners of the land in respect of the grant application for repairs and disabled access.  JW proposed that we support this, CC seconded.  GH to prepare a letter for signature by Chairman.                                                                                  ACTION GH



TS attended, stated that there was some concern about the lack of utilisation.  Plans are in hand to hold table tennis sessions to encourage more youth involvement.  Otherwise finances were strong.



PCSO’S – SA stated that he had attended the meeting on the 19th January 2005.  He was very disappointed to learn that subsequent to this visit we were going to lose a PSCO which had been promised. 


CORRESPONDENCE – the following were circulated to Parish Councillors:-

Minutes of Mendip PCSO Steering Group Meeting  19.01.05.  Appeal Decision, 2 Westleigh, Tadhill; SALC Items of Interest, 01.05;  NALC Salaries and Conditions;  City of Wells, Cathedral Invitation 10.04.05; SRYP Newsletter; MDC Standards Committee Minutes 18.01.05; Clerks & Councils Direct; M & SS Community Safety Partnership; Local Councils Update.



Grants – GH stated that he would review grants which may be available for local schemes and will inform the Parish Council of these in the near future.                                                             ACTION GH

CC has prepared notices regarding ideas for community projects which can be placed on the Parish Notice Boards                                                                                                      ACTION JA


DATE OF NEXT MEETING –Monday  21st March 2005 at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall