Councillors present.  Chairman John Wright, Chris Cudmore, Steve Anderson, Geoff Casey,

Graham Harris, Ty Schlechter.

Apologies:   P Moore

Councillor G Cawood attended the meeting               

Parish Clerk Jo Anderson



JA informed the meeting and attending parishioners, of the safe evacuation of the building.


The MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETINGS of 21st February 2005 were accepted and signed.



Parish Clerk and Cemetery Clerk – Job Description and Contract of Employment.  JA confirmed that these had now been completed, and the queries resolved. 

Annual Audit – 03/04 – JA confirmed that this had been submitted to the external auditors and relevant notices of inspection displayed.

Land Registry – JA informed the meeting that the cost of registering the land at the Recreation Field and Memorial Hall, for security purposes would be approximately £30.  TS proposed, GC seconded, all agreed that the land be registered.                                                                                         ACTION JA



LJH – Change of use (agricultural to open storage).  Objection on the following grounds noted and passed to Mendip District Council.

1. This is outside the village development area.  2.  Inappropriate industrial development in an agricultural area.  3.  Would affect the landscape.  4.  Anticipated increase in noise.  5. May cause damage to underground utilities.  6.   Strong local feeling against further development of existing site which is unacceptable for residents of the village.

Land at Park Hayes – Withdrawn.  Cllr Cawood will follow this up on behalf of the Parish Council TS proposed, JW seconded that an approach is made by the Parish Council to MDC on possibility of transferring ownership of the land to the Parish for a nominal payment. ACTION JW

Oak Cottage – Planning permission refused by Mendip District Council.

2 Westleigh – JW told the meeting that he had received information that following a refusal at an appeal decision for change from stone to render, the stone was claimed to be no longer available.  Appellant and MDC Planning Department are to liaise.



JA informed the meeting that Notice of County Council Elections will be put on the Notice Boards by 30th March 2005                                                                                                           ACTION JA



Financial Statement – The February/March statement was agreed as correct and signed by JW. 

JA informed the meeting that despite several requests no bank statement had been received since September 2004.  One has been promised at 31st March in order that end of year accounts can be reconciled.


Hall Rent – Invoice No 567 (21.02.05) agreed.  Chq No 421 issued and signed.

GH proposed that, as a saving ten meetings are booked in advance.  Seconded CC.  Chq No 424 issued and signed.

Installation of three Kissing Gates – M Derbidge, Voucher 32 - all agreed (Minutes 20.12.04).

Chq No 422 issued and signed.

Clerks Salary and Expenses – JW checked, signed and proposed acceptance, TS seconded, all agreed. 

Ex gratia payment - SA declared an interest and withdrew from discussion.

JW proposed that an ex gratia payment for an agreed number of hours (30) be made to the Clerk for services to the Parish.  TS seconded and all agreed.  Chq No 423 issued

JW proposed that a grant be made to the internal auditor for services to the Parish in the recent annual audit.                                                                                                                      ACTION JW

SALC Affiliation Fee – JW Proposed SA seconded, all agreed payment.  Chq 425 issued & signed.

Purchase of Shredder – JW proposed, TS seconded that a shredder be purchased, value up to £25.

                                                                                                                                    ACTION JA  

Purchase of Computer – TS gave details of costs of laptop computers.  SA proposed, that the Clerk would meet with GH and TS to confer on the best course of action.  JW seconded but that an approximate price of £600 is aimed for and reported to next meeting.

Clerks Manual – JW proposed, TS seconded, that we purchase a manual.  All agreed.  Chq 426 issued and signed.

Account Signatories – All mandates now signed, and delivered to the Bank.



JW informed the meeting that he had written to all parties concerned and a response had been received from SCC and Knightstone Housing.  Plans should be made available to the Parish Council to allow consultation prior to final agreement, GC proposed, TS seconded, all agreed that a letter be sent to Knightstone Housing prompting their quick response.                        ACTION JW



Mary Mears is in hospital and good wishes were sent to her on a speedy recovery.

The Financial Statement was received and the cheque signed following agreement last month regarding salary.

Spoil heap – JW to take up with MDC                                                                        ACTION JW



Kissing Gates – GC informed the meeting that difficulties had been experienced in the agreed siting of the gates.  An immediate decision was required and CC, GC and SA agreed that the gates be placed at other sites discussed, where stiles were in a dangerous condition.  (Agreed Minutes 17.01.05)

JA reported that Hanson had been informed of the damage to the wall in Leigh Street.  Hanson are investigating.

JW reported damage to the road to Soho near Green Shutters.                                    ACTION GC    



Nothing to report



SA gave a vote of thanks to GH of behalf of the Committee for his advice on application for AwardsforAll.  They are now seeking contractors to carry out the work.  Further discussion took place on a grant for the Rec Field.




TS informed the meeting of a Quiz Night on 9th April.  The Parish Council is entering a team.  He and CC attended the taster evening for Table Tennis; about nine people attended, and more younger people should be encouraged.  This will continue to be held every Wednesday evening and details are available on the Hall notice board.



SA gave a report on disposal and addition of assets – see attached report.  JW proposed acceptance, TS seconded, all agreed.



TS gave a short report on the risk assessment with regard to the Memorial Hall and Rec Hall.    All Committees agreed that they would comply with suggestions made.  SA informed that the car park notice at the Rec Field was under discussion with regard to use and disclaimers.

Equipment at the home of the Clerk – the cost of insuring the current equipment would be approximately £1.50.  This will be attended to at the renewal in June.



PCSO Steering Group – SA reported that Paul Emery has been attending the school and business premises regarding parking of vehicles and has spoken with the various parties.  He is also in discussion with Highways concerning speed limit signs at the Townsend area of the village.

An invoice in the sum of £300 has been received from Avon and Somerset Constabulary for the financial year 04-05.  A discussion took place as to payment of the grant.  GC stated that he had received complaints from some parishioners that they do not see the PCSO.  JW proposed that he call on some houses to show his presence in the village and check on any problems that may arise.  JW also proposed that details of the PCSO’s mobile phone are shown in the minutes {click here}.

SA proposed and GH seconded that payment for the current year is made.  Invoice No0250031360 -Chq 427 issued and signed.

SA stated that we have to give them notice now if we wish to discontinue with the service of the PCSO.

Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund Partnership – JW to write to Hanson regarding the purchase of Sparkes Field



GH passed a completed Declaration of Interest to the Clerk.  All Councillors’ Declarations have now been received and passed to MDC.


GH made available a summary of many of the grants available in the area.


CORRESPONDENCE – the following were circulated to Parish Councillors:-

Environment Agency Oil Storage; SALC Spring Conference Reminder; Parishes Info Bulletin, March 05; MDC Standards Committee Agenda’ Somerset RYP Newsletter Spring 05; MDC Shepton Mallet and Wells Area Board Agenda; The Clerk; Clerks and Councils Direct; The Mendip Society Newsletter; Community Council for Somerset; Sutcliffe Playground Equipment; City of Wells Celebration of Civic Service 10.04.05


DATE OF NEXT MEETING –Monday 18th April 2005 at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall