Councillors Present:  Chairman John Wright, Chris Cudmore, Steve Anderson, Geoff Casey, Graham Harris, Ty Schlechter

Apologies:  Paul Moore

Parish Clerk:  Jo Anderson


Health and Safety – Instructions on safe evacuation given to public


The Minutes of the meeting of 21 March 2005 were amended to read ‘token voucher’ instead of ‘grant’ on page 2 line 11.  The Minutes were accepted and signed.


Matters Arising


Job Description – JA reported to the Council that, together with JW, they had attended a meeting regarding the new Terms and Conditions of Employment, on 30th March 2005.  This Agreement came into force on 1st April 2005.  The NALC recommendation was a four hour minimum working week, due to the increase in bureaucracy and mail.  Currently the Clerk is paid for three hours per week.  Although JA had followed the NALC pro forma for the Contract of Employment, it was also advised to place a limit on the SPC grading of five increments. 

JA agreed to rewrite the Contract of Employment to include limit of 5 increments.  JA agreed with the Parish Council to defer the increase for payment in the extra hour per week to 1st September 2005 as no budget allowance was made for this when calculating the Precept.                                      ACTION JA


Land Registry – JA told the meeting that forms had been received from the Land Registry for completion.  Deeds would be requested from the holding solicitors.                                                ACTION JA


Land adjacent to Park Hayes – JW is still trying to ascertain the name of a contact.        ACTION JW        

Cemetery Spoil Heap – JA reported that after exhaustive enquiries, it would appear that we have no alternative than to remove the spoil heap on a volunteer basis.  A notice had been placed in the Parish Magazine asking for volunteers.  CC, TS, GC, SA all volunteered, date to be agreed.      ACTION JA


Affordable Housing – JW has had had no further update.


Wall at Leigh Street/Sparkes Farm Kissing Gate -  JA spoke to Andy Shapeshaft at Hanson.  They will visit the site on 19th April to look at repairs required to stone wall.


Risk Assessment/Register of Assets – CC congratulated TS, JA, SA and GH on reports at year end.


Election Notices – JA reported that they are now on the Parish Notice Boards


Shredder – JA reported that a shredder has now been purchased for the sum of £19.99






Purchase of Laptop for Parish Council – JA gave a short report to the Council regarding lap top computers.  A heated discussion ensued concerning the cost to the tax payer; and whether a computer was a necessity for the Parish Council, which resulted in JW proposing that the DELL Model 1200 is purchased, bearing in mind that the VAT was reclaimable.  TS seconded.  A vote was taken with a split response.   Motion carried.  Chq no 0431 issued and signed.



Financial Statement – The statement to 31st March was agreed as correct and signed by JW.  The Bank statement for the Current Account agreed and was signed.  CC asked for qualification on Capital Expenditure.  It was agreed that in future any purchases which had to be included in the Register of Assets would be included under Capital Expenditure.

Annual Accounts – JA reported that the Annual Audit for 2005/-6 had been received from Moore Stevens and these were in the process of completion. 

The 2004/05 Audit Certificate has not been received from Moore Stevens and JA is trying to contact the auditors to ascertain the current status of last year’s accounts.

Hall Rent – now paid to December 2005.

Precept – It was agreed to transfer £3,000 to the National Savings Bank Account – JW proposed, all agreed.  Chq no 0429 signed and issued.

Renewal of Insurance – The premium for the current year is £267.06.  JA reported that to include the property of the Parish Council at the home of the Clerk would increase the premium by a total of £21.16.  This is currently covered under the Household Insurance of the Clerk and it was agreed to continue on this basis.  JW proposed, TS seconded.  Chq No 0430 issued and signed.

Community Council for Somerset – Subscription of £20, deferred to next meeting.

Website Domain Renewal 15.02.05 – 15.02.07.  JW proposed, SA seconded.  Chq No 0428 issued and signed.

PCSO – A telephone vote was taken due to an urgent decision being required.  Confirmed that there was a majority vote to continue with the PCSO scheme for the current year.  The motion was carried with the proviso that further discussions take place before the end of 2005 for Precept consideration, for the year 2006-2007, due to the strong feeling of some Parish Councillors that this was a means of double taxation.


CEMETERY – Mary Mears was unable to attend due to ill health.  The Bank Statement for the Cemetery Account was agreed and signed by JW.  Margaret Loten attended the meeting and was informed of the progress with the spoil heap.  JA will liaise with Margaret once any further volunteers come forward.

JW reported that attempts were being made to confirm that the SER made due allowance for the mowing of the churchyard by the Parish.


ROADS AND FOOTPATHS – The Parish Path Maintenance Scheme 2005/2006 was signed by JW in order that a grant of £100 be awarded by MDC for footpath clearance.   Passed to GC for further action and reporting at end of year.

TS reported that the verge in Knapp Hill was damaged and needed repair.  GC to contact MDC regarding state of road with numerous potholes in the village                                        ACTION GC

Diversion of Footpath, FR8/28/29/35 Tadhill Farm – Approved by MDC and passed to GC for updating records.



Grove Shute Farm – Change of Use.  No objections.


ROAD OBSTRUCTION – Complaint received from a parishioner which has already been passed to the PCSO, Paul Emery, for action.  It was felt that this was a Police matter, not Parish Council.


PCSO - Somerset Rural Youth Project – The PCSO had reported to the Parish Clerk on proposals for youth projects, clubs etc in the Parish.  JW told the meeting that a previous scheme of this nature relied on a volunteer to run it, since the cost of a paid post was prohibitive. 


REC FIELD REPORT – SA has had discussions with the Chairman of the Rec Field Committee concerning lease and the matter is in hand.  The Disclaimer Notice is being compiled for those using the facilities.


QUARRY MATTERS – Nothing to report.


HALL REPORT – TS stated that the committee are trying to improve the use of the Memorial Hall, currently table tennis every Wednesday, and taster sessions for short mat bowls organised.  (See Notice Boards)


MEETINGS ATTENDED – TS attended the City of Wells Evensong at the Cathedral on Sunday 20th April.  The service was enjoyable and very well attended.

JA and JW reported on their attendance at the NALC SLCC meeting at Nunney on 30th March.  JW stated that apart from information on the new Terms of Contract and limitations on SPC rates, expecting Clerks to work more than their contract could bring them below the minimum wage and be a criminal offence.


CORRESPONDENCE – the following were circulated to Parish Councillors:-

Dial a Ride Community Car (Notice on Boards), SCC Env. Dept, ‘Taunton in 2006 – Invitation to Discussion ‘.  Office of Dep. PM - FOI Act.  Mendip Community Transport and Support – Introduction and Comments.  DEFRA – Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Bill.  DEFRA – Quality Parishes and Parish Planning.  Mendip NHS Primary Trust.  Sovereign Play Equipment.   City of Wells Welcome, SLCC Chairman.  Parishes Information Bulletin.  Mendip Strategic Partnership.  HAP Public Meetings.  SLCC SW Regional Conference.  SCC Env. Dept – Rights of Way.  New Leaf Tree and Garden Services.  DEFRA/DTI Broadband in Rural Communities.



AGM – 16th May 2005 at 7.30 p.m.

APM – 16th May 2005 at 8.00 p.m.