Councillors present.  Chairman John Wright, Chris Cudmore, Steve Anderson, Geoff Casey, Graham Harris, Ty Schlechter, Paul Moore


Meeting attended by nine parishioners and chaired by John Wright.


Minutes of last year’s Annual Parish Meeting accepted as a true record and signed.


Newsletter from Chairman – see copy attached

JW stated that he has asked MDC to let us have an account of a comparable Parish where the Special Expenses Rate takes into consideration the fact that we already pay for the mowing and strimming of the churchyard.  Receipt awaited.

Planning – Mells PC have protested at the standards within the Planning Department, and Cranmore have suggested more stringent condemnation. 

Web Site – CC has kept this up to date but needs information in good time for advertising to the community, and also requires reports on events that have taken place.

Roads and Footpaths – GC stated that some footpaths users have not adhered to the pathways, and are roaming across fields. Dogs have not been kept on leads and gates have been left open causing problems to livestock. 

PCSO (Parish Warden)  Report attached.  A split vote decided that funding would be available for the year 2005/06 but will be reviewed during the year.

Affordable Housing – Land now made available and cost agreed.  A programme will be put in place by Knightstone Housing.  There will be six houses at the originally planned site. 

Neighbourhood Watch – Keith Cockroft reported that no further response had been forthcoming from the authorities.

Recreation Field – See report attached.

SA reported that the missing plaque for the Jubilee had been replaced.


Hall – Keith Cockroft reported that the financial position was sound.  The Table Tennis was popular, the Short Mat Bowls was still in its infancy and more people would be welcome.  Vandalism has caused problems and trust that this would minimise in weeks to come.


Annual Accounts – Keith Cockroft raised a query regarding VAT shown on the accounts.  This was previously shown as a debtor.  To be raised with Moore Stephens.        ACTION JA


Quarries – JW reported that the current owner proposes a leisure facility at Cookswood.  A copy of the proposal has been requested.


Points raised from the floor:-

Footpath known as The Drain is very muddy.  GC to check.                                  ACTION GC

Reported that fingerposts at Soho crossroads and at junction of Pitten Street and Whitehole Hill were Broken.                                                                                                        ACTION GC


In appreciation of the exceptional work advice and help on the clarification of the 2003/04 accounts the Parish Council presented a small token to Keith Cockroft.


There being no further business the meeting closed.