Councillors present.  Chairman John Wright, Steve Anderson, Geoff Casey, Graham Harris, Ty Schlechter, Paul Moore                 


Apologies.  Chris Cudmore




Spoil Heap – this has been partially cleared.  It was suggested that a mini digger could be used to clear the remainder.  JW proposed that the undertakers be reminded that it was their responsibility to arrange for the removal of discarded soil.  SA suggested that a seat could be placed around the yew tree to stop dumping of soil. 


Wall at Kissing Gate - Leigh Street – this has now been repaired


Deeds – so far the original Deeds have not been traced.  Further investigations are being made with the Charity Commissioners.   TS stated that affidavits sworn by the Parish Council that we have owned the land for more than 15 years should be sufficient in order to register with the Land Registry.                                                                                                                     ACTION JA




JW stated that he had contacted Gloria Cawood again regarding the extension of speed limits which we have tried to obtain for some years.  SA stated that at the PCSO meeting on 15th June he had taken this up with the Inspector.   The owner of the abandoned vehicle has been arrested.   Inspector Cox has requested Paul Emery to liaise with Keith Cockroft to produce a history of incidents at this narrow stretch of road.  Road and Footpaths Officer and SA may be involved in meeting with County Highways Department representative should a site meeting be proposed.




Annual Audit - JW proposed these be accepted and signed.  All agreed.

Financial Statement – JW proposed acceptance, all agreed.  Bank Statement agreed and signed.

Insurance – Fidelity Guarantee.   JA reported that Auditors had advised that the Guarantee should be increased to the total of balances held by the Parish plus 50% of the Precept.  This can be done at no further cost to the Parish this year but will be included in our insurance costs next year.  JW proposed that this is accepted, all agreed.

Subscription, Community Council for Somerset – JW proposed continuation of the subscription for The Thatch magazine.  All agreed.  Chq no 435 issued and signed.

Clerks Salary and Expenses – JW checked and proposed acceptance, all agreed  Chq no 436 issued and signed

Grant Request – Vitalise.  JW proposed that we do not support this as it is not relevant to the Parish, all agreed.


Disposal of Printer – JA to liaise with GH regarding a probable value of the printer which was provided free with the laptop computer.  Once this has been established it will be advertised in various free publications.                                                                                           ACTION JA




Mowing Bill – D Jarvis.   JW proposed acceptance, all agreed.  Chq No 053 for £200 issued and signed 




Drain at footpath by church – GC reported that he viewed the footpath on a wet day and this was dry and there appeared to be no problem with the drain.


Report Nos 883859, Tadhill; 83860, badger activity, Pitten St.;  83861  Stocks Lane, potholes;  83862, signpost at Pitten Lane and Whitehole Hill, and signpost Whitehole Hill and Soho; 83865, erosion at Green Shutters; 83866 Knapp Hill road erosion;

Enquiries for action, updating, progress to Frank Lake, engineer in charge.

Tadhill, Pitten Street, Green Shutters, are now high priority.


Footpath opposite Sparkes Farm – the gate is new and can be difficult to open but will loosen with wear.


Community Access Fund Application Pack – passed to GC for liaison with GH.  This could be used to cover the costs of installation of more kissing gates in the parish.


Footpath Grant - £100 now received from MDC.




2 Westleigh – letter received from MDC Planning Department.

Grove Shute Farm – Application refused.

5 Bellfield – Application refused


BT Re-alignment of Payphone Provision

Proposal to change payphone in Leigh Street to card phone only.  JW proposed that we offer to deal with cash collection.  Further options can be obtained from BT.                        ACTION JA




Paul Emery could not attend and sent a report. 

He has received funding for a motorcycle and will be more mobile now, as he does not have to share a vehicle.

GC was concerned that the report did not include the matter of vandalism.  GC is concerned that this would appear to be a problem in the village which is not being addressed.  SA suggested that all vandalism be reported to the PCSO in order that this issue can be resolved.






JW has written to Knightstone Housing asking that the Parish Council be involved in the design stage.  They report that this is in hand, and a meeting will be proposed once they have agreed designs etc.   JW suggested that there is no sale of any remaining land by SCC before liaising with the Parish Council




SA reported that there were plans for various activities which will be taking place in the near future. 

Two broken windows were reported and the PCSO attended on two separate Saturdays to check the premises.




Nothing to report




Trafalgar Day – Hall will hold the weekend of 21st October free should any activities be proposed.   A committee should be set up to deal with any celebrations, and the Parish Council will support any proposals.  Notice to be placed on Notice Board.  Further enquiries will be made regarding any funding which may be available.                                                              ACTION JA

Short Mat Bowls is well supported on Tuesday afternoon.    Friday evening session cancelled due to lack of support.

Table Tennis is going very well on a Wednesday evening




SALC – JW attended with CC.  Correspondence file shows items raised on the Agenda.  Discussions to place on Code of Conduct.  Information was provided on insurance required and information required by Highways etc on litter picking day.


CORRESPONDENCE – the following were circulated to Parish Councillors:-

NALC Pointers to Good Practice; The Clerk; Joint Race Equality Scheme; The Playing Field; MDC Standards Committee Meeting 21.06.05.; Memorial Hall Review; SALC, Items of Interest; Defra, Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005; HAP Avon Area Meeting Dates; MDC Parishes Information Bulletin June; A&S Police Annual Performance Review; Safer Homes in Somerset, Environmental Design; Land at Park Hayes; Knightstone Housing; Community Safety Scheme; The Boundary Committee; The Record Revolution (Equipment); Letter of thanks from Keith Cockroft.


DATE OF NEXT MEETING –Monday   18th July at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall