Councillors present.  Chairman John Wright, Chris Cudmore, Steve Anderson, Geoff Casey, Graham Harris, Ty Schlechter, Paul Moore                      


The MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETINGS of 20th June were accepted and signed.




Spoil Heap – All rubbish and soil was cleared although within 24 hours more rubbish had been discarded.  It was decided to place a notice in this area requesting rubbish to be placed in the bin provided.   SA to cost the provision of a seat around tree to prevent this occurring in future.                                                                                                                      ACTION  SA, JA

Deeds – JA reported that the original Deeds for the Memorial Hall and Recreation Field could not be traced.  In order to register the land, the Land Registry require affidavits to be signed by the Parish Council, which would increase the costs.   Passed to TS for checking; and his opinion.                                                                                                                  ACTION TS

Printer – An advert has been placed in Trade-It but as yet no response.  It was suggested that this could be donated to a local community group should this not be sold.

BT – JA reported that the options from BT were not viable for only one payphone.  The questionnaire to be completed requesting the retention of the payphone.                     ACTION JA

Community Access Fund Application Pack – It was proposed that a footpath grant to cover the cost of installation of kissing gates could be obtained.                                          ACTION GH

Affordable Housing - Nothing to report

Trafalgar Day – Hall Committee will hold hall for booking of any activities.   No response has been received from notice on board.



Ann Watson gave a short presentation to the Parish Council on the work of Mendip Community Support in fund raising and grant applications for local groups.  Leaflets were left for the Councillors to peruse.


Paul Moore gave his apologies and left the meeting at 8.00 p.m.



Financial statement – Finance Statement and Bank Statement agreed and signed.

Advert – The previous payment for the monthly advert placed in the Village Connection has now ended.   JW proposed that this was renewed.  All agreed.  Chq no 437 for £10 signed.

Grant application – Marie Curie Cancer Care – It was proposed that we do not support this, as it is not relevant to the village.

Cemetery – It proposed that the invoice for the July mowing from D Jarvis be paid.  All agreed. Chq No 54 for Invoice No 42, value £100 signed

Cemetery Clerk – Following discussion it was proposed and agreed that the pay scale for the Clerk should be limited to one point below that for the Parish Clerk at SCP20.    ACTION JA

Parish Clerk - Six month assessment – All agreed to confirm the Parish Clerk in her appointment.



JW reported that the spring control on the kissing gate into Barns Close quarry requires tensioning                                                                                                                 ACTION GC


GC reported that the required repairs had been carried out on the roads around the village.  He felt that the standard of the work was not very satisfactory.


Verges – JA reported the lack of completion of the cutting of verges to Highways Dept at Somerset CC.  The remaining work will be completed in the near future.  The system was changed this year but has not been successful.


Gullies – JA reported to Highways Dept, SCC that the gullies had not been cleared for some time and this was causing flooding in Leigh Street.  No report yet as to when these will be done.


There is still a parking problem outside the school – proposals were made to contact Highways Dept to place triangles on the road and flashing lights near the entrance to the school.                                                                                                                    ACTION JW




Land at Park Hayes – MDC have agreed to offer this land to the Parish Council at a price of £10 per plot, MDC to cover their own legal costs.  Various quotes for the conveyance have been obtained between £175 and £750, plus land registry and search fees.  JW proposed that the Parish Council proceed on a maximum total cost of £500 plus the cost of maintenance of the land, all agreed.

Stoke St Michael are currently in the process of purchasing land from MDC and it was proposed that we contact the Clerk to ascertain the name of the solicitor, charges, etc.

                                                                                                                                 ACTION JA        


Tadhill Farm – Englargement of garage - approved.  Reason stated as previous application.


5 Bellfield – Single storey rear extension – recommended that the decision be left to the Planning Officer.  General Observation made as previous application


REC FIELD REPORT – Nothing to report


QUARRY MATTERS - Nothing to report


HALL REPORT – Nothing to report




CORRESPONDENCE – the following were circulated to Parish Councillors: -

Clerks and Councils Direct; Mendip Times; Shepton Mallet and Wells Area Board; MJW Architects (Licensing Act); MDC Partnership Info Bulletin; Mendip Strategic Partnership; MDC Corporation Plan; The Clerk; MDC Standards Committee Meeting; Community Council for Somerset; Boundary Committee Meeting, 28.07.05



Parishes Forum  - JW noted that new bins are being delivered in November to all households and was concerned as to what happened to food waste etc.   Further information required from MDC                                                                                                                                ACTION CC


Mendip Times -  JW was impressed with the articles in this free magazine and thought copies to each Parish Councillor would be helpful.                                                                  ACTION JA


DATE OF NEXT MEETING –Monday 15TH August 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall