Councillors present.  Chairman John Wright, Chris Cudmore, Steve Anderson, Geoff Casey, Graham Harris, Ty Schlechter, Paul Moore                 


The MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING of 18th July 2005 were accepted and signed.




CHURCHYARD  - SA has obtained pricing of a circular seat for the churchyard, ranging between £150 to £1500.  After discussion it was agreed to defer a decision as there are already two seats in the churchyard; other option will be reviewed.

A notice board has been provided, requesting the proper disposal of wreaths, etc. 


DEEDS -  TS is currently assessing these and hopes to report at next month’s meeting.

                                                                                                                                     ACTION TS


BT – JA has returned the completed questionnaire, & e-mailed our objections to converting the public telephone to card only.  An e-mail has been received stating that our objections will be taken into consideration during the review.  No further action until a response received from BT


CEMETERY CLERK – Contract of employment – awaiting perusal and signing by Chairman

                                                                                                                                   ACTION JW


CLEARANCE OF VERGES – These have now been cut.  There is a problem with ragwort in the fields around the village, especially in Halecombe Quarry.  JA to contact MDC and Halecombe Quarry regarding clearance and disposal.                                                ACTION JA


DISPOSAL OF PRINTER – No response from Trade-It advert, this will be advertised in the Fosseway Magazine.                                                                                                         ACTION JA


MENDIP TIMES – This is a free monthly magazine but when requested for delivery to be made, there is a charge of £1 per copy to cover postage. 


PARISHES INFORMATION BULLETIN - New waste disposal arrangements – JA to organise a representative to attend the next meeting.                                                     ACTION JA


CC was concerned that Councillors were not informed of meetings which might be of interest until the correspondence was circulated, and could be missed.                                      ACTION JA


CC to contact Sue Harrison regarding information of meetings etc., available via e-mail.                                                                                                                                         ACTION CC



Financial statement – JW proposed acceptance, all agreed.  Accepted and signed.




Transfer of funds- JA stated that there were various invoices to be paid next month and £700 needed to be transferred to from the National Savings Account to the current NatWest account.  All agreed and a Voucher value £700 was signed as required.

Grant Request, Victim Support Somerset – it was decided not to support this as it was not particular to the village.

Annual Audit – SA proposed that the invoice from the external auditor, Moore Stephens, be accepted.  All agreed and Chq No 438 for Invoice No 5245/S162/05 signed

JA stated that a small amendment had to be made to the accounts, and these are now complete.




It was proposed that the bill for the pruning of the churchyard, for July is paid.  All agreed and Chq no 55 value £18 was signed.


It was proposed that the mowing bill from D Jarvis for 29.07 and 12.08 be paid.  All agreed.   Chq No 56 for Invoice No 46, value £100 was signed.


Review of Burial Charges – JA calculated an increase to the burial charges as the reserves in the Cemetery Account were dwindling rapidly.  SA proposed acceptance, TS seconded, these to take effect from 1st January 2006.



LJH – Retrospective planning permission for installation of exhaust flue.  It was agreed to recommend that the decision be left to the Planning Officer following consultation.  General observations noted that this should be subject to suitable environmental safeguards.


2 Westleigh – the problem is in the hands of the enforcement officer, and the Parish Council is awaiting further information following negotiation regarding the use of local stone.





Following discussion regarding the project from the children attending the school, to request 20mph roundels on the road, timed flashing lights at the approach to the school etc, it was proposed that GH look into grants available to meet the cost of fulfilling these needs; also a project whereby notices are put up on private land with an initiative to educate users of the school to stop parking in the area, and to encourage walking to school.            ACTION GH


Somerset Highways do not appear to have the funding available, although some local village schools have had this provided recently, and certain objections were voiced that this was another instance of double taxation.


Somerset Community Project – GH stated that in order to replace stiles with kissing gates, a complete walk would need to be included in order to obtain a grant to cover these costs.

JW proposed that a committee of GH and GC, with approval to co-opt other Councillors should they be required, to meet and agree a scheme within the criteria.                     ACTION GH, GC


Highways Related Services questionnaire. – Passed to GC for completion.         ACTION GC


AFFORDABLE HOUSING – Knightstone Housing – the designs are almost ready for consultation and will be subject to agreement with the Parish Council. 

CC expressed concern over the time scale involved but was assured that as long as the work was commenced in this financial year then the full funding would be provided. 



The review was included in the correspondence file and any comments to be passed to JA for action.                                                                                                                                  ACTION JA



JW informed Councillors that a company offering low cost conveyance had been found.  NBM Dale required a cheque for £30 plus VAT to commence the purchase of the land.  It was proposed, and all agreed that this company act for the Parish and Chq No 439 value £35.25 to NBM Dale was signed.                                                                                      ACTION JA


REC FIELD REPORT – Nothing to report


QUARRY MATTERS  - Nothing to report


HALL REPORT – TS attended a meeting of the Hall Committee and had received a request to remove two concrete posts and fencing in order to remove weeds and tidy the site.  SA proposed acceptance, all agreed.                                                                                               ACTION TS



TS informed the meeting that he, CC, GH and SA had attended a meeting for new councillors, on the 2nd July which had been very informative.


CORRESPONDENCE – the following were circulated to Parish Councillors:-

Parish Information Bulletin; Somerset Highways, Road Closures at Wanstrow and Nunney (now on Parish Notice Boards); SCC Meals at Home Services – Changes for O’65 or who have a disability; HAP; Avon and Somerset Constabulary Annual Report (leaflet displayed on Parish Notice Board); Avon and Somerset Constabulary Report on London Bombings; Review of Electoral Arrangements.



GH   Grants – Village Hall Short Mat Bowls and Table Tennis Table.  Three funds suggested of which the Mall Fountain Fund would be preferred.   GH to provide pro forma for completion.                                                                                                                                     ACTION GH

GH also stated a lot of Environmental Funds available, especially involving youth projects.

CC suggested that all community groups in the village are informed that funds are available for such projects.                                                                                                                ACTION JA

The Parish Warden, Paul Emery has e-mailed to say nothing further has been forthcoming regarding the accident at Townsend


DATE OF NEXT MEETING –Monday 19th September 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall