Councillors present.  Chairman John Wright, Chris Cudmore, Steve Anderson, Geoff Casey, Graham Harris, Ty Schlechter, Paul Moore                      


The MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING of 15th August 2005 were accepted and signed.




Deeds – TS currently assessing and will report as soon as possible.                                ACTION TS


Cemetery Clerk – Contract of Employment awaiting perusal and signature.           ACTION JW                                                                                                                                 

Clearance of Verges – Ragwort – reported to MDC and Halecombe Quarry.  Despite MDC ascertaining the position of the ragwort on the roads between Leigh on Mendip and the A361, nothing seems to have been cleared.  Halecombe Quarry now cleared and awaiting disposal.


Disposal of Printer – Only one enquiry has been made, awaiting further contact.


Waste Disposal Arrangements – roll out has been delayed to April, JA awaiting call from MDC, but will follow up again.                                                                                ACTION JA


Notification of Meetings – JA now reporting any meetings of interest to Parish Councillors.


Highways related services questionnaire – Completed by GC and forwarded to Somerset CC.  This and their reply included in correspondence file.


Review of Electoral Arrangements  - No further action taken as no comments have been received from Parish Councillors.


Removal of posts, Memorial Hall  - TS reported that this has now been completed


In view of the fact that parishioners were present for the Planning applications, these were taken at this point.




Oak Cottage, Leigh Street – Renovation of existing dwelling and conversation of ancillary building dwelling and erection of detached garage.  Following discussion JW proposed, and all agreed that the Parish Council recommend approval subject to deletion of note stating “together with the erection of glazed oak framed domestic lean to office.

Crossways, Townsend – Conversion of building to single holiday let.  CC declared an interest and left the meeting.  SA proposed that in view of certain objections, the Parish Council take the option offered to recommend that the decision be left to the Planning Officer, and note that “This is an establishment of accommodation outside the development area and involves the destruction of significant hedgerows.

Gatcombe House, Stocks Lane – Single storey rear extension and extension to garage.  Approval recommended.

Tadhill Farm – Enlargement of garage to agricultural workers dwelling.  Application granted.

5 Bellfield – Single storey rear extension – application granted.

LJH – Retrospective planning for extraction flue – approved.

LJH – Change of use from agricultural to storage area and bund – this matter is scheduled for the planning committee on the 21st September, local residents have been advised.




Financial statement – SA proposed acceptance, all agreed.

SLCC Annual Membership– TS proposed acceptance, all agreed.  Cheque No 440 issued.

A & S Constabulary – PCSO 2005/06 – payment agreed.  Cheque No 441 issued.

Clerk’s expenses – JW proposed acceptance, all agreed.  Cheque No 442 issued.

Air Ambulance – SA proposed a grant of £50, GC seconded.  Cheque No 443 issued.

Grant Applications – GH reported that the grant application for short mat bowls has yet to be submitted.  The grant request for the Footpath project has been submitted.

Table tennis table – The Parish Council passed their thanks to the Fete Committee for the donation of a table tennis table.




Financial statement – checked and signed by JW.

Mowing Bill – Inv No 53 for 26.08 & 09.09, acceptance agreed.  Cheque No 057 issued.

Review of Burial Charges – Mary Mears’ comparison with other providers was reviewed, CC proposed acceptance, all agreed.  TS stated that a review should be undertaken of land available for burials.


AFFORDABLE HOUSING - Nothing to report



This is in the hands of the appointed Solicitors, NBM Dale of Plymouth who are in communication with MDC.



CC reported a change of contractor and the next date for street cleaning is 24th October.  A transit van is visiting on a weekly basis especially in the Whitehole Hill area to clear any occurrences of fly tipping.




In view of the problem obtaining road safety measures, JA and SA visited David Heath MP, during his tour of the villages, and he will take this up with Somerset Highways.


GC proposed that John Davis is thanked for the work done to the footpath on his land.  JW proposed GC prepare a draft letter to pass to the Clerk.                                    ACTION GC/JA 


GC also told the meeting that Sheila Petherbridge, Footpaths Officer, had informed him that there might be kissing gates available if our grant bid is unsuccessful.


Roads and Footpaths (Cont)


John Davies had reported to GC that the Old Wells Road local to Tadhill Farm was dangerous when crossing with cattle.  There is no warning, which can be addressed with triangular “cattle crossing” signs.  GC to write to Highways.                                                                                ACTION GC


It was reported that there was an incident of vandalism in the village during the weekend of 10th/11th September, with broken glass outside the school, damage to cars, etc.  This has been reported to the Police, who have patrolled over the weekend.  A contributing factor could be that the street lights are out again.  JA will report this to Highways Dept.                     ACTION JA


It was suggested that the phone numbers/e-mail address for fly tipping and street lighting problems be made available on the web and notice boards, etc.                                      ACTION JA


REC FIELD REPORT – SA reported that the new boiler has been installed; the next part of the project to be carried out on the disabled toilets and access will commence shortly.


Licence for Cricket and Social Club, amendments made and passed to Magistrates Court




Halecombe – G Jeanes informed the meeting that he was concerned that the footpath would deteriorate with the down grading by Tarmac as the hedges are overgrown.                     ACTION JA


Sparkes Farm Field – this has now been included with the farm buildings which Hanson are offering for sale.


HALL REPORT – TS reported that Chris James was appearing at the Memorial Hall on the 8th October and tickets are now available.




CORRESPONDENCE – the following were circulated to Parish Councillors:-

Correspondence 19.09.05


HMCS Bath Wansdyke & Mendip Magistrates’ Court – LoM Cricket Sports & Social Club; Local Works, Campaign for the Sustainable Communities Bill; SCC Statement of Community Involvement for Planning – Issues and Options Report; SCC Environment Dept Parish Survey 2004/05; SCC Minerals and Waste Development Framework – Background Documentation;

SALC AGM and Area Gen Meeting, Report and Accounts etc; SALC Items of Interest to Councillors and Clerks; SALC Clerks Training Events; SRYP Newsletter; RSS Update; S Somerset Beacon Open Day; MDC Parishes Info Bulletin; Community Council for Somerset AGM and Community Update; Mendip Times; Clerks and Councils Direct; MDC Shepton Mallet and Wells Area Board


DATE OF NEXT MEETING –Monday 24th October 2005 at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall