Councillors present.  Chairman John Wright, Steve Anderson, Graham Harris, Ty Schlechter, Paul Moore                 


Apologies :  Chris Cudmore


Geoff Casey and Paul Moore both tendered their resignation, which were accepted by the Parish Council. 




Deeds – TS stated that these were still in hand

SCC Highways – The cattle crossing sign has been requested. 

The letter of thanks to Mr J Davis has been delivered.

Vandalism – TS stated that the proposed questionnaire is in the process of completion.

Highways  Meeting – JW stated that following the meeting with Highways on the 11th November, notes regarding the wishes of the Parish Council have been passed to Frank Lake of Somerset Highways.  Minutes of the meeting have been received and will be published on the notice boards and web site.  In view of the substance of the Minutes, JW suggested that the subject of signage etc. is taken to a higher level, and discussions would follow as to what steps would be preferred.                                                                                    ACTION JW/JA

Internal Auditor  - JW stated that this is in hand.

Sustainable Communities Bill – JA stated that contact had been made with Gloria Cawood; so far no response had been received.  David Heath, MP had replied and a letter was shown to the meeting, offering his support.


The MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING of 24th October 2005 were accepted and signed.


Presentation by Knightstone Housing - Ms Caroline Hughes of Knightstone Housing, and Jonathan Layzell and Karl Hine of the Community Council for Somerset presented the Affordable Housing plan to the meeting.  It was decided that there will be a public consultation on Monday 19th December at 7.00 p.m. Memorial Hall.  Notice to be placed on the web site and notice boards.                                                                 ACTION CC/SA



Financial statement – JA stated that the budget figures had been calculated incorrectly and were corrected in this month’s statement.  SA proposed acceptance, all agreed.



NS & I Transfer of funds to NatWest Current a/c – Forthcoming payments included the charge from the solicitors for the purchase of land at Park Hayes, Clerks salary and a donation for the proposed Village Footpaths would amount to a requirement of approximately £1000.00.  All agreed and voucher signed.


Land at Park Hayes – It had been agreed with the solicitor to remove the expedition fee of £100 plus VAT from the total.  Cheque No 444 value £309.57 agreed and signed.  Property Transfer forms signed by JW SA and GH, witnessed by Keith Cockroft.


Grant Requests

Mendip Community Transport – It was agreed to make a donation of £25.00.  Cheque No 445 signed and issued.

Relate – It was agreed to make a donation of £25.00.  Chq No 446 signed and issued.



Finance Statement – agreed and signed.

Mowing Bill – D Jarvis,. In view of the fact that Mary Mears is in hospital, SA proposed agreement to sign the cheque when the chequebook is available.    Inv No 59  (21.10. and 4.11.),  value £100.  Chq No 59 signed and returned to Mary Mears.

Possible extension of cemetery – JW proposed that he approach the current owner of the land adjoining the cemetery with the view of purchasing this at an agreed fee.  All agreed.                                                                                                                                  ACTION JW



1 Bellfield – Erection of two storey front extension – It was agreed to recommend that the decision be left to the Planning Officer.

Gatcombe House – Application approved with conditions

Oak Cottage – Application approved with conditions




Following discussions GH passed to the meeting samples of Plans from other Parishes; these could be any size desired, and funding could be obtained from DEFRA for research, printing, etc; and would be best to be completed by March.  GH stated that there was a need to encourage others in the village to become involved and notices would go on the board asking for volunteers.                                                                                                        ACTION GH/TS


Co-option of Councillors

JW asked if there were any villagers who would be willing to volunteer.  There are two vacancies to be filled.


Footpaths Officer – SA was concerned that we need to appoint a Footpaths Officer immediately in order to facilitate the Village Walk.

GH was concerned that the footpath had a gap in it and stated that SCC had informed the landowner via his solicitor that no path existed although it is shown on all County maps.  GH had requested that GC contact SCC as to whether this is correct.  S Petherbridge of MDC should also have this information.                                                                           ACTION JA

GH also confirmed that SCC had recently erected footpath signs in several locations which would conflict with the planned new kissing gates.



PCSO Report – SA reported that other Parish Councils experienced problems with SCC Highways as we do, usually reporting lack of funds to implement requests.

New Police Contact no.  0845 4567000 (Non emergency) 


GRANT - SHORT MAT BOWLS – A grant of £830 has been awarded with certain conditions attached, such as numbers attending, provision for youth involvement, etc.  Checks are made that recipients of grants comply with conditions.                    ACTION GH/TS/SA


MEMORIAL HALL – TS stated that the Committee are considering an extension for a small room to be used for meetings, changing room, storage, etc.  Costs are being ascertained.


Church Clock – GH reported that the Millennium Clock Project was now nearly completed and the church clock would chime between 7.00 a.m. and 7.00 p.m.



JA reported that she had attended the SLCC meeting on 28th October at Wells Town Hall, which included discussions on the new licensing laws; travellers – the legal position and councils; and clerks terms and conditions of employment.


CORRESPONDENCE – the following were circulated to Parish Councillors:-

Correspondence :  Parishes Information Bulletin; Dispensations; MDC SM and Wells Area Board; SALC East Area Agenda, Items of Interest Nov 2005,Minutes 1st October 2005 meeting; Standards Board, Town and Parish Standards; Somerset Waste Action; MDC LJH Group Planning Conditions; A & S Police Update; Mendip Strategic Partnership; Minutes 4th October; MDC Stds Committee Meeting; Villages in Somerset, Village Halls; Clerks and Councils Direct; The Clerk. Minerals Waste Plan; Somerset Drug and Alcohol Action.


SA took the opportunity to thank Paul Moore for his contribution over the past years to the Parish Council


DATE OF NEXT MEETING –Monday 19th December 2005 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall