Councillors present. Chris Cudmore, Steve Anderson, Graham Harris,


Apologies J Wright. Ty Schlechter, who will be late

In the absence of the Chairman, the Vice Chairman, Chris Cudmore chaired the meeting.


THE MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETINGS OF 16th January and 25th January were accepted and signed.


Ty Schlechter joined the meeting AT 7.45 P.M.




Cllr Cawood MDC reported on the Council Tax settlement and the Planning procedures.


School Signage - JA stated that Dambach had forwarded details for four signs of different dimensions. These are included in the correspondence and will be raised at the next council meeting.


Cemetery Extension JW had reported to the Clerk that he had written to the owner regarding an option to purchase the land.


Reporting of Parish Council Meetings JA reported that the 20th of each month is cut off date by which reports had to be delivered for the parish magazine. A decision was taken to discuss this at the next meeting.


Deeds The clerk reported that the cost would be free should the deeds be kept at FDC or Taunton Records Office. All agreed that Taunton Records Office would be the better option.


Co-option of Parish Councillors


The Vice Chairman welcomed Jan Schlechter and Frank Higgins to the meeting. The appropriate forms regarding Acceptance of Office were signed and returned to the Parish Clerk. All Bank and Declaration of Interest forms to be returned to the Clerk as soon as possible.


Parish Plan -GC gave a cheque for 50 to the Parish Clerk as a contribution to the Parish Plan


Affordable Housing JA produced the updated plans from Boon Brown showing most of the changes requested by the Parish Council at a meeting with Knightstone Housing and Mendip District Council.




FINANCE - Financial Statement Date amended to 2006. Accepted and signed.

- Hall Rent Chq No 0451 value 2.50 agreed and signed.

- Recreation Field Grant Request a request was made to the Parish Council for a grant towards the cost of insurance. SA proposed 300, seconded TS, FH declared an interest and abstained from voting, otherwise all agreed.


Cemetery - Mowing. D Jarvis quoted 850. It was decided that clarification was required as to the number of cuts, and to enquire as to cost of extra cuts. ACTION JA


PLANNING - 17 Park Hayes (11875/000)

Approval for erection of dwelling

Crossways, Townsend (077180/011

Conversion of building to holiday let - Refusal of planning permission

Mendip View (060348/027)

Withdrawn Planning Application

Grove Shute Farm (100829/011)

        Cert of Lawful Use or Development Covered swimming pool


PARISH PLAN GH stated that a meeting, held on Friday 24th February would take everything forward. He stated that the deadline for completion was March 2007, but had estimated that the Plan would be completed by 18th December. The total cost would be approximately 1950, with grants from Defra of 1410, 100 from the Parish Council, and SCC contributing 50

The Parish Clerk had agreed to act as Treasurer and would deal with all transactions, and that on completion, these would need to be audited by the Accountants. GH to check that the internal auditor could do this. ACTION GH

TS wished to congratulate GH on the amount of work he had undertaken in this project.


HIGHWAYS AND FOOTPATHS GH reported that a suitable fund to support a grant toward the cost of a traffic sign near the school is running out of time and the bid would need to be discussed now. It was decided that more time needed to be spent on this and was deferred to the next meeting.

CC stated that he was still awaiting information from SCC Highways regarding a report on approximately 14 outstanding road repairs requiring attention,


Road Sweeping CC thanked Liz and Derek Robinson for distribution of leaflets, which again contributed to most cars being removed from the roads.

SA reported that TS, JA and himself had done a litter pick on Whitehole Hill/Wookey Lane last week and picked up about 18 bin liners and corrugated asbestos sheets.


ACCESS WALK TS has received the invoice from Mike Derbidge, it was agreed that this would be paid, including the nine gates, extra springs etc. Cheque No 0453 value 880 signed.


Safety Rails GH requested that rails be installed at the stone stile at Tadhill and the approach to the bridge over the stream, on the south side. SA, GH, CC to liaise distribution of posts and rails. ACTION CC/SA/TS

SA requested permission to use second hand posts for the Rec Field. All agreed.

JA informed the meeting that John Wright wished to thank all concerned in their efforts to complete the walk, especially Ty and Steve for their physical work in helping with the installation of the kissing gates, and Graham for raising the grant.

TS proposed that we name or number gates which are going to be sponsored by various organisation. GH proposed that we celebrate this by organising a walk with a quiz etc. All agreed.



PCSO SA reported that there was no meeting this month.

Rec Field SA reported that at the AGM the officers we re-elected to post. Approximately 540 was raised on Burns Night, which had been enjoyed by all.

Hall meeting TS told the meeting that the Committee were looking at extending the hall. An architect would help with regard to costs etc.

Quarries TS and JW attended a meeting on the 23rd January. The owners have installed new machinery, which can take 9,000 tons per year from quarry to 2020, but will only take 3-4,000 maximum per year. Blasting will occur every two to three weeks. Lorries will be requested not to use Leigh Street, and any doing so will have their registration number and livery reported to the quarry.


Land at Park Hayes The Solicitors have again sent the incorrect forms. However these have now been received and will be signed, as required. TS will be taking these including identification to their offices in Plymouth next week.


Kissing Gate SA reported that there was a spare gate. FH requested that this is used to replace the small gate into the Rec Field as this required attention. It was decided to review all gates and stiles needing repair and a decision be made after this review.




Planning Meeting CC, SA, TS, JW and JA attended a meeting at MDC and all decided it was very interesting and informative and hoped that improvements would evolve from this.


CORRESPONDENCE - The following was circulated to Councillors:

Report from D Heath, MP, on the Debate in the House of Commons on Parish Planning problems; Parish Information Bulletin; Report from Chief Superintendent A Marsh, A & S Police; SALC Meeting Agenda and Minutes; The Playing Field; Letter of thanks from Keith Cockroft; Post Office Branch proposal; The Boundary Committee Electoral Review; SCC Local Transport Plan; The Clerk; Somerset Village of the Year Competition; Somerset Strategic Partnership. Provision of Plastic Recycling Banks in rural areas. Quotations (Danmbach) for Solar Road Signs.


DATE OF NEXT MEETING 20th March 2006.