Councillors present.  Chairman John Wright, Chris Cudmore, Steve Anderson, Graham Harris, Frank Higgins.


Apologies:  Jan Schlechter.  Ty Schlechter who will be late.


The Minutes of the last meeting of 20th February 2006 were accepted and signed.




Quarries - JW stated that the extraction could be 900,000 tons per year and the quarry will only take 300,000-400,000 tons.


Barnes Close Quarry – Marcus Barton expressed concern at the excavation work at the quarry.   JW stated that he had spoken with the owner of the quarry about this.  Discussions had taken place regarding a view to making a pathway to Wookey Lane with a circular tour as a nature trail.  The owner will prepare a quotation for this and could include seats in this amenity.   JW said that he would like to liaise with all concerned to promote this, and thought this would be the best way forward to protect the wildlife. The owner would be willing to dedicate this to the village. 

GH stated that this could be included in the Parish Plan questionnaire.


Accident – Townsend

Keith Cockroft reported another road traffic accident at Townsend.  He stated that he had contacted the Frome Police, but so far no one had returned his call.  He had spoken to MDC Highways, who had stated that the matter had been reported, given him a reference number and been promised a return call.  So far no one had called him back.  Once the vehicles had departed, he had cleared the debris as no one had attended to do this. 

KC proposed that speed humps could be used as a traffic calming measure.  This and single file traffic could cause another problem with slowing and accelerating traffic. SA sated that he had attended the PCSO Liaison Meeting last week where concerns were raised regarding the fact that the problems in the area were not being addressed by Highways.  There were reports of repairs being given reference numbers which still required attention from June last year, including traffic calming at Townsend.  He also stated that the Police realise that we were not getting a response from Highways and will take this onboard with the Traffic Unit, who will check out traffic calming problems in all areas.  GC stated that all Councillors are putting pressure on Highways to deal with all outstanding issues from the Parishes.


Ty Schlechter joined the meeting at 7.55 p.m.




Finance:          The Financial statement was agreed and signed.

                        Clerks’ Salary and Expenses – agreed and Chq no 454 signed

Somerset Art Week – Donation.  It was decided not to support this, as it did not benefit the village directly.


Cemetery -     Cemetery Clerks Salary and Expenses – agreed and Chq no 060 signed.

                        D Jarvis – The annual quote for mowing in the cemetery was accepted.


Planning          Tweed Farm 077774/011 – Change of use from agricultural to equestrian and creation of private riding arena and erection of floodlights – Approval with conditions.


Bank Signatories – New Councillors Mrs J Schlechter and Mr F Higgins were invited to complete the Bank Mandates to become signatories for the NatWest Current and Cemetery accounts.


Parish Plan – GH stated that there would be a meeting of the Steering Group on the 21st April.  Work will continue on proposals to further co-operation, including meetings with local societies and clubs.  A few circulars have been returned but it is hoped that more will come in within the next few days. 


Land at Park Hayes – JW stated that the land is now the property of the Parish Council.  SA proposed that we thank TS for his work in going to Plymouth with the forms in order to facilitate completion.  

Maintenance of land – FH stated that this could perhaps be included as an additional area for grass cutting by the Rec Committee.  A discussion ensued regarding parking on this area and must be addressed as soon as possible.  FH to make enquiries which can be discussed at the next meeting.                                                                                                               ACTION FH


Affordable Housing – no response has been received yet from MDC


Date of future Parish Council Meetings – SA suggested that we move the PC meeting to the first Monday in Month so that reports of the Parish Council meetings could go to the Parish Magazine.  GH stated that the magazine is now being printed commercially on a three-month trial period and could be on a shorter time scale.  FH stated that it might be of benefit to delay this for three months.  GH to ascertain the dates available if a change of day of Parish Council meetings was required.  JA also to contact Janet Gilham.                                ACTION GH/JA


Traffic Hazards – Review of Proposals

JA stated that a further company had been approached regarding a flashing hazard sign and is awaiting a quotation for a solar sign.  A discussion ensued about the relevance of such a sign.

GH stated that in order to obtain a grant the village, school and children would need to be involved in order to qualify.


Invitation - Frome Mayors Charity Concert – After discussion it was decided not to support this.




PCSO Steering Group – SA reported that a new Inspector at Frome, Sean Williams would be taking over.  As previously mentioned, the list of highways concerns was raised and will be addressed by the Police where applicable.  The Give Way signs at Soho crossroads have been replaced.   Paul Emery stated that the vehicles parked near the school are being cleared and he was still keeping this under review.  He had contacted youths in the village to set up a youth football team, as he has done at Kilmersden and Holcombe.  A parishioner had reported youths in the village going towards the quarries with a video camera. The Police had attended but had found nothing.  Paul Emery wished to thank the parishioner and was pleased that use was being made of the Police service and that they had responded rapidly.


Hall Committee – TS reported that the PCSO had obtained the removal of cars illegally parked.  TS was concerned that a white Fiesta had been abandoned outside the school for five weeks.  Paul Emery is looking into this and has contacted the owner regarding removal. 

The Committee are looking at a potential extension on the west side of the Hall.  Quotes and Plans have been received and are being considered.


SALC – CC reported that he had missed the meeting as his return flight had been delayed.


Highways – CC Some work has been done but there are still a lot of outstanding matters which require attention. 

Brambles are required to be cut back by Sparkes Farm.  Permission to be gained to enter field to cut these back.                                                                                                       ACTION JA

Report of milestone knocked over on Old Wells Road and requiring erection.     ACTION FH


Footpaths – CC stated that there are stiles needing attention in the parish and will pass these on to Sheila Petherbridge.  The footpath sign by the Rec Field will be replaced when the daffodils are over.  SA reported that there are spare posts and rails available for the stile at Soho.

TS reported that the stone stile on the Community Access Walk had been modified and was not now in keeping.  GH has already proposed safety rails here.                        ACTION CC

Kissing Gate – Following discussion it was proposed that the spare gate would be placed at Bellfield, as a gate only. All agreed, also payment of the fee of £80 to M Derbidge for installation   S Petherbridge to be contacted regarding this and other repairs.      ACTION CC

Spare Posts – it was agreed that the spare posts would be suitable for use by the Rec Field


Celebration of Walk – GH proposed the afternoon of 21st May.  There would be a quiz in connection with the walk with a cream tea to follow.  The kissing gates would also be named.

GH requested that a letter is sent to landowners for supporting the walk.                   ACTION CC


Rubbish – GH reported cables discarded in the hedge at Wookey Lane and drums dumped nearby.  He requested that these be pulled out of hedge and taken to the tip. ACTION GH/SA


Annual News Letter –GH requested that a report is included explaining the increase in parish levy for the year 2006-07.


Hedge removal, 118380/000HR – GH was concerned that this did not appear to have been processed through the Planning Dept.  Visibility is restricted on this bend and the householder has had two accidents recently on driving out of his premises.                     ACTION CC


List of Assets – SA enquired as to whether the kissing gates should be included on the List of Assets.  TS proposed that these were entered and written off.  All agreed.


Fly Tipping and Litter Picking – JA reported that she had received a visit from Charles Elliott of Connaught who is the contractor.  He went through the contract and stated that any problems with fly tipping and litter picking could be reported direct to Connaught.


Post Office – JA reported that enquiries are ongoing with regards to reopening a part-time post office in the village.


Police Community Vehicle – JA stated that Leigh on Mendip would not be visited until May.  It had been explained by Avon and Somerset Police, that of the 150 villages requiring the Community Vehicle, those villages with more pressing needs would be given priority.  As very few people from this village used this amenity then our inclusion in the schedule would be restricted.



MDC SM and Wells Area Board; Parishes Info Bulletin; SALC Gratuities in Lieu of Pensions; Clerks and Councils Direct; The Clerk; Thatch; Buildings at Risk Register; Meetings of Town/Parish Councils and SCC; Somerset Art Week; Invitation Frome Mayor Charity Concert; Mendip Strategic Partnership – A Community Strategy for Mendip: SCC Environment. Directorate, Somerset Statement of Community Involvement – Submission to the Secretary of State.


Date of Next Meeting – 10th April 2006 – at the Recreation Field Social Club at 7.30 p.m.