Councillors present.  Chairman; John Wright, Chris Cudmore, Graham Harris, Frank Higgins,


Apologies:        Steve Anderson, Jan Schlechter,

Ty Schlechter will be late.


THE MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING of 20th March 2006 were accepted and signed.




Land at Park Hayes Grass cutting – FH wished to point out that JW had proposed that the Rec Field Committee take on the grass cutting of the land at Park Hayes


Barns Close Quarry Footpath – JW has not yet been in touch with Mr Massey


Affordable Housing – now signed off, commencement expected in June/July


Village Connection – JA stated that as long as the Minutes prιcis is e-mailed immediately after the Parish Council meeting to the editor, then these should be included in the next copy.


Traffic Hazards – JA still awaiting information from company regarding type and cost of sign. The grant, which would have been suitable, is not now available.  The school will be contacted to involve the pupils in future proposals  


Sparkes Farm – The agents have been contacted and permission granted to cut back the brambles growing over the pavement.


Milestone – Old Wells Road, now upright and has been placed further back from road.


Kissing Gate – CC to gain permission of landowner to change stile to gate at Bellfield


Fly Tipping – asbestos now collected from Wookey Lane


Celebration of walk – CC has letters awaiting printing and delivery to local landowners


LAND AT PARK HAYES – JW stated the current situation for the benefit of the parishioner attending the meeting.  The purchase of the land will preserve the green space in the village.  It had been proposed to put scalpings down for use of vehicles.  FH took soundings and it was felt that enough for two or three vehicles would be sufficient.


TS joined the meeting at 8.00 p.m.






Two seats have been severely damaged.  FH stated that a parishioner had stopped the vandalism as it occurred. FH has commenced repairs.  This has been reported to the PCSO who will keep an eye on it and follow up with the eyewitness.

The parishioner who joined the meeting stated that she was very concerned at the vandalism and verbal abuse prevalent in the village, and escalating.  FH felt we should take a robust stance.  He said that children played ball games and skateboarding in the car park of Housing 21 flats, and the fencing has been broken on several occasion.  Also more children are congregating at the corner of Park Hayes.  FH concerned that this is a blind bend and injuries could occur with fast moving traffic.

Action taken must involve the PCSO with reporting of names of those committing damage, because they are from the village and the cost of damage is borne by parishioners.

GH stated that the Parish Plan is addressing the problem of vandalism and its cure, and the needs of the youth in the village.  The committee were looking at a creative approach to involve all concerned in the construction of a decent village for all. 

It was proposed that this subject is added to the annual Newsletter.

GC stated that Stoke St Michael have a youth club commencing soon which could be of use, and also suggested meeting with the various Agencies to try to resolve the problem.  GH stated that the meeting in May for the Parish Plan committee is addressing this issue.  


DECLARATION OF INTEREST – awaiting forms from FH and JS.



The Financial Statement was agreed and signed.

Memorial Hall Annual Rent, Invoice No 654 - Chq No 457 value £99 agreed and signed SALC Affiliation Fee 06/07- Chq No 458 value £97.11 agreed and signed

Recreation Social Club Rent – Chq No 459 value £7.50 agreed and signed

Community Council for Somerset – Chq No 460 value £25 agreed and signed

Authorised signatories for NS & I – As agreed in Financial Regulations, any three of the following named signatories are required to sign warrants etc:–

Mr J Wright, Mr S Anderson, Mr C Cudmore, Mr G Harris, Mr F Higgins, Mrs J Schlechter, Mr Schlechter.


Audit 05/06 – Financial Regulations – to be checked by TS and JA

                        Risk Assessment – to be checked by TS and JA

                        Asset Register – to be checked by SA and GH



PLANNING - Grove Shute Farm 100829/012 – Erection of garden room extension

Recommend that the decision be left to Planning Officer following consultation responses.


2 Westleigh Tadhill 115061/003ENF – Enforcement Notice received from MDC Enforcement Officer


Melcombe View 118380/000HR – Removal of hedgerow.  Planning dept advise that if nothing is heard for six weeks then approval is given.



AFFORDABLE HOUSING  - Now signed off and construction should commence in June 2006.  Planning passed all our requirements but CC was concerned regarding compliance. CC proposed that all building stages were checked to ensure that no slippage was allowed.  All agreed.               ACTION CC 

JW proposed that a name be chosen for the development.  It was decided to discuss this at the next meeting.


PARISH PLAN – GH stated that so far returns totalled approximately 40.  The Committee were disappointed because they had hoped that there would be a higher return.  The next committee meeting is on 21st April with a public meeting on 12th May in the Memorial Hall.


POST OFFICE – JA reported that the proposal to reopen the post office did not appear to be viable.  The start up costs were prohibitive and penalties would be imposed should the project fail.



Highways - CC reported that the list from Highways showing work awaiting completion and work completed was incorrect.  Some repairs still awaiting attention had in fact been done, and some, which were shown as having been completed, were still awaiting attention.  CC will take this up with Frank Lake at Highways.       ACTION CC

CC was concerned that it was difficult to get past the call centre at Somerset County Council, it was easier to e-mail but then no conversation could take place as no one telephoned back when asked to do so.

Footpaths – The form requesting a grant towards the maintenance of footpaths has been received.  It was proposed that contact is made with B Loten regarding a survey for clearance vegetation around stiles for the coming summer.                                                   ACTION JA

Table Tennis – TS stated that there would be a break for the summer and it would recommence in September.

Newsletter – JW produced a copy of the Newsletter that he had composed for the Annual Parish Meeting.  A discussion ensued and a decision made regarding the contents and this will be available by next meeting.                                                                                   ACTION JW



Postwatch; Buildings at Risk Register; Defra – Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005; Mendip Society Newsletter; Parishes Information Bulletin; Report from DC A Marsh;

Mendip Strategic Partnership Minutes; Mendip Times; SALC Items of Interest.



AGM – 15th May 2006 at 7.30 p.m. in the Memorial Hall

APM – 15th Mary 2006 at 8.00 p.m. in the Memorial Hall