Councillors present.  Chairman John Wright, Chris Cudmore, Steve Anderson, Graham Harris, Ty Schlechter, F Higgins


Apologies – J Schlechter


Resignation – J Schlechter tendered her resignation due to pressure of work.  This was accepted by the Parish Council


Health and Safety – Instructions on safe evacuation given to public


MINUTES OF THE MEETING of 16th May 2005 (AGM) were accepted and signed.


ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN – John Wright - proposed by SA, seconded by TS.  The appropriate Declaration of Acceptance form was signed by JW


ELECTION OF VICE CHAIRMAN – Chris Cudmore – proposed by TS, seconded by JW.


REPRESENTATIVES – JW proposed that these are: JW Quarries; CC Highways, SALC and Website; SA Rec Field and PCSO Liaison, Neighbourhood Watch; TS Hall; FH Footpaths; GH Fund Raising; all agreed.



Financial statement – April 2006 Financial Statement and Bank Statement for the Current Account agreed and signed.

Annual Accounts – SA proposed that these be accepted, all agreed and signed as appropriate

Asset Register – Physically checked and accepted, signed by GH and SA

Risk Assessment – Checked by TS and JA; and no change from last year

Financial Controls – Checked by TS and JA; and no change from last year

Avon and Somerset Constabulary PCSO – following a discussion on the proposals for the future of the PCSOs countrywide, it was agreed the invoice for the year 2006/07 should be paid.  All agreed.  Chq No 461 value £300 signed and issued.

Alliance Cornhill  Parish Council Insurance - JA reported that the Fidelity Guarantee has been increased to £10,000.  JW proposed payment, Cheque No 462 value £284.55 signed and issued. 

B Loten – Clearance of Stiles £80 – JW proposed acceptance of the invoice, all agreed.  Letter to be sent to B Loten confirming acceptance.                                                                    ACTION JA 


Meeting suspended at 8.00 for commencement of APM, and reconvened at 9.05


Cemetery – Mowing Bill, D Jarvis Invoice No 71 (7th/21st April).  Chq no 061, value £106.26     agreed and signed.

Parish Plan – Hire of Hall  Invoice No 660 and 668 - Chq no 463 value £53 agreed and signed


PLANNING     CC declared an interest and left the meeting.

2 Westleigh, Tadhill – Retrospective variation of Condition to allow render on extension. Recommend refusal due to the proposed use of render for the external materials would harm the traditional character of the local area where natural stone is historically used, to the detriment of the character of the locality.

Mendip View Old Wells Road - Erection of Garage and conversion to Annexe.  Recommend approval with condition that the annexe does not become a separate dwelling.

Affordable Housing – Acceptance of Planning Permission                               

The meeting closed at 9.30 p.m.


CORRESPONDENCE – Circulated to all Parish Councillors:

Shepton Mallet and Wells Area Board. ODPM Local Authority Byelaws in England Discussion Paper.  Clerks and Councils Direct.  MDC Parish Forum.  Parishes Information Bulletin.  ‘Mendip in Bloom’ Information.  Shepton 21 Community Strategic Plan.  SCC CCTV Information.  SCC Draft Rights of Way Improvement Plan.  SRYP Annual Review & Newsletter.  SALC  Items of Interest to Councillors and Clerks, April 2006, Internal Auditors, Clerks Training Events, Community Council for Somerset, letter of thanks for donation.

The Clerk.



DATE OF NEXT PARISH COUNCIL MEETING –Monday 19th June 2006 at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall