Councillors present.  Chairman John Wright, Chris Cudmore, Steve Anderson, Graham Harris, Frank Higgins, Ty Schlechter,

Apologies – J Schlechter

G Cawood sent her apologies but has submitted a County and District Councillors Report.

PC Dean Hamilton and PCSO Sheila Thompson attended the meeting


Meeting attended by seven parishioners and chaired by John Wright.

Parish Clerk – J Anderson


Control of Dogs  - there were several complaints about lack of control of dogs, not being kept on a lead, and attacking villagers and other dogs.  It was agreed that it must be stressed to all dog owners that dogs should be kept on a lead, especially on footpaths, since any dog straying from a footpath is trespassing.   The PCSO Sheila Thompson, stated that there is a Contract that can be signed between the Parish Council and dog owners to keep dogs under control.


Newsletter from Chairman – see copy attached

JW stated that one Councillor has resigned due to pressure of work and the Parish Council  was looking for a replacement.

Cemetery – No agreement has been reached with MDC on the closed cemetery, a special rate is raised by MDC for any work that may be required.  D Jarvis still contracted to cut the churchyard because his tender was lowest.

Planning – MDC Planning Dept is improving and now becoming more approachable to resolve any problems. 

Affordable Housing – There are hopes that this will commence fairly soon, and completion early next year.

Parish Precept – This was considerably increased this year.  This is due to the Parish Council funds have been maintained by income from the cemetery; this income is diminishing.  Also rising costs such as insurance, salaries, membership subscriptions, an allowance for capital expenditure, and a need for money in hand as seed money for funding applications, consequently the Precept has had to be increased.

Website – This continues to provide improved information for all parishioners.

Footpaths – The replacement of stiles by kissing gates, where possible, will continue. 

Roads – CC has prompted some response from Highways regarding outstanding works.

An illuminated sign at the school, still awaiting costs and funding

PCSO – Paul Emery will continue as the PCSO for the foreseeable future.  This will be reviewed next year as there will be a change to the system.  Leigh on Mendip is now administered from Shepton Mallet, although Paul Emery works from Frome.

PCSO Sheila Thompson read a report submitted by Paul Emery who was unable to attend.

Copy attached.



Neighbourhood Watch – following discussion regarding the lack of coverage of the neighbourhood watch, the PCSO said that it would be best if one co-ordinator for each village could pass all info to other co-ordinators in the village.  This will be checked by the Police Authority.  GH stated that this subject had been included in the Parish Plan questionnaire.

Quarries – Barns Close Quarry  - subject to agreement the high bank on the west side could be developed as a nature reserve – this is being pursued

Vandalism – Due to the increased vandalism in the area, it is important that all residents ensure that any acts of vandalism are reported to the police immediately.


Parish Plan  - This requires participation by all parishioners.  The main questionnaire needs to be completed and returned so that the Committee can move forward in implementing the plan. 


The Chairman thanked all councillors and those in the village who kept the village organisations running.


Memorial Hall Report –Sue Vaughan sent her apologies.  K Cockroft read her report. See copy attached.


Recreation Field – David Pattison read the report.

The subject of the deteriorating roof was raised.  The cost involved in replacement would be astronomical but must be addressed at some stage in the future.


The Parish Clerk told the meeting that there was some misconception that the Parish Council was not going to try to resolve the problem regarding parking at school.   SCC Highways Department state that they can see no problems here and so will not assist the village in solving this.  At the moment the Parish Council is trying to obtain costs for extra signs by the school, and funding will then have to be found to provide this.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.00 p.m.