Councillors present.  Vice Chairman; Chris Cudmore, Graham Harris, Frank Higgins,


Apologies: J Wright, S Anderson, Ty Schlechter will be late.


THE MINUTES OF THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of 15TH May 2006 were accepted and signed.




Affordable Housing – CC stated that Councillors would be ensuring that all conditions of planning are adhered to.


Footpaths - S Petherbridge had promised to send an up-to-date map, still awaiting delivery. FH was concerned that many footpaths are overgrown and would be addressing this.

Quotation from B Loten for maintenance of stiles  – letter of acceptance sent.  Once all stiles have been identified a further quotation will be sought to maintain these.             ACTION JA


Halecombe Quarry -Concrete Batching Plant.  Permission 101393/014 SCC required comments by 24th May.  A notice inviting comments from parishioners received no response.  An e-mail was received from Richard Dixon, a previous Councillor and Chairman of the Mendip Environment Forum asking that conditions be imposed.  These were passed to Mr P Thompson of the Environment Directorate, SCC.  A request was made that all conditions be applied, but specifically it was asked that the following conditions apply:

Strict routing of the concrete delivery vehicles away from the village.

The batching plant utilises stone aggregate from Halecombe Quarry. A question was raised at the last meeting about Halecombe Quarry installing plant.



The Financial Statement was agreed and signed.

Transfer of Funds - CC proposed £5,500 be transferred to the NS & I account – all agreed and Cheque No 464 signed.

Clerks Salary and Expenses – Checked and all agreed, Cheque No 466 signed

Parish Plan Expenses – held over to next meeting

Audit 05/06 – Notice of Audit on board, and accounts currently with auditor

Grant Request – Wells and Mendip Museum – All agreed not to support this.


Cemetery – Mowing Bill Inv 76 (5th/19th May) and Inv 82 (2nd/16th June) agreed.  Cheque Nos. 062 and 063 both for £106.26 signed.




PLANNING -2 Westleigh Tadhill 115061/003ENF – Re-render to lime render and wash – Permission granted

                        Thornhills, Leigh St – Erection of Conservatory - left to decision of Planning Inspector

Knapp Hill Farm – Two storey extension, single storey extension and mιnage – Recommend that the decision be left to the Planning Officer, with conditions.

Barn Close Quarry – B2 Ind. Workshop and Storage – Recommend Refusal of Permission, with reasons included.


T Schlechter joined the meeting at 7.57


Crossways, Townsend – Conversion to single holiday let and vehicle access CC declared an interest and took no part in the discussions

Recommend Refusal of Permission, with reasons included.

Mendip View, Old Wells Road – Conversion of garage and link porch to   kitchen and bathroom  - Permission granted with conditions         


Signage near School – Quotation from Varitext placed in Correspondence file for further discussion


Grievance and Disciplinary Panel - FH proposed that he put a report together to set this up.

                                                                                                                                ACTION FH

Charter 88 – Community Decline and Campaign for a Modern Democracy – proposal placed in Correspondence folder for review and further discussion


Letter to Mendip Country Practice – prepared letter of congratulations for Quality Practice Award accepted, for signature by Chairman.

CC also congratulated the Hall Committee for the Quality Award recently received.



Hall Report – TS reported that there had been an annual maintenance day, the hall was cleaned and checked.  Still pursuing extension and feasibility study.

Recreation Field – No report in the absence of SA.  CC wished to congratulate the villagers on the work that was done to make the village Fair such a success.

Parish Plan – GH reported that this was going well, the committee are still collecting questionnaires, 36 processed so far.  GH had attended a meeting for the Local Development Framework; relevant to the Parish Plan as it concerned sustainability of communities.

Grant – GH reported that the Lottery Breathing Spaces Grant was available for areas for environmental improvement, biodiversity, and was of preliminary interest for LoM.

Footpaths – FH has been checking stiles and identified some needing repair.  

He proposed setting up a ‘letter box’ scheme to encourage people to use the parish footpaths. 

There is concern that the stone stile on the access walk has been changed and has caused damage to footwear.  This is now more inaccessible than before and needs inspection.

It was reported that motorised scooters and small bikes have been speeding on local footpaths.

FH felt that all acts of vandalism should be addressed as ignoring this will only escalate the problem.

CC thanked Graham and family for organising the Village Access Walk and the quiz, copies of which are still available.

Highways - CC contacted Jeff Bunting and Frank Lake, to bring to their attention the problem of potholes, especially at Townsend, which had not been filled.  Frank Lake was under the impression that all work had been concluded.  These have been replaced on list with a time limit of four to eight weeks.  CC also reminded that the white lines at Townsend were still awaiting attention and has asked that these be replaced quickly.





SALC – CC stated that the June meeting had been cancelled, as there were no items on the agenda


CC reported that he has submitted a competition entry to the Somerset Village Communities Competition.


TS reported that a letter had been received a complaint from a parishioner that all

correspondence to the household did not include her name.  A letter of apology to be sent.

                                                                                                                                 ACTION JA


SCC Making a Difference; SALC Items of Interest; The Playing Field; MDC Standards Committee; SCC NHS Mental Health Services; Avon and Somerset Constabulary Report; Parishes Information Bulletin; MDC Local Development Framework notes; SW Reg Assembly; RSS Draft Regional Spatial Strategy; Somerset Funding Fair; Thatch; NALC/SALC pay rate; Varitext signs; Westleigh – Planning decision report. Charter 88 – for further discussion.



Date of next meeting – 21 August 2006 (No meeting in July due to absence)