Councillors present.  John Wright, Chris Cudmore, Graham Harris, Frank Higgins, Ty Schlechter.


Apologies: Steve Anderson will be late.


THE MINUTES OF THE MEETING of 19th June 2006 were accepted and signed.




Footpaths – JA explained that S Petherbridge had sent copies of the map as requested, but these were not as clear as those already in our possession.  FH to obtain quotation from Brian Loten to maintain areas around stiles in the parish.                                                 ACTION FH


Letter to Mendip Country Practice – letter of congratulations on Quality Practice Award has been sent.

The Quality Award Certificate for the Memorial Hall has been placed on the wall in the Hall.


The meeting was suspended for planning proposals to be considered from the applicants.


BARNSCLOSE QUARRY – Mr Massey explained the proposals for the site, which do not necessarily require container storage, and will be submitting more detailed plans in the near future.


COOKSWOOD QUARRY – Mr Massey produced the proposed plans for the development of the Quarry.  There is an exhibition showing the proposals at Holcombe Village Hall on the 24th August between 12.00 and 9.00 p.m.


SA joined the meeting at 8.30 p.m.


IVY COTTAGE FARM 108035/003– Conversion and extension of outbuilding to farm shop and ancillary accommodation.  The Plans were viewed by Councillors and a decision left in abeyance in order to proceed with the remainder of the Agenda.


The meeting reconvened at 8.50 p.m.


CO-OPTION – Vicki Taylor has been approached to serve as a Parish Councillor.  JW proposed that Ms Taylor be co-opted to the Council and would be a good representative of the Parish Council as a school governor.  SA Seconded and JA to send letter of invitation to join the Parish Council at the next meeting.                                                                      ACTION JA





The Financial Statement was agreed and signed.

Audit 05/06 – The audit is now closed and all regulations complied with. 


Audit Fees – JW proposed that the Invoice No 6811/S162/06 for Moore Stephens be paid.  All agreed and Cheque no 467 value £141.00 issued and signed.


Cemetery – D Jarvis, Mowing Bill - Inv 84 (30.06 & 14.07) for £106.26; Inv 89 (28.07 & 11.08) for £106.26 agreed and signed.


Cemetery hedge – approach to be made to B Loten for quotation for cutting the hedge in the cemetery.


Notice Board – SA to look at the state of the board to see if repair or replacement is required.

                                                                                                                                   ACTION SA

Calor Village of the Year – Sue Vaughan entered the village in this competition and was subsequently sent a cheque value £75 for the benefit of the Parish Council.  JW proposed that a letter is sent to Sue Vaughan thanking her and in appreciation of this it was proposed that a cheque for £75 be passed to the Memorial Hall Committee.  All agreed and Cheque No 468 signed and issued.                                                                                                     ACTION JA



Thornhills 114565/004 – Erection of Conservatory – Approved with conditions.

Knapp Hill Farm 113061/001 – Two Storey and single storey extension, creation of mιnage and rebuild garage and store – Approved with conditions.

Grove Shute Farm 100829/012 – Erection of garden room extension – Approved with conditions.

2 Westleigh 115061/003 – Variation of Condition to allow render on gable wall of extension – approval with conditions.


Ivy Cottage – Following discussions of the plans it was decided to recommend refusal for the following reasons:  Insufficient detail re off road parking.  Access to adjacent properties to be safeguarded.  At no stage to be converted to separate dwelling.  Did not comply with Village Design statement.

Land at Old Wells Road – Opp Grange Court 117452/001 Outdoor Riding Arena – Approved with conditions:-  Non-commercial use only.  No lighting without further application.

Old Wells Road, Opp Upper Tadhill Farm – Letter from Enforcement Officer with a request for planning application regarding removal of hedge and formation of new access.



Grievance and Disciplinary Panel – The proposals from FH had previously been circulated to all Councillors.  JW proposed acceptance; agreed by all.  CC was concerned that no consideration had been given to an Appeals Panel.  FH felt that this could be considered should it be required.


MDC Planning Concerns – A discussion ensued on the meeting to be held on 6th September at MDC Council offices, which has been organised by Mr Costelloe of Mells Parish Council.  It was decided that those going should raise with the Planning Dept, appropriate terminology concerning conditions etc., requested on planning applications received by the Parish Council.


Charter 88 Community Decline and Campaign for Modern Democracy -CC proposed that a request be made for our MP, D Heath to sign this, all agreed.                                   ACTION JA


FH left the meeting at 10.05 p.m.


Parish Survey 05/06 Highways related Services – The survey compared the responses from all Parish Councils.  This was noted and placed in the correspondence file.


Signage near School – GH stated no appropriate grant was available.  This could only be addressed when the Parish Plan was complete, as this would need to be incorporated with other groups in the village.



PCSO – SA was concerned that following changes in area boundaries and future costs for the PCSO’s, he proposed that we invite Inspector Sean Williams from Frome to attend a parish council meeting to inform us of funding proposals in the future.  All agreed.         ACTION JA


Recreation Field – SA reported that the field boundary posts are to be removed and replaced by suitable fencing which should protect the grounds. 

The Committee has agreed to sign the lease but with the condition that it is put into simple language.                                                                                                        ACTION SA & TS


Hall Report – nothing to report.


Parish Plan – GH stated that 60 % of villagers have completed and returned the questionnaire.  All progress reports have been submitted as required and the publication of the Parish Plan is on target.


Footpaths – No report available.


Highways – Following further reports to Highways, the potholes have been properly repaired.  The white line markings at Townsend are still awaiting completion.





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Date of next meeting – 18 September 2006 at 7.30 in the Memorial Hall.