Councillors present.  John Wright, Steve Anderson, Chris Cudmore, Graham Harris, Frank Higgins, Vicki Taylor

Apologies: Ty Schlechter will be late.

Gloria Cawood joined the meeting.


THE MINUTES OF THE MEETING of 18th September 2006 were accepted and signed.




Footpaths - B Loten is completing a copy of the footpaths numbering all stiles in the parish for identification purposes.  SA stated that we still have one kissing gate for siting. Since the cemetery land is not now available for purchase, there are funds available for the purchase of other gates to improve access to footpaths.  A decision has still not been taken as to when and what vegetation is to be removed from stiles.                                             ACTION ALL


Ivy Cottage – No decision on planning application is yet available


Cemetery Notice Board – SA reported that this has now been removed; and all agreed that this should be removed from the assets register.                                                         ACTION JA


Cookswood Quarry – An exhibition was held on the 12th October in the Memorial Hall.  No planning application has been received from Mendip District Council.


Rec Field Lease – TS has reduced the length of the lease to three pages and is under review by the Rec Field Committee.


Cutting hedge in Cemetery– B Loten agreed to clear the cuttings and has been asked to proceed.  Invoice awaited.


Affordable Housing – GC stated that the development in the local paper had been called The Meadows as requested by the Parish Council.


School Sign – JA has contacted Doulting Parish Clerk and was given details of the mobile temporary flashing speed advisor which were passed to CC.



Crossways, Townsend – still awaiting a planning decision from Mendip District Council. 


TS joined the meeting at 8.00 p.m.


Land at Old Wells Road 117452/001 - Outdoor riding arena – Planning approved with conditions. 


Land at Leigh St.  (The Poppies) 11946/000 – Change of Use from Agricultural to Residential.  GH declared an interest and took no further part in the discussions.  A vote was taken and all agreed with one exception that refusal should be recommended.  It was felt that this would not preclude the purchase of the land but would still contain development within the village envelope.


Old Wells Road – SW Corner OS6226 – 117452/002 - Retrospective Creation of New Access.  Recommend approval with the condition that the hedge is replaced beside the boundary fence.


Barnsclose Quarry – No decision has been forthcoming from MDC.  GC stated that she will follow this up to find out the position.


Hedgerows and Fencing – Guidance notes had been passed to Councillors, and recommendations on planning issues discussed.



CC raised the question of budgets.  JA stated that most proposed costs decided for this year would be within budget.  Budget proposals for next financial year would be discussed at the next meeting.


Financial Statement – The Financial Statement was accepted and signed.


Grant Request – Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance – JW proposed that we make a grant of £50, all agreed.  Chq No 473 signed and issued.



Finance Statement – The Financial Statement was accepted and signed.


Mowing Bill – D Jarvis Mowing 22.09/6.10.06. Chq No 67 value  £106.26 issued and signed.


AVON AND SOMERSET ROADSHOW – 27.11.06 – TS stated that he would attend this if possible.




Memorial Hall – TS had nothing to report


Web Site – Leigh on Mendip were declared Runner Up in Web Site Competition to Pilton.



Street Cleaning – CC proposed a vote of thanks to Liz & Derek Robinson for delivery of leaflets.  Four cars were not removed which he felt was a very good outcome.  All agreed.


SA requested that the drainage at the bottom of Whitehole Hill was cleared.  When the rain washes leaves and mud down the hill it causes a great deal of damage to the surface and freezes in the winter to a dangerous condition.


Townsend  - CC stated that the white lines have still not been replaced.  Jeff Bunting apologised for the lack of action, and has passed to the service provider.

Knapp Hill –Erosion. CC advised that the Area Superintendent would take action today or tomorrow


Speed Restrictions – CC advised that the Parish Council should make a decision as to where the mobile speed restriction signs should be located and will advise Jeff Bunting or Rowan Hawkins.  The sign is in place from Monday to Friday.  Councillors are asked to e-mail location suggestions to CC.                                                                                   ACTION ALL


Rec Field – SA hade nothing to report, the next meeting is on 25th October.  TS proposed a vote of thanks to SA and Dave Mears for erecting the protective fencing around the sports field. All agreed.   SA stated that the gate would be completed in the near future.


PCSO – SA stated that Inspector S Williams reiterated what was said to the Parish Council at the last meeting. 

Peter Knowles had reported that at mid-day on Monday 2nd October cars were parked at the bend near the school.  Highways still say that this is not a problem.

It would appear with the proposed boundary changes, that Leigh on Mendip would be included with Coleford, Stoke St Michael and Holcombe within the Frome Police area.


Footpaths – FH advised that three are not in good repair, and one would be suitable for the spare kissing gate.  FH suggested that the village map showing footpaths and stiles could be placed on the web site so that comments can be made from villagers.  It was proposed that enquiries should be made as to the cost of the necessary licence to use the relevant map.                                                                                                                                     ACTION FH

TS has repaired stile no 45, and was thanked by CC. 

VT also requested that the stile at the third field from Leigh St to Wookey St is replaced with a kissing gate and Bellfield also needs replacing, as they are difficult to negotiate.


Parish Plan – GH stated that the committee has analysed the results of the questionnaire and identified a range of areas to take forward.  The Committee is making considerable progress, and had hoped to reach their timetable by the end of December.  Due to the delay of meetings with outside bodies, GH could not be certain that this would occur, so publishing may take place later than anticipated. 


School  - VT advised that there are 42 children in the school, and are involved in the healthy schools initiative, and are looking to provide hot meals from outside contractors rather than install kitchens.  There will be an Ofsted inspection during next term.


TS was concerned at the problems with dogs in the area.  One houseowner was taking measures to contain the problem.  However information regarding another incident had been passed to the PCSO three weeks ago but so far nothing had been heard regarding the outcome.  This will be taken up with the Police at Frome.


Correspondence – Parishes Information Bulletin; MDC Standards Committee Agenda; A & S PCSO Update; SCC Cropping and Ploughing Rights of Way; SALC Items of Interest; Local Councils Update; Mendip Times; Neighbourhood Policing Partnership Guide; SCC Meetings with Parish and Town Councils Update; SCC Community Development Team; ‘Compact’ Somerset’s Voluntary & Community and Public Sector; Somerset Local Area Agreement Summary.


Date of next meeting - 20th November 2006