Councillors present. Chairman  John Wright, Steve Anderson, Chris Cudmore, Graham Harris, Frank Higgins,


Apologies: Ty Schlechter and Vicki Taylor will be late.


THE MINUTES OF THE MEETINGS of 16th October and 6th November 2006 were accepted and signed.




Footpaths – awaiting details of stile numbering from B Loten.  FH looking at various sites to replace stiles with kissing gates.                                                                         ACTION FH


Cemetery Notice Board – now removed from Assets Register


Speed Restrictions Signs – The general consensus would be to place the signs by the Recreation Field or by the School. CC has advised Jeff Bunting, MDC.


Rec Field – JW congratulated SA Dave Mears and David Pattison on the erection of gates and fencing around the playing field.


Vicki Taylor joined the meeting at 7.40

The meeting was suspended at 7.40 p.m.



GH gave a résumé of the status of the Plan.  He stated that he was very pleased with the response from parishioners, and all points raised in the questionnaire would be covered at the presentation of the Plan which will be given on 16th December from 2.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. in the Memorial Hall.  Once printed, copies will be available for all households and interested parties. 

JW thanked Graham and the Committee for all the work that had been required to put the Plan together.


TS joined the meeting at 7.55 p.m.


Presentation by Recreation Field Committee. 

Vicky Higgins, David Pattison and Caroline Peat attended the meeting.  Vicky Higgins made representation to the Parish Councillors for agreement to address the needs of the current building, which is in a bad state of repair.  Bearing in mind the views expressed in the Parish Plan, certain proposals are in hand, but before this can go ahead, permission must be obtained from the Parish Council, as the Parish are the owners of the land. 

It was agreed to support the plan unreservedly


The Parish Council Meeting reconvened at 8.45 p.m.




Financial Statement

The Clerk issued a new statement for the previous month  (Sept/Oct) because it contained an error.

Both Financial Statements were agreed and signed.


Precept – Following discussion budgets were proposed and these will be sent to all Councillors and a final decision to be made at the next meeting.                                                           ACTION JA


Memorial Hall Rent, Planning Meeting 6.11.06.  Chq No 474 agreed and signed

Internal Auditor 05/06, Voucher for Bath Model Centre.  Chq No 457 agreed and signed

Leigh First School – Printing costs for Parish Plan.  Chq No 477 agreed and signed

Memorial Hall Rent, Parish Plan Meeting 8.11.06.  Chq No 478 agreed and signed

RUH Grant Request – It was decided that the Parish Council would not support this.

Somerset Playing Fields Association – It was decided that the Parish Council would not become members of this organisation.



D Jarvis, Mowing Bill - Inv 100 (20.10 & 03.11) - Chq No 69 agreed and signed.

B Loten, Pruning and trimming hedge in Cemetery - Chq No 68 agreed and signed


PLANNING         Crossways 077180/012 – Conversion of Building to holiday let and formation of vehicular access – approved with conditions

                            Land at Leigh Street (The Poppies) 119461/000 – Change of use from agricultural to residential – refused.


Mendip Local Development Framework –

Planning the Future of Mendip Preferred Option Report

Following lengthy discussions it was proposed that the Parish Council adopt Option 1, all agreed.  VT suggested that it is also suggested that they should consult with children’s organisations                                                                                                               ACTION CC




PCSO – SA stated that the PCSO informed him that following complaints of young people climbing on the Memorial Hall roof, he had attended there on the evening of Wednesday 15th and found five youths climbing on the roof.  He took the names of those involved and further action will be taken.

The PCSO has also raised funding for activities for the youth of Coleford, Stoke St Michael, Holcombe and Leigh on Mendip and will be informing us of future events.


Footpaths  - FH stated that there is now an updated map on the web site.  Stile numbering still in process and comments welcomed regarding repairs/replacement required.


Dogs – following various complaints, action has been taken to resolve the problems. Footpath No 8/28 will have notices showing no dog fouling.                                                ACTION FH


School - VT passed the Newsletter to the Clerk for circulation.  The minutes for the last meeting stated that the Ofsted inspection would not be next term, but some time in the next year.


Highways – CC stated that we are still awaiting action that was promised last month and hopes to report that all outstanding work will have been carried out in the very near future. 

VT stated that she had been asked if grit could be placed on Blackers Lane and Tadhill Lane                                                                                                                                    ACTION CC


Recreation Field – Nothing further to report


Hall Report – TS stated that progress was being made to add two rooms to the east of the Memorial Hall.




GH had attended the Mendip Strategic Partnership in connection with the Parish Plan. The committee had their full support and were happy that all criteria had been met.  Also there had been a meeting with Somerset Rural Community Council in Taunton.




SALC Items of Interest, Nov.06; SALC SW Reg Conference; SALC Agenda 04.12.06; Leigh First School Newsletter 3; MDC Planning Complaint, Affordable Housing; A & S Police Newsletter; Mendip Strategic Partnership Minutes 26.09.; Parishes Information Bulletin; Somerset Highways Winter Service 06/07; Parishes Planning Meeting, key issues and action plan 06.09.06; Coleford Children’s Centre Steering Group Minutes 13.10; Air Ambulance letter of thanks; Footpaths 8/8a and 8/9; e-mails – SCC Historic Environment Service – Mendip From the Air; Jeff Bunting, Area Traffic Eng., MDC, Speed Visor Sign; Clerks and Councils Direct; MDC It’s Your Mendip; Mendip Times.


DATE OF NEXT MEETING – 18 December 2006 at 7.30 in the Memorial Hall