Councillors present.  J Wright, Chris Cudmore, G Harris, F Higgins, V Taylor

Apologies: Ty Schlechter


RESIGNATION OF COUNCILLOR – JW accepted the resignation of S Anderson, which had been received on 1st December.  It was decided that notices would be put on the notice board and in the parish magazine to see what interest is shown. 


THE MINUTES OF THE MEETINGS of 20th November and 6th December were accepted and signed.



Footpaths – FH stated that we were still awaiting a response from B Loten regarding the numbering of stiles.  He has had no opportunity to check sites for replacement of stiles with kissing gates.

VH has asked that the footpath from Bellfield to Leigh Street be treated with chippings as it is now very muddy.

Mendip Local Development Framework  – CC has completed and returned the document including the suggestion of consultation with children’s organisations.

Dog Fouling Problems – FH has this in hand

Highways – CC has requested grit for Blackers Lane and Tadhill.


The formal meeting was suspended at 7.40 p.m. to discuss the proposals for Cookswood Quarry Development to a Holiday Retreat – 067818/010


Following observations from the eight parishioners who attended, it was decided that their comments would be added to those already made.  These will be circulated to the Councillors and a final decision made at the next Parish Council meeting in January.             ACTION JA


The meeting reconvened at 8.15 p.m.




Financial Statement – The Financial Statement was accepted and signed.

Precept – Following discussion regarding the need and cost for further land for the cemetery, and grants required for the proposed developments in the village, it was unanimously agreed that that there would be no increase in the Precept for this year.

NS&I Signatories – all Councillors with the exception of TS will be signatories.  JA to obtain his signature and return the appropriate forms to NS&I.                                 ACTION JA

Clerks Salary and Expenses 01.09.-30.11.06 - Chq No 479 agreed and signed

LoM Memorial Hall - Planning Meeting 06.12.06 Inv 702, Chq No 480 agreed and signed

LoM Memorial Hall - Parish Plan Meetings 29.11 & 16.12.06. Inv No 703, Chq No 481 agreed and signed.

Mrs C Peat (Skilltrain Associates Ltd) - Parish Plan binders, covers and postage – Inv No 482 agreed and signed

Capita Business Services Ltd - Parish Plan assembly, Inv No 483 agreed and signed

 PLANNING            SW Corner of OS6226 Old Wells Road, Retrospective creation of new access – approval with conditions

                        Grove Shute Farm 100829/013 – Removal of Agricultural Tie

Approval Refused



GH gave a report of the presentation that was given on Saturday 16th   The Parish Plans has been passed to the Community Council for Somerset who was very impressed with the plan, and GH anticipated a very positive response from all agencies.  There will be a need for sub-committees for some of the proposals as the Parish Council will not be able to implement those for which they may be responsible alone.  VT suggested that this is itemised on the agenda at each parish council meeting so that progress will be monitored.  GH envisaged that we would be looking in the long term from eight to ten years. 




Finger Posts – FH reported that the footpath finger post disappeared from the Rec Field.  Following its various places of deposit, it was returned to its rightful place and FH has now set it in concrete.




SALC MEETING – CC reported that he attended the meeting at Pilton Village Hall on 4th December, with JA for a discussion on the future proposals for parish councils. Rules such as QPC’s, which will only require 80%, elected members, not 100% as at present.  According to the White Paper there will be some far-reaching changes, which Parish Councils must adopt.  It was reported that SALC fees next year would increase by 3.5%.



JA attended this meeting on 5th December at MDC offices.  Of the ten representatives of the parishes of Mendip, we were given a good opportunity to voice our opinions on the standard of services provided by the Council.


E-mail received from Binegar Parish Council – JA reported that Binegar Parish Council were very concerned that Defra were withdrawing the grant funding from the Somerset Aggregate Levy Sustainability Fund.  The Parish Council have written to the Minister responsible and to David Heath MP and ask that all parishes adopt this course of action. GH informed the council that this was only part of the funding but it was one which was popular for obtaining local grants.   FH proposed that we do as they request, also including a copy to Gloria Cawood.  All agreed.                                                                                  ACTION JA 


Correspondence – Mendip Times; NALC LCR; Mendip CAB Annual Report; The Clerk; Thatch; MDC Planning Enforcement Notice; Parishes Information Bulletin; E-mail Rec Field Lease Draft; E-mail Footpaths; Unitary Authority Somerset Conservatives, House of Commons D Heath surgeries; Glasdon.  Christmas card from David Heath MP


Date of next meeting – Monday 15th January 2007