Councillors present.   C Cudmore (Acting Chairman), G Harris, F Higgins, V Taylor 


Apologies:     J Wright, T Schlechter who will be late


THE MINUTES OF THE MEETING of 15th January and 31st January were accepted and signed.




JA confirmed that a letter was sent to Steve Anderson following his resignation from the Parish Council. 


Affordable Housing – CC confirmed that contact had been made with Mendip DC Housing dept to confirm when nominations for tenants will be passed to Knightstone Housing.


Recreation Field, Plastic Recycling – JA confirmed that contact had been made with MDC to request a plastic recycling bin at the Recreation Field


Lease – Following discussions at the meeting on 31st January, JA confirmed that JW had visited FDC Law to instruct them to prepare a lease to comply with all requirements.


Recreation Field – FDC Law have been instructed to proceed with land registry.


Memorial Hall – FDC Law have been instructed to proceed with land registry.


Cemetery Wall – JA confirmed that MDC have been informed of the loose stones and will be repairing it as soon as possible.  JA to confirm progress.                                           ACTION JA




Ivy Cottage – Mr Finucane and the Architect Mr Trevallion attended the meeting.  Following discussions all the updated changes were agreed as per the letter from Mr Trevallion with the following amendments agreed.  Three samples for quoins were provided and the colour was agreed.  Quoins would be on corners of buildings and not around the doors or windows.  The colour of the render lime wash would be specified (as per the Village Design Statement).  The colour of the corrugated metal roofing would be specified as dull red iron oxide. (Drawing 3 Revision D will be amended) and passed to Gloria Cawood. A letter of confirmation would be sent to the Planning Dept.                                                                                                 ACTION JA


Ty Schlechter joined the meeting at 7.50 p.m.


Cookswood Quarry – Details of the extension on time limit and new plans for the chalets are in the correspondence folder.






CC reported that Knightstone Housing advised that completion is now due on 12th March. Selected nominations were to be a passed to Knightstone from MDC at a meeting on 27th March.

It was proposed that contact is made with Mendip to ensure that there are enough local people to fill the houses, and the S106 to be checked with regard to involvement with surrounding areas.                                                                                                                       ACTION CC 


FH felt that the PC was being excluded from involvement in the choice of tenants; GC stated that we should involve ourselves as much as possible, and those people interested in the housing should personally write to MDC and Knightstone Housing to remind them of their interest.  It was decided that the Parish Council should write to MDC and Knightstone Housing stating that we wanted to be involved with the decision making process regarding the choice of tenants in order to protect local people.  TS will attend the meeting on 27th February.  JA to confirm details of meeting.                                                                                    ACTION JA/TS




A meeting has been organised on 5th March at Keinton Mandeville village hall, by South Somerset DC to discuss the setting up of a unitary council of themselves and Mendip DC.  GC informed the Parish Council of the benefits of Somerset CC becoming a unitary council.




GH informed the Parish Council that a Youth Club will be in place as soon as possible in the current building, and flyers and posters have been produced to advertise this.


Older residents – GH has had discussions with Age Concern and reached agreement to make an Active Living Centre for over 50’s, and will be a drop in centre for all ages.  A grant has been received for £2000 to improve the furniture in the current building.  There will be an open meeting at specific times during the month, with a minimum of one per month. 


A bid has been made to BT for a broadband internet connection for the virtual shop, and a bid to supply computers.


A bid is being made within the next fortnight to improve the access track and access to car park and periphery of Recreation Field.  Planning permission may be required but GH to check on this.  If necessary this will be added to the planning application.  Planning permission will be applied for probably post August.  DSDHA, sustainable architects based in London have been appointed. 


GH asked that these proposals had the approval of the Parish Council, all agreed. 




GH stated that six further copies of the plan have been ordered as we have £33 left in the account.




Financial Statement – The Financial Statement was accepted and signed.

Parish Plan Printing - LoM First School – Cheque no 487 agreed and signed

SLCC Membership Renewal – Cheque No 488 agreed and signed

NS&I –It was agreed to transfer £2000 from the NS&I Account to the NatWest current account

Memorial Hall – Planning application for extension – Cheque no 489 agreed and signed


Grant Requests - next meeting is the last for requests for funds for this year. JA was asked to remind the village organisations.                                                                       ACTION JA




Mowing Bill – CC proposed that we accept the tender from D Jarvis.   All agreed.




The Petition from David Heath, MP was signed by FH and VT on behalf of the Parish Council, and it was agreed that the questionnaire be completed as appropriate, and returned.                                                                                                                                ACTION JA




GH stated that he had completed the questionnaire from Baker Associates on behalf of MDC for Mendip Play Strategy.  Details of the questionnaire are in the correspondence file.


MEMORIAL HALL – TS had been unable to attend the last meeting.


The updated plans have been received together with a cheque payable to the Parish Council for the cost of the planning application.  Cheque No 489 (see under Finance) was agreed and signed and the planning application will be forwarded to Mendip District Council as soon as possible.                                                                                                                    ACTION JA


LEIGH ON MENDIP FIRST SCHOOL – VT had been unable to attend the last meeting.




FH reported that a check would be made on the footpath at Knapp Hill to the quarry, which had been reported as being very overgrown. 

Hardcore for footpath by Pilgrim Cottages.  Five tons of small hardcore will be delivered.  Volunteers were available for spreading once delivery had been made.

Mells Stream footpaths – FH stated that following discussions with Sheila Petherbridge, Mr Berry and his team of walkers would help with installation of kissing gates. Sheila would also approach the landowners to agree to change stiles to kissing gates.  FH proposed that we buy the gates, two to be purchased at this stage, as one was currently stored at the home of the Clerk.  All agreed.                                                                                             ACTION FH







CC stated that he was having difficulty getting any response from SCC Highways regarding grit provision. 

The road sweeping will be done five times a year rather than three.  FH said that he thought that the individual who did the latest road sweeping did an excellent job, although Bellfield was missed, although this would appear to have been due to lack of time as it was completed the next day.










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