Councillors present:  John Wright (Chairman), Chris Cudmore (Vice Chairman), Graham Harris, Frank Higgins, Vicki Taylor, Ty Schlechter 


Apologies:  Ty Schlechter who will be late


THE MINUTES OF THE MEETING of 19th February 2007 were accepted and signed.




Cemetery Wall – JA reported that the wall would not be repaired until after April 2007.  MDC had to raise a special expenses rate to facilitate the repairs.  JW proposed that the Parish Council discuss with MDC the possible transfer of the closed churchyard, and whether it could result in a lesser charge to the parish than the Special Expenses Rate. Additionally, whether we could obtain from MDC an indemnity for any major expenditure, say in excess of £1000.                                                                                                                           ACTION JA


Ivy Cottage – Final plans have now been received from Mr Trevallion showing the agreed changes.  Copies have also been sent to Gloria Cawood.


Affordable Housing – FH stated that he had received a message of appreciation for the efforts of the PC in following up the tenancies for the housing.  FH and TS could not obtain permission to attend the meeting in March between Knightstone Housing and MDC Housing Dept, for the decision on tenants. 18 names have been put forward and seem to comply with the S106 agreement.  No further information has been received.  It was agreed that a letter should be written to Knightstone copy to MDC Housing, to ensure that all tenants comply with this agreement.                                                                                                  ACTION JA


Recreation Field Extension – A short discussions took place, and GH answered all questions concerning the progress of the extension. JW proposed that contact is made with FDC Law to confirm that a copy of the 1959 Conveyance is available, or has been substituted, and the lease will be completed as soon as possible                                                                     ACTION JA


TS joined the meeting at 7.55 p.m.


Post Office Closures – The Petition has been signed and returned to D Heath MP.


Memorial Hall Extension – Cheque and Plans have been sent.


Footpaths  – FH stated that the hardcore for the footpath by the church has not yet been delivered. 

FH has been in contact with S Petherbridge (Footpaths Officer) to organise repairs to bridge by Mells Stream and approval from the landowner to change stiles for Kissing Gates.  Once this has been done then the appropriate gates can be ordered.



Financial Statement – The Financial Statement was accepted and signed.

Clerks Salary & Expenses – Cheque no 490 agreed and signed

Cemetery Clerks Salary and Expenses – Cheque No 491 agreed and signed

SALC Affiliation Fee 07/08 – Cheque No 492 agreed and signed

Parish Plan – Capita Business Services – Cheque No 493 agreed and signed

Community Council for Somerset – Cheque no 494 agreed and signed

Replacement Printer – Following discussions, JA advised that the current HP printer had lasted for five years, and was a good investment. It was agreed that JA would purchase a printer in the name of the Parish Council to a maximum of £70 and claim the costs back from the Parish Council.  The current printer to be written off the asset register.              ACTION JA

Web site costs – no invoice has been received, no action taken

Recreation Field Grant – a request has been received for the supply of a storage cupboard at a price of £164 inc VAT and a heater at £115 inc VAT.  All agreed.

Memorial Hall Grant – a request has been received for a replacement urn at a cost of £161 inc VAT.  All agreed.

A request was made to reimburse the sum of £67.50 for the planning application for the extension but it was felt that this would be inappropriate.

It was agreed that the committees would make the purchases and the invoices passed to the parish clerk for payment.  Ownership of the items would be passed to the committees and listed on their asset registers.



Cemetery Clerk – Mary Mears has tendered her notice, which was accepted.  The Councillors expressed their thanks for all the work Mary has done over the past eight years and it was agreed that an M&S voucher to be purchased in appreciation of her sterling service.                                                                                                           ACTION JA

Finance Statement – The Financial Statement was accepted and signed.




Erection of detached dwelling house at land adjacent to 17 Park Hayes, 118795/01 – planning approved with conditions.

Recreation Field – Footpath and Car Park – comments of enforcement officer noted.  It would appear that the MDC maps are not up-to-date as the existing footpath is the official one according to our records and confirmed by the Planning Dept.

Recreation Field Footpath and car park – GH stated that a grant application had been made to SALF for disabled parking, resurfacing Elsie’s Walk and the footpath.  GH contacted the Environment Dept, as planning permission may be required.  This was passed to MDC but due to the department being very busy, they hope to answer within next three weeks.           

Memorial Hall 008455/003 – Single Storey extension – Since we are the applicant all Councillors declared an interest.  No comment can be entered and a decision left to the Planning Officer following consultation responses. 

Shermoyne, Leigh St. 109080/001 – Two storey & single storey ext. – Following discussion it was agreed that the decision is left to the planning officer following consultation responses.


Somerset County Council Area Working Panel – Following discussions it was agreed that the three priorities would be:  Investing in Children and Young People; Strengthening the Voluntary and Community Sector; Affordable Decent Housing for All.               ACTION JA


Mendip from the Air – 80 copies of the book have been passed to the Parish Council, and 36 copies to the School.  A copy was passed to each Parish Councillor.  It was decided that copies would be placed in the Memorial Hall, The Bell Inn and St Giles Church on a first come first served basis.  There would be one each for village organisations.  CC requested that one be kept for the Leigh on Mendip Fair as a raffle prize.  A number would be given to TS for distribution to local businesses.                                                              ACTION JA/TS



Memorial Hall – nothing to report

Recreation Field – no representative at present, FH stated that he would ask a committee member to contribute a report for each meeting until a representative was found. 

Footpaths - FH stated that he has passed some dog fouling signs to Malcolm Young to be placed on posts at the footpath beside his house.

School – Administrator Sam being replaced by Sarah Claxton




Parish Plan and Activity/Community Project – GH made a presentation to Mendip Strategic Partnership.  He has received a letter from them with a strong commendation and good wishes for the future completion of all proposals.  JW congratulated him on his work on the Parish Plan.


Annual Quiz – An invitation has been received from Sue Vaughan.  The annual quiz will be held on Saturday 28th April.  Bar open at 7.30 p.m. quiz commences at 8.00 p.m.  The cost is £8 for a team of four.  The Parish Council decided to enter a team.


Litter Clearance – A note has been received regarding the event.  Concern was raised regarding Health and Safety issues, and it was felt that a proper risk assessment should be carried out.  GH stated that all vests, gloves, litter pickers etc were supplied, with a much greater safety aspect this year than before.  The WI is responsible for this and tries to ensure that everyone uses the appropriate safety wear provided.  Comments had been received that the event had been well organised.  A note was made that perhaps warning road signs could be used next time.


Election – Nomination forms will be received in the near future, closing date noon Wednesday 4th April 2007.


Correspondence –

D Heath; MP DEFRA re ALSF; The Clerk; Parishes Information Bulletin; SLCC Newsletter; SALC/NALC/Electoral Commission, Council of the Year Award; Community Empowerment Awards; Calor Village of the Year; D Heath MP re SALSF; SSDC – East Som. Unitary Bid; Mendip Community Support; Ivy Cottage revised plans; Land adjacent 17 Park Hayes conditions of approval. 



Date of next meeting – 16th April 2007 at 7.30. p.m.  Because the Memorial Hall is booked, the Recreation Field will be used.