Councillors present.  John Wright (Chairman), Chris Cudmore (Vice Chairman), Graham Harris, Frank Higgins, Vicki Taylor, Ty Schlechter.


Apologies: Gloria Cawood


THE MINUTES OF THE MEETING of were accepted and signed.



Responsibility of Churchyard – JW agreed to take this up with Mendip District Council regarding the Parish Council taking responsibility for the churchyard to a maximum limit of £1000                                                                                                                              ACTION JW


Affordable Housing – JA has received an answer from Knightstone stating that all tenants meet the requirements of the S106 agreement but refused to give names.  18 prospective tenants names were passed from Mendip Housing to Knightstone for the six houses, and CC was concerned that there seemed to be no transparency in the selection.  It was agreed to take this up at the meeting with Knightstone on 21st May


Recreation Field Lease – The 1959 conveyance has not been found.  An Affidavit will be required stating that the land has been in our possession since 1959.  GH stated that the Solicitor for the Recreation Field was concerned that the buildings had been included in the lease, which was incorrect.   Following full discussions on each section of the document, agreement was reached as to what is required.  The respective solicitors will need to be advised and action taken immediately to resolve this.                                                    ACTION JW


Footpath – FH stated that the hardcore has been delivered and the footpath finished.  JA stated that mail had been received from Clive Baker thanking all involved for the restoration of the footpath between Bellfield and Leigh Street.  FH requested that a letter is sent to Tarmac to thank them for the hardcore.                                                                   ACTION JA


Printer – JA has received the printer, and this has been shown on the current list of assets.


M & S Voucher – FH will obtain this.                                                          ACTION FH


Somerset Area Working Panel – JA stated that this had been completed and sent.


Mendip from the Air – There are no copies left of this publication. 

A request has been received from Hannah Firth, Archaeological Project Officer, asking for support for the Historic Environment Service in applying to the Somerset Aggregate Levy Sustainability Fund for a grant to set up a programme of archaeological, geophysical surveys and excavations, to provide training for local residents in a range of archaeological techniques and for schoolchildren to have experience of archaeology in their area.                ACTION JA



Financial Statement – The Financial Statement for the end of the year was accepted and signed.  Due to the fact that there was an error on the statement for the new financial year, this will be submitted next month.                                                                                   ACTION JA 


Memorial Hall Rent – awaiting updated invoice from Booking Clerk


Printer – Cheque no 495 value £75.02 payable to J M Anderson to reimburse cost of Printer, VAT and Carriage agreed and signed.


Audit –

Risk Management – This was completed by TS and JA over the last two years and it was confirmed that there were no changes in the community to warrant further risk assessment.

Asset Register – this was checked and with the addition of the new printer and the deletion of the old printer and cemetery notice board, which had been removed due to its condition, this was agreed and signed.        




Clerks Salary – Cheque No 070 was issued and signed to ensure that the Cemetery Account was used to pay for the Clerks’ Salary for the year 06/07


Mowing Bill – the mowing of the cemetery has not yet commenced.




Long Cottage Tadhill, Leigh on Mendip - 116189/001.  Erection of building for use as ancillary residential accommodation.   The decision was taken to recommend that the decision be left to the planning officer, although concerns were noted regarding excessive development and visual impact so close the road.


Cookswood Quarry Development – A letter regarding answers to the environment concerns was passed to parish councillors.


Noise – Complaints have been received concerning noise in the field by the sharp bend in Hookey Lane made by the use of mini motor bikes on two consecutive Sunday afternoons.  If this reoccurs, enquiries will be made in order that this nuisance is prevented in future.


Mendip Area Working Panel – Meeting on 17th April - unfortunately no one is available to attend.


Shepton 21 – Digital Arts Festival – The Parish Council fully support an arts festival, and a letter will be sent to the organisers, but unfortunately our precept is fully committed for the year should a grant be required.                                                                           ACTION JA


Poppy Appeal – The organiser requires help to administer the appeal, and perhaps to take over in the future.  This would probably involve delivering and collecting boxes from the various premises locally, and organising people to sell on Poppy Day.  It was agreed that this would be advertised on Notice Boards.                                                                     ACTION JA



Weight Limits on Local Roads – Following discussion it was agreed that the weight limit sign at the junction of Marsh Lane and Ham Hill needs to be reported again.  Otherwise there were no other weight concerns.




Hall Committee – TS stated that at the next meeting on 2nd May the agenda would include discussion on the extension.


Community Activity Project – GH requested that a letter of support is written to be included with the bid documentation.                                                                                                ACTION JA


Highways – A questionnaire has been received from SCC regarding Highways Related Services.  CC has responded to the questionnaire, which will be returned with the observations of the Parish Council.


Footpaths – JA passed round copies of the photographs of the kissing gates, which Mendip Ramblers have replaced, by the Mells Stream.  It was agreed that we would write a letter of thanks and ask that they let us know where they will be working in the area next.  It had been agreed at the last meeting that FH would obtain costs for kissing gates on this footpath, but this will not now be required.  It was proposed and all agreed that the kissing gate and other stock currently held at Two Gates would be offered to the Mendip Ramblers for stile replacement in the Leigh on Mendip Parish.  It was also agreed that a grant could be made for any other supplies needed.                                                                                      ACTION FH/JA




Parish Forum – CC stated that contingency plans in case of emergency were being reviewed.  Talks on unitary council consultations are proposed until 22nd June.   District Councils have requested an independent referendum.  Forums for Change – an analysis was presented from all the responses received.


Correspondence –

Assignment of Road Names; Parishes Information Bulletin; Leaflet – Smoke Free Somerset; Mendip PCSO Steering Group Minutes; Avon & Somerset Police Report; Mendip Strategic Partnership Minutes; SCC Weight Limits on Local Road; SCC Statement of Community Involvement; SALC Local Issues, Local People, Local Money; Thatch; SCC Environment Directorate – Public Rights of Way and Open Access Land, A guide for Dog Owners and Walkers; Mendip Community News


Date of next meeting – AGM at 7.30 p.m.and APM at 8.00 p.m. 21st May 2007