Councillors present. John Wright (Chairman), Chris Cudmore (Vice Chairman), Graham Harris, Vicki Taylor, Ty Schlechter.

Apologies: Frank Higgins


THE MINUTES OF THE MEETING of 19th April 2007were accepted and signed.



Responsibility of Churchyard JW stated that MDC advised that no limit can be placed on our responsibility. JW has asked for the rules regarding the imposition of a Special Expenses Rate for a future unknown. ACTION JW

Recreation Field Lease Now completed and enquiries to be made of the Solicitor regarding the Counterlease and Registration. . ACTION JA

Footpath Letter of thanks sent to Tarmac

Historic Environment Service grant application JW was concerned that the grant request from the SALSF for the archaeology project did not comply with the regulations. GH advised that the grant was probably split and did comply. CC proposed that we support the project if the grant did not impact on funds available for local groups. ACTION JA

Shepton 21 Digital Arts Festival A letter has been sent to support this but the Parish Council had not funds to donate to the project.

Poppy Appeal The notice has been placed on the notice boards but there would appear to be no volunteers forthcoming.

Weight Limits on Local Roads Highways advised of need to replace weight limit sign at Ham Hill.

Community Activity Project Letter of support returned and GH has passed this on with the grant application.

Footpaths JA has e-mailed the Rambleers Association because no address was available, to state that the kissing gate and other stock was available to the Association for their use in the parish.

Official Street Names This has been passed to GH for discussion at his next meeting at the Community Activity Centre




Financial Statement Due to an error on the Financial Statements last month these were re-presented. These were accepted and signed.

Annual Hire of Memorial Hall Cheque No 496 value 99 agreed and signed

Hire of Rec Field Club House Cheque No 497 value 7.50 agreed and signed

Annual Insurance, Allianz Cornhill Cheque No 498 value 284.55 agreed and signed

FDC Law - Rec Field Lease Cheque No 499 value 587.50 agreed and signed

Grant Rec Field Cupboard and Heater Cheque No 500 value 285.52 agreed and signed

Payment of M & S Voucher Cheque No 501 agreed and signed

Transfer of Funds from Current Account to NS&I Account Cheque No 502 value 3,500 agreed and signed

Financial Regulations These placed in the correspondence file for review and the next parish council meeting

PLANNING Memorial Hall (008455/003) Proposed Single Storey Side Extension

Approved with Conditions

The Hazels, Leigh Street (114272/001) Demolish existing rear conservatory and erection of single storey rear extension.

It was agreed to leave it to the decision of the planning officer.


Car boot sale Concerns were raised about a monthly car boot sale which would appear to be held in a field by the Old Wells Road. The first sale was cancelled but there is a problem with visibility and if cars are parked on the road this could cause problems. It was agreed that this would be left in abeyance to await any future outcome.


Footpaths TS advised that a parishioner was concerned that the footpath across his field was becoming worn into two tracks rather than one. It was felt that since the width of a footpath is 1.4 mtrs wide, this probably does not contravene the regulations.


A complaint was also received about children kicking balls in the road when waiting for the school bus in the morning. The children have been asked to play in the Recreation Field. The PCSO should be informed if this reoccurs.


Clerks Contract of Employment A revised contract of employment has been issued. This was passed to TS to review to ensure that the previous contract is still valid ACTION TS


TS left the meeting at 8.00 p.m.


Code of Conduct The new code of conduct is being reviewed and will be considered at the next parish council meeting.




Mowing Bill Cheque No 071 (Inv 17) from D Jarvis value 112.50 agreed and signed.



No reports given.



VT attended a meeting on the unitary bid, and passed details of presentation to clerk for distribution.



Correspondence: MDC Planning Memorial Hall Planning approval; Calor Village of the Year; The Local Authorities Model Code of Conduct; SRYP Newsletter; Declaration of No Contest Elections 2007; SCC Area Working Team; A & S Police Policing Plan; Comm. Council for Somerset (Certificate); NHS Foundation Trust Application Consultation Document; Meeting of presentation of Unitary Council; Newsletter LoM School Summer Term.



Date of next meeting AGM at 7.30 p.m.and APM at 8.00 p.m. 21st May 2007