Councillors present.  Chris Cudmore; Frank Higgins; Vicki Taylor;


Apologies: Ty Schlechter who will be late.


THE MINUTES OF THE MEETINGS of 2nd May and the Annual General Meeting of  21st May 2007 were accepted and signed.


Matters Arising 2nd May


Churchyard – No information has been forthcoming as to rules regarding the imposition of a Special Expenses Rate.                                                                                     ACTION CC


Lease – The lease has been received and confirmation received that the solicitor for the Recreation Field must register the counter lease.


Registration of land – Our solicitor FDC Law is dealing with the registration of the Memorial Hall land and the Recreation Field with the Land Registry.


Historic Environment Service Grant Application – Historic Environment Service, SCC have been advised of support, with consideration of grants for local groups.


Footpaths – The Ramblers Association representative called at the Parish Clerk’s house and confirmed that they will be using the stock remaining from the Access Walk.  They propose repairing further footpaths, stiles etc in the parish.


Street Names – Following discussions with local groups, Graham Harris will be informing the Parish Council of any road names which have not been designated to local roads.


Financial regulations – Due to time constraints, these will be discussed at the next Parish Council meeting.


Car Boot Sale – There was supposed to be a car boot sale on the 16th June, but as this was the day of the Fair, no-one knew whether this had gone ahead.  JA has received further concerns which have been reported to Cathy Day at MDC but so far has not received any follow up                                                                                                                                ACTION JA


Clerks Contract of employment – TS has returned this to JA.  The full options will be e-mailed to councillors for discussion at next meeting.                                                ACTION JA


Code of Conduct –a new handbook and guide was handed to parish councillors.


Matters Arising – Annual General Meeting, 21st May 2007


Mendip Housing Meeting – this was being held by a private company and it was decided that there was no value in a representative attending the meeting.




Presentation by Claire Fleming and Philip Ham


The newly elected District Councillors introduced themselves to the meeting.


The subject of affordable housing for people of the village was discussed.  There has been a great deal of dissatisfaction with the manner in which the current housing was allocated; as it was felt that there were some in the village whose claims had been ignored and those from farther afield given preference.  Any further affordable housing proposals should ensure that discussions regarding the S106 agreement should ensure a stronger parish preference, and that rented and part ownership schemes were included.


CC informed the District Councillors that if they wish to discuss anything with the Parish Council in the future, then contact the Parish Clerk to add it to the agenda.


TS joined the meeting at 7.50




CC explained to the proposed new parish councillors the duties of the parish council, basics of code of conduct, declaration of interests, etc. 


A short resume of the characters of both proposed councillors was given to the meeting.


Chris Cudmore proposed a vote to co-opt both Rose Martin and Marsha Read as Parish Councillors to Leigh on Mendip Parish Council.  This was carried unanimously.


Both Councillors signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office and the Declaration of Interest Forms passed to them for completion and return to the Parish Clerk.


Memorial Hall – grant towards costs of extension


TS declared an interest, as he is the Representative for the Memorial Hall


Sue Vaughan gave a presentation on the proposed extension to the Memorial Hall.  Part of the requirement of grant application is that a financial contribution is required from the Parish Council of up to 25% of the cost, although around 10% would be a reasonable contribution.  The Parish Precept would need to be increased to cover the cost of such a grant.  The maximum cost of the work is approximately £40,000, including VAT and contingency charge plus professional fees.


It was suggested that the funds could be provided over two years, as this amount was almost equivalent to the total parish precept if provided in one stage.  It was proposed that JA contact Peter Lacey to ascertain the legality of this, or whether we need to ring-fence this amount.

         ACTION JA








The Parish Plan supported the continuing use of the Memorial Hall, and CC stated it would cost approx £20 per household for a band D property if the full amount is committed. However as the Parish also has some reserve capital a decision on the split of sourcing from precept and/or reserve can be made when next year’s budget is agreed. A suggestion was also made that “in kind contributions”, can also be used to reduce the costs.

VT proposed that we commit to10% of the cost of the project up to a limit of £4,000.  Seconded by RM. Carried unanimously. 

Following discussions it was agreed to write a letter of support to the Memorial Hall committee agreeing to commit 10% of the costs, up to a maximum of £4,000 towards the scheme.




Financial Statement  The Financial Statement was accepted and signed.

Acceptance of Audit  The audit has been presented to the internal auditor, checked and all appropriate sections completed.  It was proposed that the audit be accepted. All agreed

Clerks Salary/Expenses        Cheque No 503 agreed and signed




Mowing Bill                            D Jarvis Invoice 26 for mowing 01.06 & 15.06.07, Cheque No 73 agreed and signed

Clerks Salary/Expenses        Cheque No 074 agreed and signed.


JA advised that since no-one had come forward to take over the work as Cemetery Clerk, as from 18th June 2007, this has been taken over by the Parish Clerk.


Transfer of Funds                  JA proposed that £500 is transferred from the current account to the cemetery account to cover future costs of mowing etc.  All agreed




The Hazels – 114272/001 – Demolish existing rear conservatory and erection of single storey rear extension – Approved with Conditions

Ivy Cottage – 108035/003 – Conversion of extension of outbuilding to farm shop and ancillary accommodation.  Approved with conditions.

Shermoyne  - 109080/002 – Erection of two storey extension.  Following discussions, it was proposed that the decision is left to the planning officer.  All agreed.




FH informed the Council that a Village Meeting was to be held on Wednesday 11th July and 7.30 p.m. in the Memorial Hall, to define road safety problems in the village, including parking by the school and accidents at the Townsend area.









VT has been unable to arrange a final meeting and will organise this before the next Parish Council meeting.  An update will be provided at the next meeting                            ACTION VT




Copies which were provided by Graham Harris will be copied and passed to MR and RM

                                                                                                                                 ACTION JA



This has been returned to the correspondence file in order that it can be discussed at the next Parish Council meeting.




VT felt that we should support the strategy and was happy with the proposals.  All agreed




JA stated that there was a delay in the availability of application form and the competition is now being run by CPRE.  JA will download an application form for completion.  Closing date is 27th July.                                                                                                                                                                         ACTION JA




CC felt that we did not have the expertise to comment on the application and proposed that no observation should be made.  All agreed




CC explained, for the benefit of the new Parish Councillors, the various activities on which Councillors represent the Parish.  These are:

SALC; Quarries; Footpaths; Highways; Memorial Hall; Recreation Field; PCSO; and School.

It was decided that the Representatives would be nominated at the next Parish Council meeting.


Hall – TS reported that discussions at the last meeting discussed grant support from the Parish Council for the extension.  A maintenance day had been held in June.


Village Fair, Dog Show 16.06.07.   CC stated that it had been a very successful show and wished to thank the village for all the help in making it a very pleasant and rewarding day.


School – VT reported that the school had their OFSTED last Wednesday 13th June.  A further report will be made at the next meeting as to how successful the school was.








Unitary Council and One Somerset – Unitary Authority  Organised by SCC.


Mendip & Central East Neighbourhood Forum – Parish Lengthsman Pilot Scheme.  Details in Correspondence File.  VT explained that this involves Parishes joining forces to employ a person full time to cover various parishes. Support would also be available from County and District.  VT felt that we must express our interest in going to another meeting, which is to be held in July, depending on the interest from other Parish Councils. CC proposed that we pursue this at the next meeting                                                    ACTION VT


Mendip Area Working Panel – 28th August - CC proposed that this is put on the agenda for next meeting so that a decision can be made as to who will attend.


Correspondence – Parishes Information Bulletin; Community Activity Project; SLCC Branch Meeting; Mendip PCSO Steering Group Meeting 30.05.07; e-mail from G Cawood re Ivy Cottage Planning Approval; Mendip Area Working Panel Minutes etc; SCC Parish and Town Council Unitary Authority Meetings; E-mail from Mendip Highways; Mendip Community Newsletter; A&S Policing Summary; The Local Column; Mendip Times; Glasdon News Sheet; Meeting; Thatch; Result of Postal Ballot for Standards Committee members; Community Council for Somerset Rural Roadshow;

Grove Shute Farm – comments on appeal; Changes to MDC Common Housing Register.

Letter from JW thanks


Separate action

Copies of Standing Orders – for discussion at July Parish Council

SCC Environment. Dir. Parish Lengthsman Pilot Scheme


Date of next meeting – 16th July 2007