Councillors present – Chris Cudmore (Chairman) Frank Higgins, Rose Martin, Marsha Read, Vicki Taylor

District Councillor - Claire Fleming

Apologies   Ty Schlechter who will be late;


Marsha Read declared an interest in the Appeal for Grove Shute Farm for the removal of the agricultural tie.


Minutes of the meeting of 18th June 2007 were accepted and signed.


Special Expenses Rate – Nothing further has been heard regarding the rules for the imposition of a Special Expenses Rate                                                          ACTION CC


Registration of Land – JA reported that despite leaving messages for FDC Law no-one has returned a call.  Follow up to be made.                                                            ACTION JA


Footpaths – Ramblers Association – no contact has been made.  The representative informed JA that work would be carried out when time allowed.  Once the representatives from the Association return, details can be obtained of what work will be carried out.


Road Names – Graham Harris informed the meeting that information on local road names would probably be obtained on August 6th, the date of the next meeting under the Community Activity Project.


Car Boot Sale – JA advised that Cathy Day had passed this information to Martin Errington.  The names of those concerned were passed to him.  Follow up to be made          ACTION JA


Clerks’ Contract of Employment – This will be actioned when the next Parish Clerk is in place.


Memorial Hall – JA contacted Peter Lacey at SLCC.  He stated that the only constraint is the cash available from the Precept and therefore the proposal from last month’s meeting is acceptable.


Parish Plan – VT informed the meeting that she had been unable to arrange a final meeting but hopes that this can be concluded before the next Parish Council meeting.      ACTION VT


Calor Village of the Year – G Harris will be completing this for the year 2007 and TS offered to assist.                                                                                                ACTION TS


Parish Lengthmen’s Scheme – date of next meeting - 19th July.


Ty Schlechter joined the meeting at 7.50 p.m.




Grove Shute Farm – Appeal against refusal of Removal of Agricultural Tie

MR left the meeting during the discussions

Following review of the previous comments, it was agreed that no further remarks would be added.


Claire Fleming left the meeting and the Councillors thanked her for her attendance.

MR rejoined the meeting.




Graham Harris stated the position regarding the planning application.  It is not yet clear as to whether separate planning permission needs to be sought for resurfacing part of the car park.  A plan was passed around showing the area in question. Following discussion it was agreed that the Parish Council would support this further application if one was necessary, and it was agreed that once the application was ready the Chairman would be able to sign this off immediately rather than call an extra meeting.  




Financial Statement – Following revision of the S137 allowance, the revised reports were agreed and signed from the 1st April 2007 to 17th June 2007.  The statement to 15th July will be corrected and signed at the next meeting

Memorial Hall – Parish Plan Transport Meeting – Invoice No 758.  Cheque No 505 agreed and signed.

Grant – Memorial Hall – New Tea Urn – Following agreement to fund the cost of a new tea urn at the meeting of 19th March 2007, Cheque No 506 was agreed and signed.

Internal Auditor – Voucher – Following discussion it was agreed that there would be an increase in the token voucher to the internal auditor.  Cheque No 507 agreed and signed

Grant – Victim Support Somerset – It was felt that this could not be supported by the Parish Council.

Adoption of Financial Regulations – It was agreed to accept the Financial Regulations as proposed and which have been used over the previous few years.  

Bank Signatories – It was agreed that the bank identification forms should be completed.  Once confirmed then the bank signatory forms can be completed by all councillors with the name and address of the parish clerk on all forms so that all bank statements can go to the correct address.


CEMETERY -          

Financial Statement – Signed and agreed

Mowing Bill – D Jarvis  - Inv No 31 29.06/13.07  Chq No 075 agreed and signed. 


Parish/Cemetery Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer - Replacement

This has now been advertised on the website, the parish notice boards and in The Village Connection. 


Adoption of Standing Orders – A copy of the Standing Orders, as proposed in the Clerks’ Manual has been passed to all Councillors.  The paragraphs were agreed apart from 15 (Smoking) which is now covered by national legislation and therefore can be deleted.




Adoption of New Code of Conduct – Item 12 (2) Option regarding the effect of prejudicial interests on participation.  This is optional for a Parish Council.  All agreed to adopt this paragraph and hence add the following to the Standing Orders


“If a member who has declared a personal interest then considers the interest to be prejudicial the member shall declare that, and, after making any representations, answering questions or giving evidence relating to that business, the member must withdraw from the room for the remainder of the consideration of the item to which the interest relates.


At all meetings of the Council the Chairman will at a convenient time in the transaction of business, allow any members of the public to make representations, answer questions or give evidence relating to the matter or business being transacted at that meeting.  This opportunity will also apply to any member who is otherwise excluded due to a declared interest.”


CC proposed that we include this and adopt the Standing Orders (apart from paragraph 15) and the Model Code of Conduct (2007). 

All Agreed


Parish Council Representatives – Responsibilities

PCSO - Peter Knowles (Contact to be made with him to ensure that the interests of the Parish are followed up with the PCSO).

School and Parish Plan – Vicki Taylor

SALC – Chris Cudmore

Quarries – Depending on availability

Footpaths – Ty Schlechter

Highways – Frank Higgins

Memorial Hall – Marsha Read

Recreation Field – Rose Martin


Parish Councillors – Training Events.  There are no other councillors available to go on any training events this year,  It was agreed that an invoice is requested for the Chairman’s training from SLCC.                                                                                              ACTION JA


Meet new Councillors – MDC are arranging meetings and training events and have requested those with an interest.  Four members expressed an interest and details will be passed to MDC.                                                                                               ACTION JA


Common Housing Register – Concern was raised that this is no different from the points system.  There is more freedom to move around the county, but it marginalises those who do not fall into a specific category.  It would appear that the choice is based on 2/3 family types and does not include single people, one bedroom homes.  It was thought to be discriminatory and was no improvement on the current system.  It was agreed that a letter be sent to the appropriate department voicing our concerns.                                                       ACTION JA


Parish Footpath Maintenance Scheme


Following discussions it was agreed that TS would deal with the completion of the form for the footpath grant and also liaise with B Loten for the clearance of stiles.             ACTION TS




Hall – Nothing to report.


PCSO Police Report – CC requested that we obtain an update from the PCSO.  FH reported vandalism on the Recreation Field; and perimeter fence on the flats opposite and is concerned that this is used as a play area and is not suitable as the older residents find it intimidating.

It was agreed that Peter Knowles was  asked to confirm that he is happy to represent Leigh on Mendip at the meetings and asked that the Parish Council receive a copy of PCSO report. 

                                                                                                                                 ACTION JA


Footpaths – Bellfield to Leigh Street   Dog fouling has been reported and many parents are concerned as the school children use this.  A request has been received from a parishioner that a sign is erected at the Bellfield end which is missing.  All agreed                                                                       ACTION TS


School – VT reported that Leigh on Mendip First School had an “Outstanding” rating from  OFSTED.  They obtained level one throughout, the highest score that can be attained, and would appear to be the only one in Somerset.  It was agreed that a letter of congratulation would be sent to Mrs Gill Harry.                                                                       ACTION JA


Parish Plan – VT to arrange a final meeting.                                                 ACTION VT


Transport meeting – 11th July.  FH reported that the following had been covered - parking, driving and speeding within the village parking at the school and speeding at Townsend. 

The proposals were that there would be liaison with school/governors as to how to deal with school parking problems.  A point was made that the parking improves safety by helping to keep the speed down.  FH stated that the parking outside Corner Cottage on the bend could be illegal.  A proposal was made that all those who work in school, park outside or unload their cars in the morning should park further up the road or in the Hall car park.  (Sue Vaughan had agreed to this.)  Proposals were made for a one way system but this did not appear viable. 

Speeding – an approach to be made to Highways for speed restriction repeater signs.  There is a possibility of the speed visor signs being available.

Speeding at Townsend – In the last few years there have too been many accidents with no action by the Highways.  FH proposed that another approach is made to District Council, and if no action is forthcoming then an approach is made to our MP.

CC thanked Mrs Higgins for taking the minutes.




Broadplaces   RM attended the meeting in Nunney and informed the meeting about all the different approaches being made with broadband and the support available.


Parish Forum – CC has passed the useful Planning information on CD which had been provided at the meeting. Training courses are also being planned for Parish Councillors


Area working panel – Next meeting -  28.08.07.  Decision to be made on who will attend.


Affordable Housing – To be discussed at next meeting.  Meeting at Stoke St Michael Hall on 27th July.


CPRE – It was agreed that the Parish Council would not join Somerset CPRE





Correspondence:  Planning Application, Memorial Hall; Mendip Housing; Parishes Information Bulletin; Clerks and Councils Direct; Mendip Strategic Partnership;  A & S Police June Report; SLCC Summer Branch Meeting; MDC Best Value Local Performance Plan 07/08; The Clerk; News From Mendip; Working together to reduce casualties - Somerset Road Safety Partnership; NALC Code of Conduct Seminar; Somerset Broadplaces . helping rural people get connected.


Date of Next Meeting – 20th August 2007