Councillors present:  Chris Cudmore (Chairman), Frank Higgins, Rose Martin, Vicki Taylor, Ty Schlechter

Apologies: Marsha Read


THE MINUTES OF THE MEETING of 16th July 2007 were accepted and signed.




Special Expenses Rate – JA has passed details of previous discussions to CC.  He will contact Cathy Day for further clarification.                                                              ACTION CC


Registration of Land – FDC have finally confirmed that a Statutory Declaration will be prepared.


Footpath – The Mendip Ramblers have removed all unused posts, gates etc from the home of the clerk and are now all in storage.  They have promised that these will be used for the repair/replacement of kissing gates and stiles in the parish.


Car Boot Sale – No further sales have been arranged, currently no further action to be taken.


Parish Plan  - The final meeting will probably be arranged for October or November.

                                                                                                                                ACTION VT


Calor Village of Year – TS has passed the application to Graham Harris for completion and this has now been submitted.  A reply has been received from the CPRE and Leigh on Mendip has been shortlisted in the categories for Overall Winner and Communications.  CPRE representatives are attending the Recreation Field on Wednesday 22nd at 6.30 p.m. for a presentation by Graham Harris, Gill Harry and Chris Cudmore.


Training Events – an invoice has been received for payment for the Chairman’s Training and interest registered for those parish councillors interested in further training.


Common Housing Register – A representative from the Housing Department will probably attend the October Parish Council meeting to discuss concerns at the proposed changes.


Footpath Maintenance – TS to discuss with Sheila Petherbridge as to completion of the grant application form for the year 06/07.

A quotation has been received from B Loten for maintenance to the area around the stiles.  It was agreed that confirmation could be passed to Brian Loten to go ahead and it would be his decision as to when this was done. 


PCSO/Police Report – Peter Knowles has agreed to represent the parish at the Liaison meetings.  A copy of the Report and Minutes has been placed in the correspondence file.


Dog fouling – TS has requested a further sign in Bellfield.


School – JA confirmed that a letter of congratulation has been sent to Gill Harry, head of Leigh on Mendip First School on their very successful OFSTED.




Financial Statement – Statements of 18th June/15th July and 15th July/19th August were agreed and signed.


Clearance of stiles – quotation received from B Loten and agreed.                      ACTION TS


Recreation Field- Resurfacing of car park etc.  Agreement was reached at the previous meeting of 16th July that a cheque would be raised for the Planning Application in order that this could be actioned immediately it was received.  Cheque No 508 value £67.50 agreed and signed on 2nd August 2007.  (A cheque for this value was received from the Recreation Field Committee and banked on 3rd August)


SALC – Chairman’s training event 12.06.07.  Cheque no 509 for £20 agreed and signed.


Recreation Field CAP Grant Request – The Recreation Field Committee has made a grant request for £500 and after studying the grant allocations for the financial year, it was agreed that the Parish Council would ringfence this amount.  However before a cheque is raised it was agreed that the Committee be asked to provide specific details for which this grant would be used.  A suggestion was also made that in view of the considerable costs associated with this development, the Recreation Field Committee inform the Parish Council of any further grant requests.                                                                                                           ACTION JA




Mowing Bill – D Jarvis Invoice No 33, 27.07/10.08.  Chq No 76 agreed and signed.




Shermoyne – Two storey extension (109080/002) – Approved with conditions

Tadhill Farm – Amendment to Planning Permission 112105/006 (Three Rooflights)

Recreation Field car park resurfacing application by PC (Submitted 6th August 2007) – The Parish Council have an interest in this application so this decision will be left to the Planning Dept.


Review of SALC response to the May 2007 Planning White Paper

Following discussions it was agreed that there were potential problems with the proposals which were not fully explained in the white paper.  FH felt that the parish council should be aware of any further consultation deadlines in order that any objections can be voiced. 


Recruitment of Parish Clerk and Cemetery Clerk – Applications are now closed.  TS declared an interest as he had recommended a neighbour.  Only one person had shown an interest therefore CC proposed that following consultation and agreement then the post of Parish Clerk and Cemetery Clerk would be offered.    All agreed.                     ACTION CC


Complaints regarding dogs obstructing footpath

Five letters of complaint have been received regarding a problem with dogs on one of the footpaths.  There was one incident on 28th July where four dogs attacked another and the dog had to go to the vet for extensive treatment.  The Police are now involved in the incident. 


TS stated that he had spoken to Dean Hamilton who had dealt with the problem last year and the dog warden had been involved. 


TS has written to S Petherbridge and had a reply confirming these issues and is in discussion with S Petherbridge.  He will continue to pursue this until a satisfactory outcome is reached. 


Noise problem can be reported to Mendip Environmental Health, and must be taken up by the complainant as the Parish Council cannot take on this role.  The Parish Council was advised that the contact at SCC is Environment and Community Protection, tel: 0845 3459188

         ACTION TS


Police Liaison/PCSO – An e-mail has been received from Peter Knowles accepting the role as representative for the Parish Council.  The next Police Liaison meeting is on the 19th September and it was agreed to invite Peter Knowles and Paul Emery to the next Parish Council meeting. 


A query was raised regarding Neighbourhood Watch.  CC stated that the coordinators in the village were Joan Pattison, Keith Cockroft, Roy Haywood, Drew Houston and Peter Knowles. 


Rights of Way Network Management Improvement Plan – details of this form passed to TS for completion.  FH suggested that a copy is posted on notice boards etc        ACTION TS


Community Contact Vehicle – Proposed visits to villages – With the appointment of a new administrator, a letter has been received asking for details of village events, or requested visits.  This was passed to CC.                                                                      ACTION CC


Assignment of Official Street Names in Leigh on Mendip – VT received an e-mail from Graham Harris to say that this had not been dealt with at the last CAP meeting due to time constraints.  He hopes to deal with this at the September meeting.


SCC Somerset Freight Quality Partnership – experimental traffic regulation order on A368 and B3134 - It was felt that this would not affect the village roads.  A copy was placed in the correspondence file




PCSO – Minutes and Report in correspondence file.


Leigh on Mendip First School – VT stated that the school are seeking funds to improve the grounds and may approach the Parish Council for grants towards a small amphitheatre, play equipment etc. Attention is also being paid to the pond area.

FH and VT have had preliminary discussions to work in partnership with the school.  It was agreed to approach the Governors to contact parents about parking in the car park when delivering to and collecting children from school.


SALC – CC stated that the AGM is in September to be held in Barrington.


Quarries – Nothing to report


Footpaths – TS handed out a guide for dog owners and dog walkers.


Highways – FH requested that a letter is sent to First Bus requesting that buses reduce their speed through the village as several complaints had been received.                       ACTION JA


Road sweeping Wednesday 29th August and week beginning 5th November.  Thanks were proposed to the Robinsons for all the work involved in this exercise.


Stocks Lane – it was reported that most of the potholes have been repaired.


Hall – No meeting in August so nothing to report.


Rec Field – RH could not attend however the Minutes are in the correspondence file.  A Ceileidh is being organised for 8th March 2008






13th September, Enforcement Planning - training session for Parish Councillors

19th September Design and Access Statements - training session for Parish Councillors

Individuals to make bookings directly with Sandra Morris at MDC.


Mendip Area Working Panel – 25th September. 

Strategic Housing Day – 25th September Bishops Palace Wells.

Decision to be made on attendance at next meeting.


Rural Retail Business – MDC has requested a list of the retail businesses in the area.  This has been passed to CC.                                                                                  ACTION CC


Correspondence –

Rural Retail Business (Copy; Mendip Area Working Panel Future Dates; Planning Enforcement Session for Parish Councils, 13.09.07; Tour of Britain Cycle Race; Mendip PCSO Steering Group Meeting, Minutes 18.07.07; PCSO Steering Group Report, June-July 07; SCC Area Working Team (One Council for Somerset); SW Regional Assembly Public Consultation – Review of additional pitch requirements for gypsies and travellers in the South West; Details on Mobile Hearing Loop for Village Halls; Parishes Information Bulletin


For discussion at next meeting – Parish Emergency Plan Information


Date of next meeting – 17th September 2007