held on 18th May 2009

 at 8.00pm in the Memorial Hall




Councillors Present

Chris Cudmore – Chairman (CC), Frank Higgins (FH), Rose Martin (RM), Marsha Read (MR), Alf Smith (AS) and Vicki Taylor (VT).

Clerk – Sandrine Vaillant (SV).














Apologies were received from Marsha Reid, Claire Fleming (District Councillor) and Yvonne Mears (PCSO).












Chair welcomed the public and introduced the parish meeting.






Copies of the newsletter were handed. Chair ran through the newsletter and briefed the villagers present about all the different issues raised and dealt with other the last year (Consultations, Budget, Expenditure, Cemetery, Planning Applications, Parish Plan, Highway, Street cleaning, street lighting, PCSO, footpaths, quarry, website).The following points were stressed:-






There has been one resignation from the Parish Council from T. Schlechter, Footpath and PCSO Liaison Officer, who will be missed. The Parish Council has advertised for a councillor who will be co-opted next month.






Councillors and the Clerk have attended various forums, including East Mendip Community Partnership, and training sessions, which helped us gain information about services we can get for the village.






Vicki presented the Welcome Pack, which resulted from the Parish Plan.






Vicky Higgins was thanked for her involvement with the Youth Club.

Graham & Caroline Higgins were thanked for their involvement with the Active Living Centre and were congratulated on winning their award).






Chair reminded the public it was the responsibility of owners to cut road side hedges along their properties.






Street lighting. Chair explained the situation, saying we would still need to check general opinion before doing anything.






Thanks were extended to Tarmac for their support to the village. Tarmac provided stones for the car parks and sorted the footpaths around the quarry after request by the council.






A final thank you was extended to the Parish Councillors for their time in supporting the village (Parish, District and County Councillors).






Rec Field






Vicki Higgins presented a report for the Recreation Field, stating it had been a good year for the RF. Thanks were extended to all on the committee, including new arrivals.

Constructive criticism was invited, as well as new members.

A date has been set for some improvements to the interior of the Club: 31st May, 10am.






The Youth Club is expending and Vicki thanked all the volunteers, without whom the Youth Club could not function.






Memorial Hall






A report was presented for the Memorial Hall. Again, it was an exciting year with the extension being built, thanks to grants and especially thanks to PC.

Many hours were put by members to paint and decorate following the building works.

Numerous clubs make use of the memorial hall, but there are still some vacant slots.

Thanks were extended to all committee members for their hard work in providing a super hall for all to use.






Open session






Highway – Parking at the school and in other hot spots in the village was raised. The PC stated that the issue had been raised at school level, and that the Police were not particularly interested in dealing with the issue at the moment, stating it was not of high priority. Chair also stated that the parish ensures that all new planning applications make provision for off-street parking in order to keep the cars off the road.






Chair summarised that we were aware of these issues, and were in contact with Highways and the PCSO to mitigate the issue.






Telephone box - Parishioner reported that the telephone box was not in use and that it was not possible to connect out. Clerk to investigate/report.







Milestone – It was reiterated that a milestone knocked over following an accident during the year has not been replaced (near LJH). FH stated that MDC were not particularly interested in replacing it. It was questioned whether there could be something the PC could do to protect those.






Highways – It was brought to the attention of the PC that reflective posts on the sharp right bend after entrance to quarry (going towards Soho) had been knocked out of place. Parish to investigate and look to having them replaced.








Recycling – Following the recycling trial last year, a resident brought to the attention of the parish the existence in other councils of mobile recycling units collecting on a monthly basis. PC agreed to investigate with MDC.






Meeting closed.