held on 15th February 2010

 at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall


Councillors Present

Chris Cudmore – Chairman (CC), Rose Martin (RM), Marsha Read (MR), Vicki Taylor (VT) and Brenda Wigmore (BW).

The meeting was also attended by Rick Massey and 2 other members of the public, Philip Ham (District Councillor) and Gloria Caywood (District Councillor).

Clerk – Sandrine Vaillant (SV).














Apologies were received and accepted from Alf Smith (AS) and Matthew Odolphie (MO).






Declarations of Interest






No interest was declared.






Agreement to minutes of meeting held on 18/01/10






The minutes of the meeting held on 18th January 2010 were agreed as a true and accurate record of the meeting held with the following amendment:


·           (14.6) Headteacher interviews are scheduled for 23rd March (not 21st).

·           (8.1) Clerk to meet with Mick Funicane (not Nick).












App. Ref. 067818/010; Cookswood Holiday Retreat – The applicant gave a brief account of the situation with regard to the development and, following a question, confirmed that up to 65 full-time jobs and up to 200 part time jobs in the summer would be created.

Chair read an email opposing the application received from a parishioner before a discussion ensued. There had been no other formal representations from parishioners to the councillors or attendance to view the plans immediately before the meeting although this had been advertised on the Noticeboards and on the website.  During the discussion it was felt that the Parish Council could not usefully contribute to the general policy issues regarding transport, environment, visual impact which were being considered by the relevant authorities and had more impact on other villages. The discussion focused on the specific impact on Leigh on Mendip.  These were considered to be increased road usage, potential local employment opportunity and general economic benefits to local businesses. 






VT proposed to support the application which was unanimously agreed.

It is believed the increased transport will only have a small impact on current levels of traffic and this inconvenience is out weighted by the possible creation of numerous full-time and part-time jobs, and increased tourism to help our Public House.

However, Clerk to advise planners that Councillors felt limited in their capacity to read all the documents and knowledge and skills to assess the application.






App. Ref. 2009/2087; Rookery Farmhouse, Lime Kiln Lane – Chair presented the application. Following discussion, CC proposed to support the application as it is good that the owners are maintaining the building. MR seconded; 3 votes to support, 1 against.






App. Ref. 2010/0071; 17 Bellfield, Leigh On Mendip – Following analysis of the plans, MR proposed to support, VT seconded. It was unanimously agreed to support.






District & County Councillors’ Reports






PH reported on Mendip Council Tax for the next year which is not proposed to increase, except for a small increase of 4.7p/week to cover the costs of a proposed scheme of kerbside collection of plastic and cardboard. However, the proposal must be agreed by each district council in Somerset for the plan to go ahead.






County Councillor Grant - GC was delighted to confirm that she had awarded the Community Activity Group with a grant of £296.69 for the purchase of plate warmers, wireless speakers, rechargeable batteries and recharger; and LoM Parish Council with a grant of £414.34 for the purchase of two dog bins to be installed in the village.

The Chair thanked GC on behalf of all in Leigh On Mendip.  






The Chair also reported a good response from Somerset County Council’s repair of potholes. Potholes had been reported at Tadhill, inspected within two days and repaired within two weeks.






Matters Arising from meeting held on 18/01/10






(3.1) Co-option of Councillor - Papers have been signed by BW. Action complete.






(4.2) Permissive Path – CC spoke to Mr Patch who is not keen to make a permissive path in Leigh woods. Action complete.






(9.3) Provision of Future Housing Development in Mendip – Feedback form was sent back to MDC with comments raised at the meeting. Action complete.






(10.1) Provision of Grit Bins – Clerk advised that grit bins were available from Glasdon UK for £131.67 (Yellow Slimline Grit Bin).






Identification of further sites – Sites were identified as follows:

·           1 bin for the bottom of Soho Hill/Tweed Farm will be ordered on a half/half basis with Coleford (LoM to purchase and invoice Coleford)

·           1 bin towards the top of Vobster Hill

·           1 bin at Holly Bush junction

·           2 bins for Whitehole Hill

·           1 bin for Townsend Lane (between Yew Tree Cottage and Grove Shute Farm).

CC proposed to order 6 bins, MR seconded, unanimously agreed. Clerk to co-ordinate.













(11.1) Provision of Dog Bin – Email was sent to GC to apply for a County Councillor Grant for two dog bins. £414.34. GC reported that the grant had been awarded. Clerk to co-ordinate purchase once the grant monies have been received.

BW to find out best location in Rec Field to mount the dog bin.









(12.1) Village Sign – Due to the heavy agenda this month, it was agreed to invite Mr Body to the March meeting.







(14.2) Footpaths – Clerk confirmed that ‘thank you’ letters had been issued to the residents contacted about cutting back hedges. Action complete.






Kozy Kot hedge – The residents at Myrtle Cottage have asked Mr Moss to contact the parish. Action complete. 






(4.2.1) Permissive way from east of Barnsclose Quarry onto Holcombe Quarry – MO not present, to report in March.













Financial Statement – Statement to 14th February 2010 was agreed and signed.






Transfer of monies from NS&I savings account to Nat West Account – Clerk requested to transfer £1,500. Unanimously agreed. CC proposes, VT seconded, all agreed.







SLCC Membership Renewal – It was unanimously agreed to renew the membership to SLCC. Cheque # 583 was agreed and signed.






SALC Training – Invoice was presented from SALC for clerk’s workshop on Model Standing Orders, as agreed at meeting held on 18/01/10. Cheque #584 was agreed and signed.






Grant Request from WI for Annual Litter Pick up on 20th March – CC proposed to support the grant, RM seconded, unanimously agreed. Cheque #584 was agreed and signed.






Grant Request from LoM Active Living Centre – Grant has already been awarded by County Councillor. 






Grant Request from Victim Support – Grant request form was reviewed. RM noted that there had been two crimes in the last couple of years in Park Hayes and stressed that this kind of organisation was really beneficial to victims. RM proposed to grant £25, BW seconded. Unanimously agreed. Cheque #586 was agreed and signed.






Grant Request from St Margarets Hospice – Clerk advised that the organisation had withdrawn its grant request.












Cemetery Extension – Clerk advised that a meeting had been organised for Monday 22nd February at 1.30pm. Clerk to attend. Councillors to attend if available.







Parish Plan Actins






Nothing further to report.






Councillors’ Reports 






PCSO – Last report was circulated. RM reported that last meeting was held in February when it was stressed that there was no consistent beat manager at present and that the unit was very short staffed. RM to draft a letter of support for the PCSO addressed to Mark Nicholson in Wells, to be copied to county councillor.









Other issues were discussed as follows:

·           More community speed watches to be undertaken.

·           Horse Watch – event organised on 22nd February at Mole Valley

·           Anti social behaviour – leaflet campaign is under way to stress the importance of reporting anti social behaviour.

·           Litter pick-up – RM reported on PCSO’s idea of a communal stash of litter pickers and yellow high-visibility jackets to be shared between all villages who undertake a litter pick-up. CC to ask the quarry about providing high-visibility jackets.













Footpaths – MO not present. Nothing further to report.






BW reported that the field beyond Sparks Farm can get really muddy and that the paths were not accessible. Clerk to ask owner if the footpaths could be left unploughed, in a grassy condition.








Highways – Potholes can be reported by any member of the public to SCC as recorded in previous minutes. Tel 0845 345 9155.






Rec Field – RM reported that the Youth Club was hoping to re-open in March/April but that it was very short on volunteers. Posters to be displayed on notice boards and

e-newsletter to attract volunteers.








Forthcoming event: Barn Dance on 6th March 2010, 7.30pm for 8pm, with two options of curry. Tickets available from Vicky Higgins, Rose Martin, David Pattison or Julian Back.






Memorial Hall – Last meeting was held on 1st February. Next meeting on 1st March.

Forthcoming events:

·      Comedy Show in conjunction with Bath Comedy Festival, Saturday13th March 2010. £5 to include nibbles, not drinks.

·      Quiz night – Saturday 27th March 2010, 7.30 bar, 8pm start. £8 for team of 4.






School – VT reported on the school’s willingness to do a joint leaflet with the PC about parking. It was agreed to do the leaflet when the need arises.






SALC – Nothing further to report.






Quarry – Next meeting on 18th March 2010. Nothing further to report.






Meetings attended (including training courses)/to be attended






Meetings to be attended:

  • 16th February - SALC Clerks’ workshop.
  • 1st March – SALC East Area Meeting.
  • 20th May – next PCSO meeting.














The following correspondence was circulated

·         Team Somerset Newsletter

·         SALC agenda for East Area meeting on 1st March 2010.

·         Parish Forum write-up notes

·         UK Digital Switch Over

·         MDC Calendar of public meetings 2010/11

·         Thank you letter from Mendip CAB and Mendip Community Transport

·         Mendip Speed Indicator Schedule & Results

·         Gypsy & Traveller Strategy

·         SAW Annual Review

·         Mendip Vision for Housing

·         Copy of correspondence re. Aggregates Levy Fund

·         Letter from Somerset Cooperative Services

·         December/January editions of: Your Somerset; Clerks & Councils Direct; The Clerk; Flourish Homes; Mendip Community Newsletter;






Date & time of next meeting






The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on 15th March 2010, at 7.30 in the Memorial Hall, Committee Room.