held on 21st February 2011

 at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall



Councillors Present

Chris Cudmore – Chairman (CC), Ian Barnes (IB), Rose Martin (RM), Matthew Odolphie (MO) and Brenda Wigmore (BW).

Clerk – Sandrine Vaillant (SV).


The meeting was also attended by Phil Ham (PH; District Councillor), Mr Lowe (representative for planning enquiry at Townsend Farm) and 5 members of the public.














Apologies were received from Marsha Read (MR).

Apologies were also received from Gloria Cawood (GC), County Councillor






Chair introduced the meeting and advised that items would be dealt with in a slightly different order than that on the agenda for the convenience of visitors in attendance.






Declarations of Interest






No interest was declared.






Co-option of new Councillor






Following Ian Barnes’ introduction to the council last month, CC proposed that he be co-opted as Parish Councillor, BW seconded. The relevant information was given to IB. The relevant form was signed and is to be forwarded to MDC.








Agreement to minutes of meeting held on 17/01/11 and Matters Arising (Where not dealt with on the agenda)






The minutes of the meeting held on 17th January 2011 were agreed as a true and accurate record of the meeting held.






(3.2) Churchyard – No response has been received from C.Norton with regards to Steve Clark attending site meeting in Leigh. Clerk to chase.

Clerk confirmed having reported the problem of tree roots causing a trip hazard on the path leading up to the Church. Clerk to chase.









(3.4) Coleford Recycling Centre – Details were circulated. Action complete.






(3.5) County Ticket & Cuts in Adult Social Care – Clerk tabled response received from SCC confirming a cut in subsidy of £30 per ticket, which will increase the current price of tickets from £505 to £535. SCC will still be subsiding £105 per ticket (instead of £135). Action complete.  






(3.10) Library Consultation – Following enquiries with the mobile library, it was confirmed that the cut would affect around 6 residents. Since decisions have now been made at County level, it was agreed not to pursue further.






(9.5) Village Litter Pick-up – The WI was contacted and additional resources have been sought with the help of the quarry. Action complete.



District & County Councillors Reports






Opposition to the closure of Coleford recycling centre - PH thanked CC for his support in attending the meeting in Taunton and advised that the situation was undecided. The matter will be brought to the next scrutiny committee in March following the voting behaviour of some members.
All Recycling facilities will have reduced opening hours (40 hours/week).









Other matters of interest:-

·      It was confirmed that the provision of PCSOs was safe for the next 2 years.

·      Frequency of buses would be reducing.

·      S106 for Cookswood is almost ready.












Financial Statement – Financial statement to 20th February 2011 was agreed and signed.






Bank Account Signatures - Following Clerk’s conversation with the bank, it was confirmed to sign forms as follows:-

To remove F. Higgins, T. Schlechter and V. Taylor as signatories;

To add M. Odolphie, B. Wigmore and I. Barnes as signatories.

Clerk to organise all forms and send to the bank, requesting written confirmation.










Internal Audit – Clerk has obtained a quotation from K. Cockcroft who has agreed to carry out the internal audit again this year. IB proposed, MO seconded, to accept the quotation. All agreed. Clerk to organise with Keith for the internal audit to be conducted in March.









Amendment to Clerk’s contract (change from quarterly to monthly salary payments) – BW proposed, RM seconded. It was unanimously agreed to pay salary on a monthly basis. New contract was signed.






Clerk Salary – Clerk’s invoice dated 21st February 2011 was agreed. Cheque# 606 was signed.






SALC invoice for Clerk’s Workshop – SALC’s invoice dated 9th February 2011 was agreed. Cheque# 607 was signed.






SLCC Membership – Clerk advised that membership could now be shared with Cranmore and Ashwick parish Councils (£106/3). All agreed. Cheque# 609 was signed.






Purchase of Tools for Footpaths Officer – MO proposed to purchase a strimmer and brush cutter (with hedge cutting attachment) for £219.63 to be used by working groups throughout the summer, especially as there is not going to be much help from SCC anymore. IB reminded the council of petrol costs throughout the season. It was unanimously agreed to purchase. MO to order.
















Latest status of existing applications/decisions – Clerk updated the council on recent planning applications as follows:-

Applications 2010/2844 (1 Church Walk) and 2010/3021 (Great House Farm; Internal and External alterations) have been approved with conditions.






Mendip Local Development Framework - Draft Core Strategy - Chair mentioned that the Framework was now in consultation. Clerk to circulate information for review at March meeting.








Applications 2010/3081 & 2011/009; Great House Farm; change of use and conversion of the ‘small barn’ from BA1 (business) to C3 (dwelling house) & alterations and extension to the small barn – Following review of the plans, CC proposed to recommend refusal of permission; IB seconded; all agreed for the following reasons:

·       Change from Business to Dwelling House - The Parish Council supports business activity in the village, and it is felt that the change of use from 'business' to 'dwelling house' would reduce the number of facilities for businesses to start up. The building has been used until recently for business purposes and is located within an industrial business complex.

·       Proposed Holiday Let - There is already a surplus of holiday lets in the village, most of which are not being successfully let or are not being let within the terms of the planning consent.

·       The proposed glass windows in the kitchen-diner are out of character with the existing building and the Village Design Statement.






Application 2011/0158; Fern Cottage, Leigh Street; Use of Summer House as a residential annexe – The representative for the applicant presented and gave background information to the application. MO proposed to recommend refusal of permission; BW seconded, all agreed for the following reasons:

·       It is felt that the additional residential annex would increase the likelihood of additional car access requirements to the property and parking would be problematic, together with the associated noise disturbance. 

·       There must be sufficient parking space within the property to keep vehicles off the road (as per our Village Design Statement), however, it is felt that access to (and out of) the property from the road is fairly narrow and there is also a footpath running to the side, which should be kept clear of vehicles and safe to walk. This could be compromised if an additional residential annexe is added to the site and traffic increases.






Preliminary Enquiry; Development of Barn at Townsend Farm – Representative ran through the history of the site and presented draft plans for the purpose of bringing it to the PC’s attention. Chair stated that early consultation was encouraged. Responses however are without prejudice to any subsequent decision by the Parish Council.  It was agreed that development of the site to support a small business (which would be for sale) would be positive, however, the following issues were raised:-

·       External materials - The building did not reflect the guidelines of the Village Design Statement (which encourages stones, render, quoins and wooden windows, rather than the proposed wood cladding and glass).

·       All parking be located at the back for minimal impact on existing neighbours.

·       New windows on the North elevation may overlook existing properties.







Chair reminded the councillors that MDC are conducting an on-line survey to seek feedback on their Planning service.






New Cemetery Update






A second Cemetery sub-committee meeting had been held. Enquiries with land owners around the existing cemetery are continuing.

Clerk also updated with regards to discussions with SCC regarding the land adjacent to The Meadows.






Additional Parking spaces in Park Hayes






Chair and RM summarised background to the proposals and the parish actions.

Following enquiries with MDC and SCC, it was advised that costs could run up to almost £10,000, which was beyond the scope of the PC, unless grants were available, and would not be justified for the benefit of only a few residents.






Mr Fukyama, resident, stated that, generally, residents did not want to lose the green outside the houses and that the road was actually wider in this area than on either roads leading in and out of Park Hayes, which are also on a slope. It was suggested that a grit bin might be better idea to deal with difficult driving conditions in winter.






Clerk confirmed having received several phone calls from residents who were opposed to the creation of parking spaces on the grassed areas. CC proposed not to pursue further on the basis of costs and needs; it was unanimously agreed not to pursue.






New village signs






Clerk tabled grant approval at the meeting, confirming that £6,000 had been awarded for the commissioning of all three new village signs. BW and RM to progress, together with Vicki Taylor.








Councillors’ Reports






PCSO – It was reported that a van had been broken into by the garage.
Next meeting on Thursday 24th February at Frome police station. MO to attend.







Footpaths – IB agreed to speak to Tarmac regarding clearing parts of the Right of Way around the south of Halecomb Quarry.







Highways – There are several potholes in the village which have been reported to SCC for making good.






RM advised that the new set of lights at Park Hayes was now operational (not 24/7), and that the old set had been removed.







·         Koz-e-kot Hedge – SCC have now agreed to look into this matter;

·         The ivy and bramble overhanging Sparks Field had been reported and cut back;

·         Two locations of ornamental trees requiring action were being followed up by CC;

·         The PC agreed to spring clean the pavement leading to Barns Close Quarry as part of the Village Spring Clean on Sat 12th March.  All to meet at the Hall at 2pm suitably equipped.














Rec Field – Next meeting on 28th February.

Youth Club, numbers are now low – it was suggested to ask the school to put a paragraph in their newsletter.








Memorial Hall – Nothing further to report. Upcoming events:-

·      Village Litter pick; Saturday 12th March.

·      Quiz night; Saturday 26th March 2010. PC to get together and enter a team.






School – Nothing further to report.






SALC – East Area meeting on Monday 7th March, 7.30pm at Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall. Clerk to purchase refreshments.







Training for new councillors on Tuesday 7th June 7-10pm at Nunney VH.






Quarry – Nothing further to report.

Next meetings on 23rd March, 10am, and 13th October 2011.







Meetings attended (including training courses)/to be attended






Meetings attended:-

·         Parish Forum; 31st January – CC attended. The following topics were covered:

-      Home improvement agency;

-      Census;

-      Dog control orders – CC reported that the law for putting up notices was only applicable for public spaces (i.e. pavements) but not the Rec Field (excluded as Parish owned). The best course of action is to provide a poo bags dispenser for self-help or for volunteers to hand out to walkers. RM to look into obtaining some poo bags to hand out.

·         SALC Clerk Workshop (12/02/11) – Clerk attended workshop on Localism bill.  














Meetings to be attended:-

·         PCSO Area Meeting – 24th February. MO to attend.

·         SALC East Area Mtg; 7th March – All councillors invited to attend.

·         Consultation event for Mendip Local Dvlpt Framework; 9th March; Frome Cheese and Grain












Clerk read letter from Coleford PC regarding access to Dores Hill, Coleford. It was agreed not to pursue.






The following emails were circulated before the meeting:-

·         SCC; National Highways & Transport Survey

·         Rural Services Network

·         SALC Training dates

·         PCSO January Report

·         Elzheimer’s Society; outline of services

·         SCC; Subsidised transport

·         Gloria Cawood Report

·         MDC; Online Planning Survey

·         Speed Indicator Device results

·         MDC; Local Development Framework Consultation

·         SCC; Library Services Update






The following correspondence was circulated following the meeting:-

·         All about Local Councils leaflet

·         MDC Calendar of public meetings

·         The Playing Field; Winter 2010/11

·         SCC Letter re. Reduction in Youth Provision 2011/12

·         Grant request from Victim Support

·         Thank you letter from Age UK

·         Parishes information Bulletin; February

·         Your Mendip Spring 2011

·         MDC Local Development Framework; Core Strategy Consultation docs






Date & time of next meeting






The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on 21st March 2011, at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall, Committee Room.