held on 21st November 2011

 at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall



Councillors Present

Chris Cudmore – Chairman (CC), I Barnes (IB), R Martin (RM), J Smith (JS) and B Wigmore (BW).


In attendance: S Vaillant (SV; Clerk), G Cawood (GC; County Cllr), V Horler (VH; District Councillor), Yvonne Mears (YM; PCSO) and 3 members of the public.











The full council was in attendance.






Declaration of Interest



No interest was declared.






Minutes of the meeting held on 17/10/11 and matters arising



The minutes of the meeting held on 17th October 2011 were agreed as a true and accurate record of the meeting held. The following clarification was noted:-

·      Item 9.3 – VH stood for ‘Vicky Higgins’ (not Val Horler).






(3.3) Condition of path through Sparks Farm – The corn has now been cut but the path has not been made good and is very muddy. IB to take up with Clare Haskins. It was suggested to invite Mr Massey to a meeting to discuss.








(3.8) Patient Participation Group – CC to email parish details to practice manager to be included in the circulation list/participation group.







(3.11) Village Welcome Packs – Word version was emailed for Parish records.






(3.12) Non-Emergency police number (101) to be advertised – Information has been posted on the notice boards, together with updated Councillors details. 






(8.1) Somerset Electoral Review – Response was sent to SCC; however GC reported that Somerset had submitted their bid to the Boundary Commission without making any changes to their proposals. Chair queried whether this was a case for a complaint to the ombudsman for a ‘non-consultation’ practice.

CC to re-issue the letter directly to the boundary commission.










(9.2 & 9.3) Adoption of BT Telephone Box – Signed forms were returned to BT.

Adoption was publicised on the website.






(10.2) Footpath at Manor Farm – A discussion took place with residents present regarding the use of the field, following the display of notices asking users to keep to the path. The following was noted:-

·      It is believed that residents have historically used the perimeter of the field to walk dogs (for several years);

·      GC noted that applications could be made to SCC to have the footpath changed and that it was not only up to the owner, especially if it can be demonstrated that the footpath has been trodden for years.

·      IB to contact Clare Haskins to find out how to go about it.

·      IB to contact the owner of the field to obtain permission to walk perimeter.


It was agreed to take the notices down.
















It was suggested to display signs for dog fouling to be picked up around the fields.






(10.7) details of oil scheme were uploaded onto the website. CC to email notice to be printed and displayed in the notice boards.







County & District Councillors Reports



GC (County Councillor, SCC) updated the council as follows:-

·      Somerset Electoral Review; bid by Somerset;

·      Minerals & Waste consultations;

·      Briefing on Neighbourhood Plans, which are to be legal documents under the Localism Bill.






VH (District Councillor, MDC) updated the council as follows:-

·      Coleford Pharmacy – Permission has been granted although the Surgery is going to appeal. It was noted that premises were still to be found.






GC leaves the meeting.









Latest status of existing applications/decisions:-

·      App. 2011//2061; Fox Hollow front porch – no decision

·      App. 2011/2007; Great House Farm; landscaping – Approved with conditions

·      App. 2011/2296; Fox Hollow; photovoltaic Solar panels – Refused

·      App. 2011/1679; Townsend Farm; live/work unit – Approved with conditions

·      App. 2011/2397; Grove Shute Farm; Conversion to barn – no decision






Planning Application 2011/210; Rookery Farmhouse, Limekiln Lane; Internal & External remedial works, etc – CC proposed to recommend approval (JS seconded, all agreed) as there will be no change to the external aspect of the building, and will make use of the facility; helping conserve the building.






Retrospective Planning Application 2011/2329 – LJH Group Ltd; Erection of external fire escape access platform – IB proposed to recommend approval (JS seconded, all agreed) as the access platform was implemented following a H&S inspection. This does not appear to affect the neighbouring property due to the existing hedge.






Planning Application 2011/1916; Grove Shute Farm East; erection of detached double garage with home office in roof-space, etc.. – Following review of the plans and supporting documentation and after discussion, CC proposed to recommend refusal (BW seconded, all agreed) for the following reasons:-

·      The proposed wood cladding of the building is not in keeping with the Village Design Statement

·      It is felt that the proposals are for a garage of considerable size, which appears excessive (bearing in mind that the main property itself had already been given permission for 2 separate extensions in the past).






YM joined the meeting briefly to provide report; VH leaves the meeting.






Update of Village Design Statement – With the Localism Bill coming into force some time next year, CC stated that it will be important to look at putting together a Neighbourhood Plan, which will be used to control the construction of further dwellings and to dictate visual aspects of the village. However, further research and training is needed to gather further information.

A Local Planning presentation will be made at the Parish Forum next week.









Financial Statement – Financial statement to 20th November 2011 was agreed and signed.






CC explained the process to request the precept from MDC. Chair asked Rec Field, Village Hall and school reps to get back with grant requests for next year, to be considered for inclusion in the budget.






Clerk’s Salary & Expenses – Clerk’s invoice dated 21st November 2011 was agreed. Cheque #634 was signed.






Invoices were agreed for Village Stone expenses as follows (Big Lottery Grant):-

·      Jeff Body’s invoice dated 25th October 2011. Cheque #635 signed.

·      Hire of Memorial Hall for public sessions. Invoice no53; cheque #636 signed.

·      Payment of assistants during public sessions. Cheques #637-41 signed.

·      Payment of 2 teaching assistants during session with school children. Invoice No I/162; cheque #642 signed.

·      Printing and laminating. Invoice 2429; cheque #643 signed.

·      Hire of Recreation Field for Youth Club sessions. Invoice dated 16/11/11; cheque #644 signed.






Grant request from Somerset Age Uk – CC proposed to donate £25 (BW seconded, all agreed). Cheque #645 was signed.






Grant request from Mendip CAB – BW agreed to find out where the local branch was affiliated to ensure the monies benefit the residents.






Grant request from Mendip Community Transport – CC proposed to donate £25 (BW seconded, all agreed). No cheque left in the book; to be signed in December.









Mowing – D. Jarvis’ invoice dated 7th November 2011 was agreed. Cheque #112 was signed.   






Councillors’ Report



PCSO – YM reported on recent wave of break-ins in sheds and other secured buildings at night in the village, in locations near footpaths or back of lanes. It was suggested to put notices up to ask people to be aware of ‘suspicious’ looking people, appearing to be checking out properties or ‘hanging around’ with no obvious purpose. Be aware and report suspicious things to 101.






Recent accident at Townsend – A discussion took place looking at what further warnings or road painting could be put in place to protect the property. JS to query with Highways (SV to send contact details).








Footpaths - A few repairs have been identified on some stiles which will be undertaken by IB.






Highways – JS confirmed that salt/grit bags had been collected and deposited at agreed locations.






Rec Field – RM reported as follows:-

·      ‘Skate Park’ - Fund raising cycle ride took place and a Christmas disco has been organised for Sunday 18th December, Memorial Hall.

·      Bingo; 10th December, 7.30pm at Memorial Hall.

·      Whist Drives continuing in January, February & March.






Memorial Hall – BW reported thanks from the Council at AGM on 7th November.

Forthcoming events:-

8th December – School Nativity Play, 2pm.






Village Signs – There has been a very good response to the carving sessions.  Jeff agreed to facilitate the creation of a carving group in the village, by running a master class. SV to send a copy of the licences obtained from SCC to RM.








SALC – Next meeting 5th December 2011 in Street. It was agreed that there were no relevant items on the agenda.






Quarry/School – Nothing to report.  






Meetings attended / to be attended.



Meetings to be attended:-

·         Parish Forum meeting; Monday 28th November, 5.30pm, 6pm start.
(New Development Framework)

·         SALC Meeting; 5th December 2011, 7.30pm.

·         Planning Training for Councillors – 18th January, 2pm & 6pm, MDC offices






Date & time of next meeting



The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on 19th December 2011, at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall, Committee Room. IB presented his apologies.