Chris Cudmore



David Mattick



Gill Newbury



David Sparkes



Kiley Pescott





In attendance

Anthea Brooks, Clerk



Plus 12 members of the public












Apologies were received from Val Horler, retiring District Councillor,  Alan Townsend, District Councillor, Philip Ham, County and District Councillor and Sue Vaughan, Chair of the Memorial Hall Management Committee












The Chairman gave the Parish Council report, highlighting the following points from the Newsletter.






All households in the parish should have received a copy of the Parish Council Newsletter.

The PC has had the same 6 councillors all year. We have not been able to fill the one vacancy. All six councillors stood for election which was again uncontested. Vikki Batten has recently unfortunately resigned due to other commitments and we therefore now have two vacancies.

Grateful thanks to Vikki for her time on the Parish Council and especially her initiative to start up the village Facebook group which has proved very popular (90 members) and a useful way to communicate between villagers (not just PC matters).






Communication. Apart from Facebook, the village website contains a wide assortment of village information from the Welcome Pack to the current month’s events. New items can be emailed directly to the Webmaster.  The Parish Council has successfully applied for a grant towards replacing the Noticeboard next to Dun Herbert House and this will be completed this year.  It is possible that we will get Fibre Broadband and improved mobile coverage in the next year.






Finance. Income - includes an £800 grant for the Noticeboard. Soho Solar Farm have agreed to grant us £2,000 every year. Admin included hall hire, insurance, training, SALC & SLCC memberships and web domain. Grants included contributions to a church disability ramp, the arts and craft exhibition, Recreation field grass mowing, Hall floor refurbishment, school picnic table and Recreation Field signs. Overall we had a £1,820 surplus as a result of receiving the Noticeboard grant and deferring a grant to the Rec Field for the Pump Track.






Planning. We were glad to see that the Mendip Local Plan (up to 2029) is now adopted which again imposes control over new developments. Our village is not classified as a Primary or Secondary village due to inability to use public transport for work. As such further new builds are limited to exceptional circumstances and there is no allocation for additional housing above that which has already been approved. However, since the Local Plan was adopted, the PC was successful in helping to get approval for 7 new dwellings at Grove Shute Farm on the basis that it replaced existing (unused buildings) and provides “starter” homes to maintain demographics of the village. (3x2bed, 3x3bed, 1x 4bed of which two are Affordable housing)


The PC is also developing a Contingency/Emergency Plan for the village and preparing to provide a Defibrillator. DM gave a brief update.






New Cemetery. In the absence of no other available land the PC prepared a costing and acceptability study for land adjacent to the Firs, we were then offered the potential to purchase market garden land adjoining the existing cemetery and recently Mr Brook has kindly offered to give the PC the disused land adjacent to the Hall carpark. We are currently ensuring it’s suitability before commencing the legal transfer.


We replaced the fence around the open cemetery which was damaged in the storms of 2014, Thanks to Kylie, Dave Sparkes and my wife for cutting back the hedge whilst the fence was down.






Neighbourhood Watch. A number of schemes have lapsed and so if you have not been receiving information from a NHW coordinator your scheme is probably lapsed. If you think you know who your NHW co-ordinator is contact them to check.  Dave Mattick and myself are restarting schemes.







Highways the pavements in Leigh St and Bellfield are scheduled to be completely resurfaced next Fin Yr (2016/17).






Footpaths David Sparkes is our Rights of Way Officer and gave a brief update on our footpaths.






In conclusion I would like to thank my fellow Councillors for all their work over the year and especially our Clerk, Anthea, who has to deal with ever changing rules and regulations.












Dave Mattick on behalf of Sue Vaughan presented the report from the Memorial Hall Committee and the following points were noted






·                Looking after the Memorial Hall is like having a second house to look after and this has been more than true during this year.  One of the largest scale jobs was not one the committee had to carry out personally, just arrange and fund and this was the repolishing of the main floor which was done in October.  Other jobs needed more physical input from committee members and Roger and Denis in particular worked very hard lifting paving stones, digging out tree roots and replacing the paving during the maintenance day.






·                Other jobs in the year included weed killing in the car park, sourcing and installing a new fridge and exterior corner lights and many other repair, improvement and replacement tasks which were all important to keep the Hall efficient, safe and attractive for users.






·                The new projector and screen have proved a great success and have been used at various meetings and two village quiz nights.  To keep the equipment in good condition anyone wishing to use the project will need to make a reservation with the booking clerks.






·                The hall continues to be well used and a new Thursday lunchtime Pilates group started recently.  The theatrical production, Wrong ‘Un which took place in September in conjunction with Take Art was much enjoyed but unfortunately numbers were low and it was decided not to have anything similar this autumn.  However after last Octobers successful quiz there will again be a second quiz this year in addition to the Tarmac trophy quiz in the spring.






·                A big thank you to all committee members who have worked particularly hard this year and contributed a lot to the village in doing so.






The Chairman thanked Sue Vaughan and the Memorial Hall Committee for their work.












Vicky Higgins presented the report from the Recreation Field Management Committee and the following points were noted






·                The Recreation Field continues to be used by many villagers which is excellent and a big thank you is extended to all the committee members which help keep the field in good order.  Special thanks to David for acting as secretary and to Vanessa as Treasurer.  Thanks to David Duncan who cut the outfield verge last year, for Matthew for continuing to cut the play park and of course Frank who has marked out the football pitch and continues to do many other jobs.






·                Club house is in good repair and the shower room floor has been retiled.






·                Football – Frome Town Sports reserve team are playing this year and the pitch has stood up to the task well.  Vicki Taylor has kindly negotiated the making of some new goal posts for us by Duo so a big thank you to her and them.






·                Cricket – the Cricket club continue to play and it is great to see this happening during the summer.  We hosted a fun match in September which was a great success.






·                Tuesday night bowls are available for anyone who would like to join in






·                Finances look healthy owing to the amount of fund raising towards the pump track and thanks to Vanessa for her work as Treasurer






·                Fund Raising Events – Christmas bingo was held and monthly whist drives continue.  The Village Fair was once again held on the field in June.  If you are able to help in any capacity please let any member of the committee have your details as manpower is required to help with car parking, gate duties and behind the bar.






·                Pump Track – luckily Adrian Smith came forward when the project looked as though it was never going to be realised.  He is using his contacts to help overcome many of the issues which have arisen and it is hoped to have more news as the month progress.  A big thank you to Adrian for his assistance.






·                Grass Cutting – the committee are grateful to the Parish Council for agreeing to pay for the grass cutting.  The contractor works closely with the Committee and we are very pleased with the result.






·                Upkeep of the field – this is a very big task and the committee do their best to keep this in hand.  Any help with the upkeep of the field would be gratefully received.






·                Dog Fouling – all dog walkers are asked to keep their dogs on a lead in the recreation field and there are now signs asking for this to happen but sadly some people do not adhere to this.  Please be responsible and clear up after your dog or keep them on a lead or walk them somewhere else!






The Chairman thanked Vicky Higgins and the Management Committee of the Recreation Field.












In the absence of VH her report was read out and the following points made






·                The year had been busy especially when during the building work for Shape Mendip all committee meetings took place in different venues.  Shape Mendip is now completed and running well.






·                Planning board was extremely busy as without an adopted local plan there were many complicated large sites coming to the board which needed very careful consideration.  The Planning Board was decreased in size in August and I was no longer a member although I have attended all the training courses.  The MDC Local Plan was approved in December.






·                I attended all full Council meetings and almost all the committee meetings of which I was a member.  I have also attended Parish Council meetings at Stoke St Michael, Leigh-on-Mendip, Holcombe and Coleford where possible.  I have also tried to help parishioners in all the parishes when asked and have offered advice on the right course of action to solve problems.






This has been my last year as District Councillor and I would like to thank everyone who has helped me and particularly Phillip Ham for his help and advice over the years.












The Chair asked those members of the general public who were present if there were any issues that they wished to raise.






Clive Baker raised a question about street cleaning and the distribution of the leaflets warning parishioners when the cleaning is to take place.  He reported that it is some time since Bellfield residents have received these leaflets. 






The Chair responded by stating that normally the leaflets are only distributed to those parishioners with cars on the street and no driveways.  However it was agreed to leaflet the whole of Bellfield in future.






A member of the public stated that it was good to see that the pump track was back on course and asked about provision of goal posts for children who want to play football.  He stated that it would be good to have an area with goal posts away from the cricket pitch for the children to use. 






John Davis offered to see if he could find some scaffolding to make a set of goalposts and asked the Recreation Field Committee to give him dimensions.  The Chairman stated that the Parish Council would look favourably on any request for a grant towards purchasing a set of goal posts. 












The next Parish Council Meeting will take place on Monday 15 June at 7.30 p.m. in the Memorial Hall.