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David Mattick



David Sparkes





In attendance

Anthea Brooks, Clerk



8 members of the public












Apologies were received from Philip Ham (PH), County and District Councillor, Alan Townsend (AT) District Councillor, Vicki Trundle (VT) Parish Councillor and Paula Freeland (PF) Parish Councillor












The Chairman gave the Parish Council report as follows






Community Open Space – an opportunity has arisen to obtain funding to purchase an area of Open Space for the parish.  We are therefore looking for a landowner who is willing to sell a convenient area of up to two acres and for ideas of how we could use this Open Space for the benefit of the community (e.g. allotments, communal garden area etc.)






Parish Councillor Vacancies – despite advertising we have been unsuccessful in filling our two vacancies for the past year.  We would welcome interest from anyone whether you have previous experience as a Parish Councillor or new to the village with fresh ideas who would be willing to be co-opted.  More details on the village website.






Be a Village Ranger – you will notice in the village the need for some minor maintenance and other matters that need attention.  At present many small jobs around the Parish are being taken care of by a very small number of volunteers but we need more help to ensure that the village is always at its best in appearance and function.  Some examples of the work involved are


·                     Maintaining the village stones area

·                     Trimming back foliage over pavements

·                     Removing out of date advertising notices

·                     Keeping traffic signs clear of foliage

·                     Adopting a footpath

·                     Keeping drains and grips clear

·                     Checking salt bins

·                     Tidying the telephone (notices) box

·                     Helping maintain signposts


If you care about the village and would like to help please volunteer to be a Parish Ranger.  It would only involve giving an hour or so of your time every few months on a voluntary basis.  Insurance cover and tools and safety equipment is provided.  To volunteer please contact David Sparkes by email dmsparkes@gmail.com or phone 01373 813476






Report Problems – most issues can now be reported directly by the public e.g. www.fixmystreet.com (potholes, street lights, and fly-tipping) or by speaking directly to those present (drivers, foreman etc.).  Contacts can also be found on the village website and Parish Councillors will also advise if you are not sure.






Parish Achievements

·                    two defibrillators installed and two free First Aid/CPR/Defibrillator training sessions held

·                    land to provide a future cemetery purchased

·                    pump track recently completed – thanks to the Rec Field Committee

·                    work started to repair our Grade 1 listed church and preparations for the ‘Tower Room’ community space – thanks to Friends of Leigh Church and the Parochial Church Council.






Village Website & Facebook - both are exclusive to Leigh-on-Mendip to stay in touch and communicate your events, lost/found, sales/wants and information/contacts. 






In conclusion I would like to thank my fellow Councillors for their enthusiasm and efforts, the Parish Clerk for her communications and organisation and to all those who work to keep the village organisations running smoothly.












Sue Vaughan presented the report from the Memorial Hall Committee and the following points were noted






·                The Committee have been busy maintaining and improving the Hall and its facilities.  In November a dishwasher was installed, financed jointly by Hall Funds and LOMCA.  In addition to the regular hirer LOMCA, it has been used successfully for a number of events and is available for any hirer to use once they check with the booking clerks the correct operating instructions.






·                The disabled and gents toilets were both smartened up with new flooring and many thanks to the Parish Council for a grant towards this work.  The refurbishment of the rusty sink supports in the gents has also been done






·                The Hall were glad to agree to host a defibrillator on the outside of the building and donated £100 towards this.






·                We were contacted by the Somerset CC Civil Contingencies Unit and have liaised with them and the village school regarding plans in the event of either pupils or villagers needing emergency accommodation.  The Hall is now officially a potential Rest Centre and if needed the Contingencies Unit would provide an emergency electrical supply and other help.






·                Storage has been something we have been trying to improve mainly led by Denis Pattison.  He has sorted out the small store room, adding shelving, adjusted the woodwork under the stage to take a much need replacement ladder and more recently changed the way we store the tables in the large storeroom.  There are some concerns about the storage of the table tennis tables and keeping them undamaged.  We ask any hirers to take care when removing chairs and tables out of the storeroom and to make sure they do not damage the table tennis equipment






·                The Hall has not had any extra funding events recently but the Annual Tarmac Trophy Quiz took place in March and was particularly well supported.  Many thanks to Des and Wendy Worley, the quizmasters, and to everyone who attended.






·                Finally the annual maintenance day was held a few weeks ago, clearing out gutters and repainting the large store room amongst other jobs.  However with so many maintenance jobs to do during the year I hope the way in which the Committee manage to fulfil this task makes it a pleasant venue for villagers to use.






The Chairman thanked Sue Vaughan and the Memorial Hall Committee for their work.















David Pattison presented the report from the Recreation Field Management Committee on behalf of Vicky Higgins and the following points were noted






·                The most important announcement is the completion of the pump track.  This has been a long and challenging project and the Committee is very relieved it is now completed.  Thanks go to committee members both past and present that were involved with this and especially David who secured all the grants and project managed the whole thing.  Thanks also go to the villagers who helped clear the site and to the young people who initiated the build and to all who supported the various funding raising events and the successful opening ceremony on 7 April.






·                There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes such as the secretarial jobs completed by David and general maintenance of the field and financial undertakings that Vanessa has done so well.  Vanessa has now handed over to Denis Pattison and I would like to thank her for her work over the past few years and thank Denis for helping out yet another village organisation.






·                Thanks continue to be given to Matthew for cutting the play park grass and of course Frank who continues to do all those jobs which need attention.  We had a Recreation Field tidy day last May and we were delighted by the response to our plea for help.  It was great to get so many jobs completed so a big thank you to those that turned up.  There will be another session this year just before the Fair.






·                Club house is in reasonable repair although the outside will need some attention this summer.






·                Cricket – the Cricket club continue to play and it is great to see this happening during the summer.  We hosted a fun match in August and it was a great success.  They now have a much more suitable garage to replace the old building on the site where the pump track now is.  We were sad to hear of the death of Steve Willis who kept a ‘very good wicket’ and will be missed not only for his time spent on the Recreation Field but as a villager born and bred.









·                Tuesday night bowls the team are still trying to beat the rather bumpy terrain they call the green but if you would like to join in they start at 6.30 p.m. on a Tuesday evening.






·                Fund Raising Events – a Christmas wreath making morning organised by Vanessa was a big success.  Monthly whist drives continue on the third Friday of the month.  The village fair was held on the field in June and was a great day.  Anyone who is willing to help in any capacity should let a member of the committee know.






·                Grass Cutting – the committee are grateful to the Parish Council for agreeing to pay for the grass cutting.  The contractor works closely with the Committee and we are very pleased with the result.






·                Wildflower Meadow – in the autumn we prepared and sowed a patch of field near the northern boundary.  We believe that it will enhance the field and create the much needed environment for wild life.






·                Upkeep of the field – this is a very big task and the committee do their best to keep this in hand.  Any help with the upkeep of the field would be gratefully received.






·                Dog Fouling – despite signs asking dog owners to keep their dogs on leads there are some people who still believe this does not apply to them.  The committee do understand that these people may actually clear up after their dogs but if those not quite so courteous dog owners see other dogs off the lead they will think it is all right to do so.  Therefore we kindly ask that all dogs are on leads and dog mess is picked up.






The Chairman thanked Vicky Higgins and the Management Committee of the Recreation Field.












The Chair asked those members of the general public who were present if there were any issues that they wished to raise






With reference to dog fouling a member of the public asked if it would be an idea to provide a supply of plastic bags alongside the dog bins for dog walkers to use.  It was agreed that the Parish Council would look into this.












The next Parish Council Meeting will take place on Monday 19 June at 7.00 p.m. in the Memorial Hall.