Chris Cudmore



David Mattick



David Sparkes



Simon Wolf



Paula Freeland



Vicki Trundle



Vicki Taylor





In attendance

Anthea Brooks, Clerk



24 members of the public












Apologies were received from Philip Ham (PH), County and District Councillor and Alan Townsend (AT) District Councillor,












The Chairman gave the Parish Council report as follows






Community Open Space – CC explained the allocation of the money for this project which had arisen from the construction of Apple Meadow View.  The developer was committed to pay an amount to the village to mitigate the loss of the open green space. The Council were then charged with identifying land to be used for community benefit.  The project was commenced in the autumn of 2017 with consultation followed by an Open Meeting at which various proposals for the use of the land were discussed.  However a complaint has been received which MDC are currently reviewing.  This has meant that no further work can be done on this project and it cannot be discussed until the issues are resolved.  When a resolution to the complaint is reached a further Open Meeting will be held to present the proposal.






Affordable Housing – the Council currently have funds available to develop affordable housing in the village arising from the development at Grove Shute Farm.  However the Council has not been able to identify a Housing Association who wish to take this on which means that after three years the funding will be made available to surrounding villages.






Footpaths – the group of volunteer footpath minders, who are ten in number, continue to ensure the extensive network of footpaths remain clear and accessible.  This year fallen trees across paths have been a particular problem and although these and other problems have been reported to SCC clearance has taken longer than expected.  In some cases volunteers have come forward to effect clearance and/or repairs.  Most of the footpaths are now supervised but if anyone wishes to adopt a path they should contact David Sparkes.






Village Rangers – the rangers are a small group of enthusiastic volunteers who have been undertaking some of the care and maintenance work around the Parish.  Traffic signs, name stones and pavements have been cleared of foliage and debris, grit bins checked, out of date advertising notices removed and litter picked up.  In particular many of the heritage finger signposts have been cleared and expertly repainted by Chris Ingrem to whom we express special thanks.  Gill Newbury has also distributed the leaflets advising people of the arrival of the road sweeper and we express our thanks to her.  More volunteers are welcome and if you wish to join contact David Sparkes at Green Shutters by email dmsparkes@gmail.com or telephone 01373 803476






Dog Fouling – this is still proving to be a problem and a persistent offender has been reported to MDC.  A further dog bin is to be installed where the footpath leads across to the quarry.






Cemetery – CC informed the meeting of the current status of the churchyard, this is closed and is the responsibility of MDC although grass cutting is contracted and paid by the Parish Council.  The Open Cemetery is managed by the Parish Council and is the area at the back adjoining Bellfield.  Another piece of land has now been identified next to the village hall car park for a further cemetery area.  There have been issues regarding various utility pipes which run across that piece of land which are being resolved.  Ownership of the Drang is currently being investigated. There is now no immediate plan to divert the footpath.






School parking issues – this is an ongoing problem of which the Council are well aware.  A new warning sign has been purchased recently and installed on the corner next to Ivy Cottage.






First Aid Course – a further first aid course has been held and thanks are extended to Vicki and Martin.









Report Problems – most issues can now be reported directly by the public e.g. www.fixmystreet.com (potholes, street lights, and fly-tipping) or by speaking directly to those present (drivers, foreman etc.).  Contacts can also be found on the village website and Parish Councillors will also advise if you are not sure.






Planning – as an isolated settlement development is strictly controlled, nevertheless the Parish Council has been consulted by MDC on a number of planning applications during the year.  The Council is keen to make sure that the design and materials used for any new development follows the Leigh-on-Mendip Village Design Statement which was adopted some years ago and is still a valuable policy document.  The statement is available on the village website.






Village Website & Facebook - both are exclusive to Leigh-on-Mendip to stay in touch and communicate your events, lost/found, sales/wants and information/contacts. 






The Chairman concluded by thanking his fellow Councillors for their enthusiasm and efforts, the Parish Clerk for her communications and organisation and to all those who work to keep the village organisations running smoothly.












In the absence of Sue Vaughan, Dave Mattick presented the report from the Memorial Hall Committee and the following points were noted






·                The Committee have been busy maintaining and improving the Hall and its facilities.  A week ago on the maintenance morning the outside walls were washed, the gutters were cleared and a temporary repair was made on a leak from the roof (see patch on ceiling by bar door).  It has been arranged for the front of the building to be repainted and the cracks filled in the summer and also for the kitchen to be repainted at the time.  Currently we are investigating either the refurbishment or if necessary replacement of the heater guards.






·                On the proactive front the Hall now has new LED lighting in the main Hall which is more energy efficient and being dimmable so more flexible than the old system.







·                Booking remains at a good level and a successful quiz was held in March.  A group of bell ringers camped out in the Hall overnight which worked very well.  However nearly all Fridays are free and many periods over the weekends so spread the word to anyone looking for a venue for a function.






·                Finally as always a big thank you to the committee who all contribute in their different ways.  The recent maintenance morning was a good example where we had seven members plus one spouse present.  Without that sort of commitment we could not keep the Hall in the good condition the village deserves






The Chairman thanked Sue Vaughan and the Memorial Hall Committee for their work.












Vicky Higgins presented the report from the Recreation Field Management Committee and the following points were noted






·                The Recreation Field continues to be used by many villagers which is fantastic to see and its use has grown since the completion of the Pump Track.






·                There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes such as the secretarial jobs completed by David, financial affairs ably completed by Denis and general maintenance of the field and club house completed by the committee and fellow villagers.  Thanks continue to be given to Matthew for cutting the play park grass and of course Frank who continues to do those jobs that are noticed as needing attention.






·                We had a Recreation Field tidy day last May and we were delighted by the response to our plea for help.  It was great to get so many jobs completed so a big thank you to those that turned up.  There will be another session this year just before the Fair.






·                Club house – Steve Phelps kindly bricked up the side doorway which led to the bar store area.  The ‘cellar’ has been decluttered and decorated and some cupboards installed.  The building is in reasonable repair although the outside will need some attention this summer.







·                Cricket – the Cricket club had a wonderful season last year and came top of their division.  Well done to them.  We hosted a fun match in August and it was a great success. 






·                Tuesday night bowls – bowls on the Rec continued last summer with a few more members joining in.  This is a fun session that anyone can join, it gives people the opportunity to meet new people, get some gentle exercise and have fun.  The bowls start in early May, 6.30 – 8.00 p.m. on Tuesday evenings.






·                Fund Raising Events – Vanessa Barnes and Tina Johnson once again held a Christmas wreath and table decoration making session. It was a big success and people went away with unique decorations.  We hope this will continue again this year.  Monthly whist drives continue to be held every third Friday of the month.  The Village Fair was held on the field in June.  If you are able to help in any capacity please let any members of the committee have your details.  People are needed to help with car parking, gate duties and behind the bar.






·                Grass Cutting – the committee are grateful to the Parish Council for agreeing to pay for the grass cutting.  The contractor works closely with the Committee and we are very pleased with the result.






·                Wildflower Meadow – the first year saw a few different flowers appear and we are hopeful that this year we will see more.






·                Upkeep of the field – this is a very big task and the committee do their best to keep this in hand.  Any help with the upkeep of the field would be gratefully received.






·                Dog Fouling – despite signs asking dog owners to keep their dogs on leads there are some people who still believe this does not apply to them.  The committee do understand that these people may actually clear up after their dogs but if those not quite so courteous dog owners see other dogs off the lead they will think it is all right to do so.  Therefore we kindly ask that all dogs are on leads and dog mess is picked up.






·                Committee – finally I wish to thank all the Committee members for their hard work over the year.






The Chairman thanked Vicky Higgins and the Management Committee of the Recreation Field.












The Chair asked those members of the general public who were present if there were any issues that they wished to raise






Open Space Project – as previously mentioned MDC are assessing the recent complaint and no further discussion will take place on this subject until this is resolved at which time an Open Meeting will be scheduled.






Beacon Crossroads – a member of the public asked if this dangerous crossroads was scheduled for improvements.  CC stated that PH has put forward a scheme to improve the Old Wells Road following two recent fatalities.  However it is not known whether Beacon Crossroads are included in this.  PH will be asked for a comment at the next meeting.






Land at Park Hayes – a member of the public pointed out that on the small grassed area at Park Hayes, which belongs to the Parish Council, the trees are growing through the electrical cables which are unsheathed.  CC stated that he would contact Western Power about this.










Fingerpost at Downhead Crossroads – it was noted that a picture of this fingerpost had appeared in a local newspaper recently after it had been hit by a car.  DS reported that the Parish Council were actively investigating how to mend this fingerpost.  It is not possible to make an insurance claim as this accident was not recorded as a police matter.  Quotations have been received which are costly and so a small team of volunteers are considering how to straighten the post and replace the spigot.  This is one of the village heritage posts and the Council want to get it refurbished and not replaced with a modern sign. 






Parish Council meetings – the Parish Council meets on the third Monday of each month, except for August, at 7.00 p.m. in the Memorial Hall.  Anyone is welcome to attend.  Agendas and minutes are posted on the noticeboards and on the village website.  A schedule of meeting dates will be compiled by the Clerk.











Summer Fair – Denis Pattison stated that the Summer Fair will be on 16 June and asked for any volunteers to come forward to help.  He extended thanks to Anthea Brooks who is Secretary of the Committee and organises the raffle prizes.












The next Parish Council Meeting will take place on Monday 16 June at 7.00 p.m. in the Memorial Hall.