Minutes of the Annual General Meeting
            of the Leigh-on-Mendip Parish Council held on
              Monday 18th May 1987 in the Village Hall.

1)   Election of Chairman

     Mr. K. Johnson, the outgoing Chairman, took the Chair for the 
first item and offered the apologies of Mr. G. Lee due to illness, and
Mr. R. Hewett due to prior engagements.  He congratulated the the
Council on their election and thanked his colleques for their 
contributions over the years.
     Calling for nominations, Mr. D. Yelland was proposed for the 
position of Chairman by Mr. D. Turner and seconded by Miss B. Chubb. 
By unaminous vote Mr. D. Yelland accepted  the Chairmanship of the 
Parish Council for  the forthcoming year.

2)   Election of Vice-Chairman.

     Mr. D. Yelland then took the Chair and called for nominations for 
the post of Vice-Chairman.  Mr. J. Davis was proposed by Mr. A. Gould 
and seconded by Mr. D. Turner.  He was so elected.

3)   Declarations of Acceptance of Office were received from each of
the Councillors, they being:-

                         Miss B. Chubb
                         Mr. J. Davis
                         Mr. A. Gould
                         Mr. G. Lee
                         Mr. P. Rooke
                         Mr. D. Turner.
                         Mr. D. Yelland

4)   The following Representatives were chosen:-

     a)   School Governors _ Miss B. Chubb.
          Proposed Mr. J. Davis, Seconded Mr. A. Gould.

     b)   Memorial Hall - MA P. Rooke.
          Proposed D. Yelland, Seconded Miss B. Chubb.

     c)   R.F.M.C. - Mr. G. Lee.
          Proposed  Miss B.Chubb, Seconded Mr. D. Turner.

     d)   P.C.C. - An elected body.
          Represented by Mr. D. Yelland.

     e)   Planning Sub-Committee -	All members wish to be consulted
          on Planning matters.

     f)   S.A.L.C. - Mr. D. Turner.
          Proposed Mr. J. Davis, Seconded Mr. A. Gould.

     g)   East Mendip Advisory Committee	- Mr. J. Davis.
          Proposed D. Turner, Seconded Mr. A. Gould.

     h)   Asham & East Mendip - Observer Mr. J. Davis.

5)   Frequency of Meetings.

The Meetings are to be held on Mondays as under:

         29th June, 1987.
         10th August, 1987.
         21st September, 1987.
         2nd November, 1987.
         14th December, 1987.

              at 7.45p.m.

         location to be notified by the Clerk.

6)   Sawmills Planning Application.

     Open Session

     Mr. D. Yelland, Chairman, opened the session by outling the 
previous Outline Planning Permission granted in 1985 and giving a 
resumee of the present application.   It provided for 4 detached and 2 
semi-detached dwellings served by two accesses, one between Leoglen 
and Sawmill Cottage and the other opposite Island Cottage next to P. 
Knowles Garage/Workshop.  Mr. Yelland was emphatic in pointing out his 
personal interest although he had no contractual nor pecuniary 
interest in the development.   He stated he would not vote on the 
matter.   Running through the Parish Councils provisos on the original 
application he found most had been met, although insufficient detail 
was available on the boundary walls to be retained, and he was unsure 
of the safety aspect of the lower access.   He pointed  out that it is 
policy by M.D.C. not to allow more than 3 dwellings per private 
access, and should more than that be necessary the roadway would have 
to be of highway standard.   Points from the floor included worry of 
traffic speeds, danger to children, no pedestrian way, blind corner, 
road width etc.   The Clerk then called for a vote to ascertain the 
Meeting's mood, the vote ensueing revealed 9 against the two accesses 
and 1 for.   The Clerk was criticized by one member of the public for 
speaking out of turn, but was supported by the Chairman.

     It was decided to write to M.D.C. stating that the Parish Council 
preferred a single access and had grave reservations an road safety, 
although it was accepted the plots may need to be re-arranged to meet 
the new layout.

7)   Financial Statement.

     The.Clerk read ot the Financial Statement for 1986-7 which was as 

     31.3.86.         995.90

     Revenue          871.57

     Expenditure      944.39

     31.3.87          923.08

     The figures for the year 1986/7 were accepted and signed by Mr. 
D. Yelland, subject to the Audit.

     The Precept for 1987/8 of 800 was formerly accepted after Mr. D. 
Turner  proposed and Mr. J. Davis seconded the figure.

8)   Matters Arising from the last Parish Council Meeting.

     Mr. Yelland summarized the Minutes to the Meeting and suggested 
that the Rec. Man. Field Committee be reminded of their promise to 
furnish a financial statement.   The Memorial Hall had replied and 
their letter was read to the meeting.   It was decided for Mr. P. 
Rooke to ascertain contacts within M.D.C. and S.C.C. where the Parish 
Council could apply for financial aid.

     A letter had been received from a lady villager who expressed 
concern about the dog fouling of footpaths and play areas.  Mr. 
Yelland thought all letters received ought to be acknowledged and that 
the matter of dog fouling be discussed at the next Meeting.

9)   Reports

     There were no reports available.

10)  Highways.

     A letter from Mr. R. Hewell regarding an extraordinary load at 
Soho was read and it was decided to remind S.C.C. Highways of the 
damage done to roads by this type of load.

11)  Footpaths.

     Miss B. Chubb agreed to continue marking the paths and requested 
more signs.

12)  Halecombe Quarry

     It was reported that noise still eminated from the Quarry and it 
was requested that the Parish Council pursue  M.D.C. for the matter to 
be resolved.   Mr. J. Davis agreed to maintain contacts with  M.D.C. 
It was agreed to put it in the next Agenda.

13)  Inter-Village Quiz.

     Mr. P. Rooke proposed the Village enter the Competition and this 
was seconded by Mr. D. Turner.   A cheque for. 6 was signed and Mrs. 
V. Winks was to be asked to form a team.

14)  Accounts Presented.

     The annual grant of 66 had been received for the Burial Fund on 
behalf of the P.C.C., St. Giles Church.   A cheque was proposed by Mr. 
D. Turner and seconded by Mr. A. Gould and duly signed.   The matter. 
is to be discussed further at the next Meeting.   The Annual Premium 
for Insurance was due and a cheque for 25 was proposed by Mr. D. 
Turner and seconded by Mr. P. Rooke.   An explanation of cover was 

     It was also requested that the insurance cover of the Memorial 
Hall and Recreation Field be investigated.

15)  It was suggested information on pre-printed paper costs and on
information sheet for the Parish be discussed at the next Meeting.

16)  Next Meeting to be held on Monday 29th June, 1987 in the School
at 7.45pm.

Clerk to the Parish Council.

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