MEETING HELD ON MONDAY 29th JUNE 1987
                        IN THE VILLAGE SCHOOL. ,

1)   The Meeting commenced at 7.45pm and apologies were accepted from
Mr. R. Hewett (MDC Chairman), and Mr. A. Gould. Those present were
Mr. D. Turner, Mr. G. Lee, Mr. J. Davis, Mr. P..Rooke, Miss B. Chubb
and two members of the public.  Mr. D. Yelland took the Chair.

2)   The Minutes of the Previous Meeting, the A.G.M., were accepted as
a true record and duly signed by Mr. D. Yelland.

3)   The only matter arising from the Minutes related to the Planning
Application at the Sawmills Site, which, it was reported by Mr
Yelland, had been passed by M.D.C. in its submitted form, although the
Parish Council had objected to the second entrance.

4)   Standing Orders.

     A motion to accept the Standing Orders based on the N.A.L.C. 
format was deferred to the next Meeting for the Councillors to 
consider the detail.

5)   Clerk's Contract Of Employment.

     The Chairman suspended this item, and read a letter of 
resignation from the Clerk dated 29th June, 1987 in which he stated 
that he had enjoyed his spell as Clerk over the last 2 + years and 
wished the Parish Council well for the future.   When asked, he gave 
his reasons as not being able to do the job justice or able to devote 
sufficient time to his duties that the post demanded.   He had 
deliberated for a long time over the decision, but felt he did not 
have the full confidence of all the Councillors.   The Chairman hoped 
he would change his mind.

     The Clerk's notice was to take effect from llth August, 1987 and 
he undertook to fulfill all his duties until that date and to complete 
the 1986/7 Audit commitment.

6)   Recreation Field.

     The Chairman asked Mr. Webber, Chairman R.F.M.C., for the
accounts as requested at earlier meetings and was handed them.   The 
income shown was irregular and it appeared that the main viability was
derived from the Social Club carrying out work and the wholesale use
of voluntary help.  The current fund stood at just over 1,000, 500
of which was the unused grant from M.D.C. for play equipment.   This
had recently been earmarked for the new play area, currently under
construction.    Considerable structural work was needed to the roof
of the pavillion and windows, woodwork, showers, and internal
decoration needed refurbishment.

     Mr. Yelland advised the meeting of the "constitution" of the 
R.F.M.C. that stated that the facility was on a 21 year lease through 
a Charity Trust and at expiry or default the future of the whole was 
to be decided by the Parish (all residents over 18 years).   The 
current lease expires in March 1989 and has an annual unpaid rental of

     Various priorities were discussed and the argument of make-do and 
mend against rebuilding, replacement or amalgamation with the Memorial 
Hall were discussed at length.   It was decided to carry out the 
essential repairs immediately and arrange a meeting of the 
representatives of the committees of both the Memorial Hall and the 
Recreation Field Managemen Committee to discuss the long-term needs 
and aspirations of both facilities.

     Mr. Webber stated that he and his Committee were not very 
effective at managing the Recreation Field and came cap-in-hand to the 
Parish Council for monitory assistance.   Mr. Yelland proposed a grant 
of 100 and the figure was seconded by Mr. P. Rooke.   A vote of 5 for 
and 1 against carried the motion.   An estimate for roof repairs was 
to be sought.

7)   Memorial Hall

     The Memorial Hall Committee have provided the Parish Council with 
a Financial Statement and the Parish Council were pleased to note that 
Fund Raising was on target.   Much work was needed in the Hall but 
would be carried out when the grants, as promised, were forthcoming. 
Mr. Yellaand proposed a grant of 100 to be made available to the Hall 
Committee when needed and this was seconded by Mr. P. Rooke  and 
carried unanimously.

8)   Insurance Policies.

     Since the last meeting the Parish Council had provided the 
Memorial Hall with details of a new Policy, giving a more 
comprehensive cover and a saving of 100 per annum and had put the 
R.F.M.C. in contact with an Insurance Company to provide Public 
Liability Cover hitherto denied them.

9)   Conduct of Correspondence.

     Deferred until appointment of new Clerk.

10)  Correspondence.

     A letter was read from the Sub-Postmaster outlining the problem 
of the lack of off-street parking and suggested various solutions to 
the problem.  The matter will be discussed at the next meeting.

11)  Halecombe Quarry

     There had been no comment received by the Parish Council since 
the attenuators had been fitted.

     A letter from Wimpey Hobbs inviting the Parish Council to a tour 
of the quarry and informal talks was read and the Chairman agreed to 
arrange accordingly with the full support of the Council.

12)  Highways

     A letter from two Villagers complaining about the uneaven surface 
of footpaths in Park Hayes had been actioned between meetings and the 
Parish Council hoped the Somerset County Council would soon carryout 
the work.

     Verbal complaints had been received about the state of the 
footpath between the School and Barnes Close and the Highways 
Department had been informed.

     Mr. Rooke had been asked by a resident of Bellfield to remedy the 
obstruction of vision on the corner of Bellfield  and it was decided 
that the Parish Council carry out the work.   The motion was proposed 
by Mr. Rooke and seconded by Mr. G. Lee and carried unanimously.

13)  Footpaths.

     A letter from Somerset County Council inviting the Parish Council 
to participate in a footpath scheme had been accepted by the previous 
Parish Council and Miss B. Chubb was asked to follow up the subject.

14)  No Planning Applications.

15)  Village Fete

     A letter requesting assistance with the advertising costs of the 
Fete was read and a grant of 20 was proposed by Mr. Rooke, seconded 
by Mr. Lee and carried unanimously.

16)  Burial Fund

     A grant from M.D.C. (66) for burial funding had been passed onto 
the P.C.C.

     A top-up grant from the Parish Council of 50 was proposed by Mr. 
Rooke, seconded by Mr. Turner and carried unanimously.   The sum to be 
held by the Parish Council until needed for any special request by the 
P.C.C. in connection with the visual appearance of the graveyard.

17)  Dog Fouling etc.

     Mr. Yelland said the new By-Laws were inappropriate for Leigh on 
Mendip as alternative areas had to be made available to exercise dogs.
 Mr. Lee said stray dogs were more of a problem, and it was suggested 
M.D.C. be asked for signs advising dog owners of their 

18)  Information Sheet and Pre-Printed Stationery

     A draft sheet was read by Mr. Yelland and a copy would be sent to 
each Councillor prior to distribution to each household in the

     Mr. Turner offered to provide an initial supply of headed paper 
as no quotes were available.

19)  Open Files

     The Clerk undertook to circulate details of topics to be 
finalised between Councillors for discussion at the next meeting.

20)  Reports

     Miss B. Chubb had attended the School Governors Meeting and 
reported that there were 28 children in the School and there was no 
immediate threat of closure.   A hut in the playground was to be made 
into a project centre for other Schools to visit and learn of country 
life.  A new computer had  been donated to the School.

21)  No new items.

22)  The next meeting to be held on Monday 10th August, 1987 will be
in the Village Hall at 7.45pm.

Clerk to the Council.

NOTE : -

Item 2 attached Minutes.

     The Sawmill Site Planning Application has been recommended for 
Approval by the Planning Sub-Committee of Mendip District Council, but 
has not as yet been discussed by the full Council.

Clerk to the Council.

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