HELD ON MONDAY 10th AUGUST 1987
                         IN THE VILLAGE HALL.

1)   The Meeting commenced at 7.45pm with Mr D. Yelland in the chair.
and Mr J. Davis, Mr D. Turner, Mr A. Gould, Miss B. Chubb and one
member of the public present.

     Apologies were accepted from Mr P. Rooke and Mr G. Lee.

2)   The Minutes of the last Meeting held on Monday 29th July 1987
were accepted as a true record, but it was unaminously agreed to
delete the sentence commencing." Mr Webber" and ending "monetary
assistance" from Item 6 Recreation Field.  The Minutes were duly
signed, as was the deleted sentence, by Mr Yelland.

     It was formally noted that Minutes as circulated were only a
draft and were only accepted as the true record of that Meeting at a
subsequent Meeting when they were discussed and signed as such.

3)   It was noted that estimates were not yet to hand rgarding the
repairs to the Pavillion as requested at the last Meeting.

     Mr. Yelland, with the full support of the Paiish Council, put on
record that no action could nor would be taken by the Parish Council
regarding either the Memorial or the Recreation Field without the
calling of a Parish Meeting on the subject. He emphasised that all
suggestions made to date were suggestions only and decisions on action
were in the first place to be made by the respective Management

4)   Clerk’s Vacancy

     The post of Parish Clerk had been advertised in the Newsletter.
delivered to every household in the Parish and two applications had
been received. It was decided to arrange interviews at a mutally
convenient time and place and allow for any late applications to be
made in the meantime.

5)   Highways.

     Serious road edge errosion was reported in Pitten Street and the
holes between Greenshutters and Soho had not yet been filled.

     It was suggested a map of the Parish be obtained so that defects
could be highlighted.

6)   Footpaths

     Nothing to report, although Miss D. Chubb undertook to follow up
the possible grant towards footpath maintenance.

7)   Halecombe Quarry

There had been nothing reported on the subject of Halecombe Quarry from the Village.

A high incidence of lorries through the Village in the early
hours had given some concern and the Management at Halecombe
discounted the idea that they were to blame. Vehicles going to/from other Quarries were blamed. It was decided ta write to local
quarries, stone suppliers and hauliers asking them to avoid the
Village especially during unsocial hours. It was noted that the
suggested lorry routes were not mandatory.

     A Planning Application had been received for the erection of Hot
Storage Bins at Halecombe.   The effect would be to reduce the
movement of empty lorries going to the Quarry in the early hours, but
may increase the numbers leaving, loaded, around 5 to 7 a.m.

     The Councillors agreed to meet and visit the Quarry in the very
near future.

8)   Dog Fouling

     A letter from Mendip District Council explaining the trials made
in other parts of the Country was read and on the face of it the
conditions did not wholly apply to Leigh on Mendip, and would be
difficult to enforce.   It was decided to await developments and
follow the lead of Mendip District Council.

9)   Car Parking

     The letter from the Sub-Postmaster was discussed in which he had
suggested six locations that could be utilised for parking or garage
development to eliviate on street parking in the Village.

     The areas were submitted as a suggestion and as a basis for
consultation to help the growing problem of parking.   The Council
decided to write to Mendip District Council and ask for their help and
guidance on the matter. The Hall Committee were currently discussing
the use of their car park to this end.

10)  Water Standpipes

     The long and interesting file on the Standpipes saga was read by
Mr. Yelland and in short stated that for over a year the Bristol Water
Company had argued for the removal of all 3 standpipes and the Parish
Council had ferventely  argued for their retention.   The Parish
Council had in the past offered a sum for their keep but the Bristol
Waterworks Company had preferred a standing rental and a metered rate
of consumption.

     Consultations had been held with the Chapel and St. Giles Church
who both felt unable to assist in the cost and it was decided that the
cost for their keep was not justified by their usage.   Mr. Yelland
undertook to write accordingly.

11)  Planning Applications
     a)   D.A. Plant - erection of Portakabin.

          The Parish Council offered no objection other than to
          the colour preferring it to be in keeping with the
          surrounding area.   It was felt that the immediate
          neighbours may wish to reply direct to M.D.C.

     b)   Plevna - request for development.

          The Parish Council had replied to the application
          between meetings on the lines that they felt it was
          too close to a working quarry, precluded any
          possible extension to the School and Churchyard
          but felt that there may be reason to re-examine
          the location at a later date.

     c)   Bay Tree Cottage - rear extension.

          The application had been replied to between meetings
          and no objection had been raised.

12)  Newsletter

     The Newsletter had been delivered to every house in the Village
and it was generally felt to have been well received.

     Miss B. Chubb suggested a quarterly edition, but it was thought
that there may not be enough information to justify a regular edition.
The cost of production and distribution worked out to be very economic
and reached more Parishioners than the Parish Magazine.

13)  Standing Orders

     The Standing Order format had been read in part by some
Councillors and Mr. Yelland conceded that  much was not relevant to
the Parish Council.   It was proposed by Mr. Turner and seconded by
Mr. Davis that the Parish Council follow the spirit of the Standing
Orders but not to formally adapt the whole.

14)  Reports

     a)   S.A.L.C.

          Mr. Turner had circulated his report on the meeting
          he attended and the report was available for inspection.

     b)   No other reports were available.

15)  Cyclists in the Village

     Complaints had been received regarding the young cyclists in the
village and their apparent dis-regard for road safety and property.

     It was felt little could be done by the Parish Council other than
to advise Parents of the dangers of children riding across the roads
and the erosion of banks by the cycles.

     It was decided to investigate the possibility of a 30 m.p.h.
limit in the Village although it was conceded that traffic would not
necessarily be slowed by one.

16)  Clerks Salary and Expenses

     The Clerk had tendered his final claim for expenses And salary as

     Salary to 11.8.87    88.73

     Expenses             61.36

     Total               150.09

     Payment was proposed by Mr. Turner and seconded by Mr. Gould.

     Mr. Yelland led the Parish Councillors in thanking the Clerk for
his work in the past.

17)  Correspondence

     It was noted that the Bell Inn had transferred to new ownership.

18)  No new items for the next meeting were introducded.

19)  The next meeting will be held on Monday 21st September,1987.

Clerk to the Parish Council

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