HELD ON MONDAY 21 SEPTEMBER  1987
                      IN THE MEMORIAL HALL

1)   The  Meeting commenced at 7.50 pm with Mr D Yelland  in  the 
chair,  Mr J Davis,  Mr D Turner, Mr P Rooke, Mr G Lee and Miss B 
Chubb were also present with about 20 members of the public.      
Mr A Gould arrived later.

Apologies were accepted from Cllr R Hewitt and Mrs J Gregor.

Before   the  commencement  of  business  Mr  Yelland  took   the 
opportunity to welcome the new clerk, Mrs Longley.

2)   The Minutes of the last Meeting held on 10 August 1987  were 
accepted  as  a true record and a copy was  signed as the  Minute 
Book has gone to be audited.

3)   Mr  Lee said that the R F M C would use the Parish  Councils 
grant to effect repairs to the shower system.  It was hoped that
the other users would also contribute to the money needed.

It  was  stated that the Memorial Hall were prepared to rent  out 
their car park when it had been resurfaced.

A  brief  history  of the village stand pipes was  given  to  the 
meeting  and  comments  were invited from the  floor  as  to  the 
removal  of  said  pipes.  The floor were  unable  to  offer  any 
objections to their removal, if necessary.

4) Planning Application

     a) Residential Development on Land at rear of Plevna.
        This had been refused by Mendip District Council on the
        grounds that:  the proposal was outside  the  recognised 
        village  limits,  the  Development was  contrary  to  the 
        Councils  approved  Settlement Policies in the Structure 
        Plan  and  Draft Local Plan,  the present  sewage  system 
        could  not  handle   any  more  development  and   the 
        proximity to Halecombe Quarry and the Barnclose unit made 
        site development undesirable.
     b) Erection of Front Porch at Fieldview

        No objection had been raised.

     c) Erection of One Dwelling on Land Adjoining Chapel House.

        The PC felt that access and visibility needed attention 
        and  that  provision  ought to be made for at  least  one

        garage.   It was felt that some exisiting foliage  ought 
        to be maintained. It was pointed out from the floor that
        a 5 metre piece of land had been excluded from this plan 
        making it different from the one submitted 3 months ago.

     d)  Outline  application for 6 Detatched Dwellings  together 
         with  Construction of Vehicular Access on  Land  between 
         Sparks Farm and Bellfield.

The  Chairman  handed over the meeting to Mr J  Davis  explaining 
that  although he had no financial interest in this matter he was 
an employee of the applicant -  A R C Southern.
A  spokesman  from the company  had  been invited  to  attend  the 

         It  was explained to the floor that no drawing needed to 
         be  submitted at this stage although one  was  included.  
         Although  the  area was outside the limit of  the  Frome 
         Local  Plan the previous Parish Council had  recommended 
         the site for inclusion.

         Mr Davis invited questions and comments from the floor.
         When  asked  from  the  floor the  extent  of  the  area 
         designated  as unsuitable it was stated that it was  the 
         whole  field.   It  was asked if anyone knew the  future 
         quarrying  plans and would the building of these  houses 
         mean  quarrying permission would be refused at a  future 
         date.   As  future  quarrying  plans  were  unknown  and 
         Bellfield was as close to the quarry as this development 
         it was felt that this would not be valid.   Mr Davis was 
         unable to answer when sewage capacity would be  reached.  
         It  was further pointed out that the sketch included did 
         not  legally  bind  the applicant as to  siting  of  the 
         houses  and  worry  was  expressed  as  to  the   future 
         development  of  the  fields  to  the  north.    Mr  Lee         
         pointed out the lack of demand for already completed new          
         houses  in the village.   When asked the acreage of  the          
         field  Miss Chubb replied 3.97 and Mr Rooke querried why          
         only 6 houses.  Mr Davis pointed out Mendip had a policy          
         of  allowing  only  6.   A  questioner  from  the  floor          
         expressed concern that this was only the thin end of the          
         wedge  but  it  was   pointed out that  each  individual           
         application must be taken on its merit.  Mr Turner drew
         attention to  the fact that the land was above the  road 
         level.  In  the outline a fairly large area was left  at 
         the  front of the plot why?   Mr Yelland explained  that 
         this  had  been  advised by  the  last  PC.   Mr  Turner 
         enquired  into the future ownership and  maintenance  of 
         this  area.   This was unknown.   Miss Chubb queried  if 
         access  ought  to  be  through Bellfield  and  Mr  Davis 
         favoured  access near The Chimes.   Mr Rooke thought  as 
         the land was outside the development limit if permission 

         was granted other development would probably follow.  Mr 
         Turner  asked the floor it they would prefer the  PC  to 
         favour  mid to low price development.   Miss Chubb  felt 
         the village needed smaller houses for younger people but 
         a  member  from  the floor pointed out that  this  meant 
         higher density development.   Mr Turner pointed out  the 
         attraction  of  an  open  space in  the  centre  of  the 
         village.  The general benefits of more housing were also 
         discussed.   It was pointed out that any suggestion must 
         be constructive as the land had obviously been bought to 
         make a financial return.  Mr Davis concluded the item by 
         thanking  the public for attending and handed the  chair 
         back to Mr Yelland.    

     e)  Erection of Dwelling and Access on land adjoining Spring 
         Cottages, Tadhill.

         As Mr Hiscox was present he was asked details of reason 
         for  building,  and type of builing.   He stated that it 
         was  for a family member and would be either a house  or 
         bungalow.   When  asked  by  Mr  Rooke  why  a  previous 
         application  had  been refused Mr Hiscox stated  it  was 
         because the area was outside Mendip. Mr Yelland explained 
         that Towns End and Tadhill development was restricted in 
         the Local Plan.   Mr Turner expressed the concern of the 
         next  door neighbour at the proximity of the building to 
         his  property resulting in a possible  devaluation.   Mr 
         Rooke pointed out that if outline permission was  agreed 
         the  P C could help to control the final positioning of 
         the house. When Mr Davis drew attention to the fact that   
         the  District  Council had  permitted development on the                   
         nearby main road a member of the public querried whether      
         Mr Hiscox  had been told that if the dwelling was needed     
         for a farm worker it might be allowed otherwise there was   
         likely  to  be  a carte blanche refusal to  green  field 
         The council decided to raise no objection.

     f)  Residential  Development of 3 Dwellings  at  Towns  End 
         This  again  is  an outline only.  The site  is  on  the 
         present  lorry  yard.   Mr Turner asked if it meant  the 
         removal of the lorries,  and it was noted that the  yard 
         had  recently been advertised for sale.   Mr Rooke  drew 
         attention  to  the fact that it was outside the  village 
         limit,  and  Mr Gould asked if the area was outside  the 
         line  of  the  mains  drainage  system.    Concern   was 
         expressed by Mr Davis as to why such a small area of the 
         total  site  owned by the applicant was included  in  th 
         application.   From  the  floor Mr Anderson pointed  out 
         that  the  plan as drawn was inaccurate  including  some
         land  he  owned  as part of the  development  site.   Mr 
         Rappley drew attention to the fact that no change of use 
         was  included  in the application so the site  could  be 
         sold as a haulage yard or a building plot.  The PC  felt 
         that a change of use from haulage to residential must be 
         included  and voted that with this caveat they would not 
         object to the plan.  Concern was expressed however as to 
         access by Miss Chubb.


Miss  Chubb  had  nothing  to report although she  would  try  to 
contact Halecombe about footpaths before her departure for Chile.  
She asked to be excused from all future meeting until 1988.   All 
signs will be lodged with the Clerk              

Despite  a letter to the Council complaining about the  state  of 
roadside pavements a villager had been injured recently  possibly 
on an uneven surface.  It was decided to write to Somerset County 
Council  pointing  out that they may be  responsible.   Mr  Gould 
enquired  if  the  state  was  due  to  subsidence  or  lack   of 

Mr  Rooke expressed concern as to the lack of a footpath  outside 
the new houses near the Post Office,  where a newly planted grass 
verge has replaced a wall.  Mr Yelland said that Mendip had been          
unable to tell him the definitive decision on this area.   It was 
agreed  to write to Mendip to find out if the verge complies with 
the  agreed  planning consent.   Mr Rooke suggested that  the  PC 
could  ask  for a continuation of the pavement past  Sparks  Farm 
when they comment on that development.  It was agreed.

Work  was  taking  place on some of the pot holes at the  top  of 
Knapp Hill Miss Chubb  requested  that S C  Council be  asked  in 
future  to place diversion signs at both ends of any  work  done.

Work  had  been carried out on the bush in Bellfield and  it  was 
agreed to check the legal position.


Mr  Yelland stated that some councillors had visited the site  of 
the Hot Storage Bins.   Mr Hewell was invited to speak and stated 
that  night noise had improved and that the County  Council  were           
monitoring the blasting effects for periods of 3 weeks every other 




Mr  Yelland read out a letter from Mr Featherstone requesting      
the payment of the money granted by the PC this was agreed  and 
the  cheque  was signed.   He further stated that  the  Committee 
ought to be congratulated on their fund raising efforts.


     A request form had been received regarding the annual Burial 
     Grant.  The basic grant was calculated on the graveyard area 
     and number of internments per year.  Part 2 however included 
     special items of work and Mr Yelland as a Church Warden felt 
     that  perhaps  money  could  be  sought  to  assist  in  the 
     resetting of some of the memorial stones etc. It was decided 
     that  the  Clerk would be asked to enquire as to  what  work 
     would be eligible for a grant.


     A  letter concerning next years Precept had  been  received.  
     It was stated that a 4% inflation factor would make the 1989 
     grant   832.   It  was agreed that projected expenditure  be 
     circulated  again  and the matter be discussed at  the  next 

A  letter had been received by the clerk from the Leigh on Mendip 
PTA requesting help towards the purchase of a new  computer.   Mr 
Hewell,  a  member  of the PTA commented  constructively  on  the 
request.  It was moved that support was given,  Mr Rooke proposed  
 40, seconded by Mr Turner and the motion was carried.

The  Somerset Community Council AGM was to take place at  Taunton 
on Friday 25 September 1987 and volunteers were invited to attend 
but  none were able to.   It was decided to leave the question of 
whether  this  PC should subscribe to the Community  Council  for 
Somerset until the renewal notice was received.

12)   It was agreed to consider at the next meeting  whether  the 
Parish  Council ought to pay rent to the Memorial Hall when  they 
used it for meetings.
13)  Mr Yelland wished Miss Chubb well in her forthcoming trip to 
Chile as a member of the Operation Raleigh Project.

14)   The next meeting will be held on Monday 2 November 1987.        



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