HELD ON MONDAY 2 NOVEMBER 1987
                         IN LEIGH SCHOOL

1    The Meeting  commenced at 7.50 pm.  Present  were J  Davis,   
A Gould,  G Lee,  P Rooke,  D Turner, D Yelland was in the Chair.  
Two members of the public were also present.

Apologies were accepted from Miss B Chubb.

2    Mr Rooke pointed out that under item 6) Highways it ought to 
read "A member of the public expressed concern".   The Minutes of 
the last two meetings were signed.


i)  Standpipes  
A   letter from Bristol Waterworks Company dated 12 October  1987 
was  read out pointing out that:   a) No documentation was extant 
proving the villages right to free water, and b) The Company asks 
for payment of a standing charge and for the water consumed if it 
supplies  water to the stand pipes.   The Council felt that  they 
were  regrettably unable to prove entitlement and were  unwilling 
to pay.  A letter will be sent to the Company to this effect

ii)  Sparks Farm Development
The  Council  had received notification from  Mendip  registering 
their   objections  and  those  of  residents  to  the   proposed 
development.   Refusal  of the plans had been recommended to  the 
Planning Committee by the Planning Office.

iii)   Leigh  Service  Station  siting  of  Temporary   Portable 
Buildings for Office and Storage use.
Conditional  approval  had  been recommended by  Mendip  District 
Council.   Upon learning that one of the provisos was that  there 
should  be  no  external storage of plant or machinery  Mr  Gould 
asked whether this meant that all the machinery had to be  stored 
indoors.   It  was  felt  that although this is  implied, if  the 
development  is  not erected then machinery can still  be  stored 
outside.   It was further noted that the present occupants of the 
site are Williams Plant Sales not D A Plant Limited, the applicant.

iv)  Spring Cottages Tadhill 
Refusal  of  planning permission had been recommended  by  Mendip 
District Council.

v)   Ducks Development
An  ammended plan had been sent excluding the areas owned  by  Mr 

vi)  Highways     
A letter was read from the Highways Department about the state of 
the  pavements in Park Hayes area saying that the area  had  been 
inspected  and  although  the pavements were useable  they  would 
probably benefit from resurfacing during the next financial year. 
Mr   Lee  said that they looked as if they had  been  marked  for 
repair work so it would appear that the council was acting.

vii) ARC Houses
A  letter from the Director of Planning and Amenities  concerning 
the  wall in front of the two houses at Sparks Farm was read out.  
It  stated  that  the Builders' Agents had agreed  to  plant  two 
staggered  rows of Laurel on the line of the non  existant  wall.  
It  was agreed to write asking if a pavement could be constructed 
along the front of the property.

viii)     Bush in Bellfield
Mr  Lake of Mendip D C when approached on this matter  stated  he 
believed  that the land at the edge of the road was Council owned 
and  therefore anything causing an obstruction could  be  pruned.  
However, he felt that due to traffic speed in the area any hazard 
would  be minimal.   Mr Rooke stated that a resident had  already 
dealt with the bush. 

ix)  Burial Grant
Mr  Yelland had delivered the Burial Grant request to the Council 
Offices on the evening of the 30 October.   No money for  special 
items  was  requested and the money applied for was the  same  as 
last year, 120 although the actual amount received had been 66.


The  question of the P C paying rent when they used the hall  was 
discussed.   It was  pointed out that the P C made a grant to the 
Hall.   Mr  Lee felt that in light of this no payment ought to be 
made for its use.   Mr Yelland asked if the  Hall should be  used 
as  a permanent venue for meetings as a way of supporting it.  Mr 
Turner asked why use the hall at all and if used in winter  ought 
the P C to pay only towards the heating used.  Mr Rooke asked how 
this could be ascertained,  Mr Yelland suggested a nominal sum of  
5 per  session.   Mr Turner further suggested that  perhaps  the 
Grant from the P C ought to be made with the acknowledgement that 
part  of it goes towards their use of the premises.   A vote  was 
taken  on  whether rent should be payed and a majority  signified 
for  non payment with the proviso that if the P C did not make  a 
grant to the Hall then they should pay something for useage.

With   regard  to  the  Memorial  Hall  Mr  Yelland  told  fellow 
councillors  informally of the negotiations taking place  between 
the Hall Committee and Wimpey Hobbs for the siting of a bore hole 
in the car park to monitor the water level.  Wimpey Hobbs  wanted 
to  drill a borehole 100 mm in diameter,  inset tubes into it  as 
required and construct a manhole cover capable of bearing a heavy 
vehicle  over  it.   There would be no projections  above  ground 
level.   Access,  with or without vehicles and equipment would be 
available  at  all  times  without  notice  for  the  purpose  of 
drilling,  sampling,  monitoring,  inspecting and maintaining the 
bore  hole.   The  work would take place only between 0800 h  and 
1700  h.   On signing this Agreement they would pay the  Trustees 
500 to be used for the Memorial Hall.   Mr Yelland had suggested 
to  the  Chairman of the Hall Committee that a time limit  of  20 
years be added to the Agreement. Mr Turner asked if pumping would 
take place from the hole and was told be Mr Yelland that that was 
not the intention,  he also enquired into the siting of the  bore 
bearing  in  mind any possible future expansion of the  building.  
Mr  Rooke as P C representative on the Hall Committee  said  that 
the  area between the side of the Hall and the roadside fence had 
been  mentioned  as  suitable.    The  Councillors  signified  in 
discussion that they would be agreeable to the Chairman and Clerk 
signing  any  Contract with Wimpey Hobbs on behalf  of  the  Hall 
Trustees although no legal decision could be made as this meeting.


Mr  Davis drew attention to the problem of the road opposite  the 
resevoir  during wet weather.   An accident had occured  recently 
while the road was flooded after heavy rain.   Drainage into  the 
ditch from the surrounding area exacerbates the problem.   It was 
agreed  to  write to the County Council  expressing  concern,  Mr 
Davis offered to meet any CC representative if necessary.

Mr Lee raised a complaint about the lane connecting the two roads 
at  Tadhill.   The verges were being erroded by farm vehicles and 
debris  from  both  vehicles and cows made it  a  mess.   It  was 
suggested that this was a Police matter and that the  Parishioner 
ought to be so advised.

It was decided to write to the Highways department concerning the 
general  condition  of Pitten Street and the road alongside  Barn 

The  clerk  had  already  raised with this  department  the  half 
painted state of some local signposts and had been told they must 
have  been  abandoned due to rain but that the attention  of  the 
appropriate department would be drawn to this matter.   Mr Turner 
felt  that  perhaps  the  department ought  to  be  told  of  the 
"Holecombe"  sign given prominence in the local press,  this  was 


Nothing to report.


A copy of a letter from Mr Hewell,  dated 29 October 1987,  to Mr 
Evans  Mineral Officer of S C C concerning night noise  was  read 
out.   Mr Rock of the Scientific Department had recently recorded 
an output of 60 decibels.   Mr Hewell had been in contact with Mr 
Sheere of Enviromental Health who had stated that he felt only 40 
decibels  was  acceptable and he was prepared to take  action  on 
noise  over  this  level.   It was felt that  weather  conditions 
during the last 3 weeks had made the noise more  noticeable.   Mr 
Turner  suggested  that the Parish Council did nothing about  the 
noise at this time as it was in the hands of S C C and M D C.

Mr  Rooke and Mr Lee said that Mr Grazier,  Manager of  Halecombe 
Quarry,  had approached them and asked them to suggest to the P C 
an  informal  meeting  between them and  him  before  the  quarry 
submits  its  next planning application.   Also he had  suggested 
hiring  the  Memorial  Hall  for a 2 day  period  to  present  to 
residents  the  future  plans for the quarry  and  to  personally 
answer their questions.   Mr Yelland welcomed the offer but  felt 
that  the meeting with the Councillors ought to take place  after 
the  residents had seen any plans.   Mr Turner stated that as the 
Councillors  are elected by the residents their first duty is  to 
guard  their  interests.   They ought to be prepared to  meet  Mr 
Grazier at any time either before or after the presentation.   Mr 
Rooke felt that it was important to give residents an opportunity 
to see the plans.  It was decided to write to Mr Grazier agreeing 
to  meet  him  and  to express pleasure at  the  idea  of  public 

'Leylands', Leigh Road  Chantry

Change of use of Property from Partly Office to full Residential.

No objection was raised.

A letter dated 19 October 1987 from Mr Bush Director of  Planning 
and  Amenities  about  Parish Council Notifications  of  Planning 
Applications  was  read out.   Although unclear  in  thought  the 
letter  dealt  with  the fact that P C's only get a copy  of  the 
recommendations  made and not,  unless they request it and pay  a 
fee,  a  copy  of the final decisions.   When applied  to  by  Mr 
Yelland the last Clerk stated that he had at one stage managed to 
obtain a full set of the Minutes of the planning meeting free  of 
charge  as the previous council had felt it was important to look 
a individual decisions in the light of their effect on the  whole 
area.   This practice had been discontinued.  The Council decided 
that  they  wanted  to be advised of the final  decision  of  the 
Planning Committee and would so inform Mr Bush.

Mr  Yelland  read  a letter dated 30 October  1987  from  Western 
design about Plots 1 & 2 Old Sawmills.  In the agreed plans these 
houses  were meant to have natural stone frontages.   It had  now 
been  found  that the stone from the demolished old  sawmill  was 
unsuitable for this purpose being too big and rough, and Mendip D 
C  had  been  approached as to the posibility  of  modifying  the 
original design and using either reconstucted stone or rendering.  
He  invited comments from Councillors.   Mr Gould felt  that  the 
company  must have been aware of the state of the stone when they 
drew  up  their  original  designs  and  Mr  Davis  querried   if 
permission  would have been granted if the buildings had not been 
made  in natural stone.   Mr Lee felt that the original  material 
ought  to be used.   Concern had been expressed to the  Clerk  by 
residents  opposite the site who did not want either rendering of 
reconstructed stone used.   It was   pointed out that a purchaser 
could  render  the  property at a  later  date  without  planning 
permission  but  the Councillors were against rendering  at  this 
stage and in favour of adhering to the original plan however,  on 
the  advise of Mr Turner  it was decided to wait for the  Council 
to approach the P C.


The  12  won by Leigh's team as Runners up in the Inter  Village 
Quiz was given to the P C on their behalf by Mr Yelland.  

a)  A cheque for 40 in favour of Leigh School was signed.

b)  A cheque for 28.50 in favour of the Auditors was signed.

c)   Mr Turner proposed the payment of 5 as subscription to  the 
Somerset Playing Field Association,  Mr Gould seconded the motion 
and a cheque was signed.

d)  Clerks Salary
Notification had been received from the Society of Local  Council 
Clerks  about  a salary increase effective from 1  July  1987  of 
60.5%  of  the penny rate.   Any increase decided by the  Council 
would  come  into force as from October.   It was noted  that  an 
increase in the proceeds of a penny rate had occured.   Therefore 
if  the  national  formula were adhered to a  larger  than  usual 
increase in salary would occur.  A 7% increase would increase the 
annual salary from 245 p a to 262.15 p a but if using the penny 
rate  formula it would increase to 345 p a.   Mr Turner  pointed 
out  that therefore half the precept would go on the  salary  and 
felt  a  jump  of this size was excessive although  the  national 
formula ought to be adhered to.  Mr Davis wanted to know what had 
caused  such  an increase in the penny rate,  any  new  building, 
extension or home improvements would cause a rise.  Mr Rooke felt 
the Council ought to follow the guidelines.  Mr Turner proposed a 
rise  in pay according to the guidelines and Mr Lee seconded  the 
motion - it was carried.

e)  Precept
With a letter from the Memorial Hall thanking the Council for the  
100  grant and requesting information about any future grants to 
allow  for  budgeting the matter of the Precept  for  1988/9  was 
discussed.   With  an assumed annual expenditure of approximately  
910 the council would have a reserve,  after paying out allotted 
monies to the Church,  of  approximately 650.   It was suggested 
that a reserve was needed in case either the Memorial Hall or the 
Recreation Ground were handed back to the P C.   Mr Lee said that 
the  Recreation Ground Committee had had repairs effected to  the 
roof,  the  toilets had been partially tiled and a new boiler had 
been fitted for the showers with the money they had  raised.   Mr 
Yelland  read  a  letter saying that the Council was  within  its 
right to give as much as it could.   He stated that the  Memorial 
Hall  hoped to become self financing once repairs were done,  but 
Mr Lee pointed out that the Rec collected no income from many  of 
its users.   It was asked if grants of 100 should be made to the 
Hall  and  Rec ground next year.   Mr Davis asked what would  the 
Precept  amount to if it only increased according to inflation  -   
832. Also was the amount of the County Rate rise known - no.  Mr 
Yelland pointed out that Leigh penny rate fell last year from 1.6 
in  the pound to 1.2.   Mr Turner felt that a Precept  of  1,500 
would make more money available for the Hall and Recreation Field 
and  allow  a  build up of reserves.   Mr Davis asked  which  the 
residents  would  prefer,  keeping the rate down  or  helping  to 
maintain  the  Hall and Rec.   Mr Gould pointed out that  if  the 
rates   increased   then  everyone  would  be  supporting   these 
facilities    instead of just a few.    Mr Rooke  suggested  that 
although  it  was  difficult to project so far in  advance  1250 
might be sensible.  Mr Turner proposed an increase in the Precept 
to 1,200 and Mr Lee seconded the proposal - it was carried.


Three public meeting were to be held to discuss the CEGB proposed 
development  at  Hinckley  Point on 9  November  at  Taunton,  19 
November  at  Williton  and  23  November  at  Bridgewater.   Any 
objection  must  be  lodged with the Secretary  of  State  before 
31/12/87.   Mr Lee suggested that as no Councillor was able to go 
to the meetings a parishioner be asked to represent the  Council.  
Mr  Yelland  agreed  to approach someone and ask them  to  report 


S C C Playing Fields Association A G M on 26 November at 1100  h.  
Letter given to Mr Lee.

Mendip Marriage Guidance Council, Wells request for money towards 
a door was refused.

Somerset  Association  Councils  Special General  Meeting  on  19 
November  at  1930 h to discuss Hinckley Point.   Mr  Turner  was 
unable to attend.

Royal  British  Legion meeting to publicise Piper Life  Line  was 
taken by the Chairman to be passed on to the Evergreens.

S  C C Surveyors Department Road Saftey Unit leaflet was felt  to 
be of more use to the school P T A.

A  letter from M D C about a meeting about Dogs on 26 November at  
1900 h was read out.

Mr Lee raised the concern of his neighbour over the ownership  of 
the Ash tree in the corner of the Recreation Field.  He felt that 
it  needed  to be cut back as some of its branches had fallen  in 
recent heavy winds and damaged his garage roof.   It was  decided 
to ask the Clerk to investigate ownership.

12  No items were brought forward.

13  The next meeting will be 14 December 1987 at 1945 h.

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