HELD ON MONDAY 14 DECEMBER 1987
                         IN LEIGH SCHOOL

1     The  meeting  began at 8.00 pm.  Present were  J  Davis,    
A Gould, P Rookes, D Yelland was in the Chair.

Apologies were accepted from Miss B Chubb and D Turner.

2    The Minutes of the last meeting were accepted and signed.


i)   Standpipes:  A letter from Bristol Waterworks Company  dated 
18 November was read out, arrangements will be made to disconnect 
the standpipes.

ii)  ARC Spark's Farm Houses:  MDC were unable to comply with the 
P C's request for a pavement in front of these houses.

iii)  Highways:  Mr Davis had had a meeting with a member of  the 
Surveyors Department concerning the flooding near  the  resevoir.  
The  Council were hoping to get the Water Company to dig out  the 
ditch and pipe water from a spring to alleviate the problem.

Although the lettering on one signpost had been repainted the one 
by  Hollybush Cottage still remained to be done.  The Clerk  will 
write to the Council.

iv)    1  & 2 Sawmills:  Despite a letter from  the  PC  strongly 
objecting  to  an amendment to the plan for facing the  front  of 
these two buildings the Planning Department had recommended  that 
the  Planning Committee pass the amendment.  Mr Davis  said  that 
their recommendations made a mockery of the P C and asked if  the 
matter  could  be pursued with the  elected  District  Councillor.  
Those present agreed to this.
v)    Memorial  Hall:  Mr Yelland had spoken to Mrs Lomas  of  the 
Community  Council  for Somerset who stated that  in  her  opinion 
there  was  no need for the P C to involve itself in  signing  any 
agreement  about the bore hole.  Also she felt that the P C  ought 
to pay rent for use of the hall as a precedent was being set.   Mr 
Yelland  stated  that  this  could be  taken  into  account  when 
awarding a grant and he proposed that in the event of an  invoice 
being  presented when the P C used the Hall it would be  settled.  
Mr Rooke seconded - it was carried.
vi)  Precept delivered by hand 12 November 1987.

vii)   Hinckley  Point:   Mr  Yelland had  attended  one  of  the 
meetings  and stated that the P C had now missed the  opportunity 
to  object personally but that there were many  other  objectors.  
It  was  understood that SCC were planning to divide  the  county 
into  5  mile squares and take regular reading of the  levels  of 
radio activity. 
viii)  Recreation Field Ash Tree:  It is understood that this  is
the responsibility of the Rec Field.

ix)   Acknowledgements  were  read out from  the  School  and  the 
Playing Fields Association for our donations.    

Mr Rooke had to leave at this stage.


As  already stated it had been said   by Mrs Lomas that the  Hall 
Committee was fully authorised to sign any agreement with  Wimpey 
Hobbs.   Perusal of documentation by the Clerk had also lead  her 
to the same conclusion.  The bore hole had already been put in on 
the side of the plot nearest the Church.


A  letter  had  been received from the Education  Officer  re  the 
Reconstruction  of  Governing  Bodies 1988  -  LEA  Representative 
Governors.  Mr Yelland thought it meant that this P C must consult 
with  Downhead Parish meeting before making any recommendation   - 
Mr J Monaghan  will be contacted and the matter was defered to the 
next meeting.


No report.


The unpainted signposts had already been discussed.


No report


Erection  of  Dwelling and Garage with Access  on  Land  Adjoining 

The majority of Councillors had opposed this  on the  grounds of 
size of site and proximity to Hall and Church.

Erection  of Four Elderly Persons Flats with Car Parking Spaces  - 
Site  B, Park Hayes.

No objections. A letter will be written to M D C asking that if  a 
lay by be made to the south of Park Hayes it be for Cars Only.

Mr  Yelland had received a letter from Mr Somerville of The  Royal 
British  Legion  Housing Association Limited in reply to  a  query 
from  him.   In  it the housing policy  of  the  Association  was 
stated: that the flats would be firstly be offered to tenants  of 
the  adjacent Council Houses, then to other   village  residents. 
Those with a Service connection would get special  consideration. 
He offered to come and address a P C Meeting and will be  written 
to to make the necessary arrangements. House residents and 


Mendip District Council had written asking for any information  on 
societies locally who collected waste for recycling.  None known.

Community  Recycling  Of Waste had written  requesting  sites  for 
placing igloos to collect old paper and bottles.  It was querried 
if there would be any benefit for the Parish. Various sites  were 
suggested - on the land in front of the Council Houses, the  Hall 
Car  Park and the Rec Ground although this latter was felt to  be 
too  far out.  Mr Yelland suggested that only an igloo for  paper 
would  be  needed in the village and agreed to consult  the  Hall 
Committee Chairman and reconsider the matter at the next meeting.

Electoral Register had been displayed as required.

Avon  and  Somerset  Constabulary letter re  Liaison  with  Parish 
Councils and the Community was read out - they will be informed of 
date of next meeting.

Bridget Parker (Olympic) Commemoration Fund request for money  was 
turned down.


Recommendations  for  appointments to the Board of  Governors  of 
Leigh School and talk by the Royal British Legion.


25 January 1988, 7 March 1988, 18 April 1988 and  A G M and Parish 
meeting on 30 May 1988.

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